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I pretty much dropped a bomb on you yesterday with our move to Atlanta. I want to thank you for all your comments and sweet messages. Now this probably explains a little bit of where in the haayyy have I been. I took a little break over the holidays to spend time with family and have been busy with what feels like a million things since (but more on all that later!). 

I wanted to start off a new year post (yeah 26 days post new year but who's counting!) with a few of my favorite trends from 2016 that will stay in 2017. 


This color isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I’m totally okay with it! Blush is one of my favorite colors, both as a color and to wear. I love how feminine and dainty the color blush makes you look. If my husband would let me, I would like a blush room in our future house...wishful thinking! 


Bell sleeves are just so fun and totally took over in 2016. And lucky for us these 80's style sleeves aren't going anywhere anytime soon because statement sleeves are in full swing this season. Whether it’s a blouse, sweater or dress, you can rock a bell sleeve with anything. 


I love a block heel. Not only is it much easier to walk in than those skinny heels but I’ve found it’s a bit more comfortable as well. I love the chunk to the heel because it makes a chic statement without trying.

4. Wordy Tees

Tees with words or buzzwords are staying on clothes and accessories this year so make sure to stock up!

Travel Makeup Hacks To Keep You Looking Your Best

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4 Travel Makeup Hacks To Keep You Looking Your Best

My makeup is one of the last things I pack when traveling, rightfully so. We all know I'm a beauty junkie, so when it comes to travel I want to bring everything: a mask incase I get a breakout, a few different eyeshadow palettes, etc. Over much trial and error, I've narrowed it down to a few travel hacks to keep my makeup looking fresh and help me from packing everything in your drawer. You can thank me later!

Keep your makeup waterproof. 

So I don't really wear waterproof makeup, unless I'm at the beach or pool, but if you sweat when traveling then I highly suggest investing in waterproof makeup. Whether you're running to the gate, sitting in the airplane, or getting off the plane, you will sweat and we all know sweat and makeup don't mix well together. My solution is to bring waterproof mascara and eyeliner to help you from having it run down your face. 

Carry your makeup with you.

I'm sure we've all learned this the hard way, but almost every time I check my makeup with my bag something gets smashed or leaks everywhere. I've either had highlighter break or reach in my makeup bag only to find foundation exploded everywhere...not cool! Most makeup is under 3oz so you can easily carry it on with you so that you can not only freshen up when landed, but also avoid any broken bronzers or foundation spills. 

Bring a pop of color for your lips.

There's something about a colorful lip that looks so put together. So whether you've been running around all day or just don't have time to freshen up before dinner, put on a bold colorful lip to help pull everything together. 

If you don't wear it everyday then don't bring it.

I used to have such a hard time with this because I would be packing and say to myself "oh well that one night I can wear this dark purple eyeshadow palette"... wrong leave it at home! Try laying out all your makeup and then pack only the stuff you use on a regular basis. This might sounds crazy but it helps from not bring more than one bronzer, or blush, eyeshadow palette, etc. 

Buy Travel Size

This might not help you look your best, but it will help you with space! Most of your makeup and products come in a travel size - and if it doesn't then go to Sephora and get a sample of it. This will not only save you room in your makeup bag but will make your travel so much easier. 

Do you have any travel hacks for when you travel? What are some of the products you bring with you when you travel? 

My Go-To Travel Size Products:

We're Having A Baby!!

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Four Threads baby announcement


I can’t tell y’all how hard it has been keeping this secret for so long! But I can now finally shout from the rooftops, “Mike and I are having a baby!!"

I am 15 1/2 weeks along and Baby Arrieta is due on July 21st. 

We've known about our little bundle of joy for a little over two months now. We found out on our two year wedding anniversary. He or she is starting to make a tiny bulge in my tummy - not enough to make me look "pregnant", but enough to look like I ate a few too many burritos! 

Baby announcement

Below is just a little about how the first trimester went for me. My goal is to continue progress/update posts such as this throughout my pregnancy. 🙂

How we found out: We had talked a lot about starting a family and wanted to put this in God's hands. The morning of our two year wedding anniversary I felt a little off so I decided to take a test. The test had two lines but the second was so faint (barely there) so I threw it out and went to the gym. I came back home after my workout and had an instinct so picked the pregnancy test out of the trash and started to Google. Sure enough even the faintest line means positive, I was just extremely early. So I called an Uber and went straight to the doctor office to have them draw blood because I just had to know 100%.

Later that night I was meeting Mike for our anniversary dinner in San Francisco. He was already sitting at the bar waiting for our table when I got there so I told him within seconds of walking in because I clearly couldn't hold it in any longer. He was so excited and the news made our anniversary that much more special. 

We were able to tell our families during Thanksgiving and Christmas, which was so so exciting. And now we get to tell you! I feel extremely grateful we were able to get pregnant so fast.

How far along: 15 weeks and 4 days! Baby Arrieta is as big as an orange!

Due date: July 21st. Excited for a little summer baby!

Sickness: My first trimester was surprisingly great! Thanks to my mom's good genes (she somehow avoided morning sickness throughout all 3 pregnancies), I too have avoided morning sickness. While I didn't get morning sickness I think I made up for it in how tired I was during the first trimester. Wow, who knew someone could be so exhausted 24/7. I had to take multiple naps during the day and literally had no energy to do anything. Luckily, I've regained some of my energy back up in the second trimester! 

Cravings: I haven't really had any cravings so far except for the occasional pizza or burger or candy. 

Aversions: I haven't really had any aversions except eggs, which is pretty normal. There's days when I just don't feel like chicken or something but I wouldn't call it an aversion.  

Weight gain: I've actually lost a few pounds. I've had trouble 'eating for two' and have been getting full quickly. So I've had to start eating every ~2 hours and eating more fatty foods and carbs so that I can start to gain.

Physical changes: My bump is barely there and much more noticable at the end of the day with a full belly. My pants are getting harder to button, especially after I eat! My chest is much bigger and much more sensitive. I’ve also gotten little breakouts on my face because of the hormone changes. And my hair is growing so fast that I had to chop off a few inches the other day because I can't keep up with it. 

Gender: We find out in roughly 5 weeks during our 20 week ultrasound! We both just want a healthy baby so will be happy either either a boy or girl. 

Thank y’all for reading and for all the love and support with our upcoming move to Atlanta and now this exciting news! xoxo!

baby announcement

Goodbye, San Francisco! Hello...

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Mike and I love San Francisco. It’s been our home since we graduated college. It’s such an amazing city, with so much to offer: the people, the food, so much opportunity, and surrounded by amazing hikes, scenery, wine country, and so much more. 

Although San Francisco has been our home, it's always felt temporary. Living in San Francisco has taught both my husband and I so much and we're so fortunate to have started our married lives out here and have created so many amazing memories. But it's just not the lifestyle we want longterm. We want a house that we can grow into with a backyard; somewhere where we can do life and raise kids. 

We’ve always thought about Atlanta and this past year we’ve really been questioning where we want to settle down. Funny enough, we've tried to move to Atlanta several times in the past but the timing just wasn't ever right. 

We've been packing up these past few days gearing for this cross-country move at the beginning of February. While we're sad to leave San Francisco, we're so excited to start a new life in Atlanta. Of course we will miss our friends and family out here but will be back to visit. 

For any of you guys who live in Atlanta or nearby…I would love to meet you! Send me an email or DM :) 

Thank y’all so much for following along all of my life adventures via the blog and social media! Mike and I are so excited for this new adventure, and I can’t wait to share a new city with y'all!

Gift Guide: For Him

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Super excited about this ‘Gifts for Him’ post! Just click on the actual item in the collage to shop!

01. Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones:  When you put noise cancelling and wireless together it's gold! Perfect for the traveler or guy that loves headphones. 

02. Wireless Headphones: Wireless is where it's at. My husband wears his wireless headphones to the gym, on phone calls, etc. 

03. Cedar Shoe: These will keep your man's shoes smelling fresh and keep the shape. A perfect gift for each dress shoe he has. 

04. Nike Flyknit Running Shoes: My husband has these and loves them! Perfect for the gym or to wear out. 

05. Happy Socks: You can never go wrong with dress socks for him. I love these Happy Socks because they're playful, yet not too distracting. 

06. Amazon Echo: The greatest invention. Get one! 

07. Virtual Reality Headset: How cool is this! I feel like a guy would totally geek out on this! 

08. Magnetic Collar Stays: Another one of my husband's favorite things to wear with dress shirts. 

09. Dress Shoes: You can never go wrong with dress shoes! 

10. Drone: I feel like any guy would go crazy over this - and it's less than $100! 

11. Sunglasses: You can never go wrong with a nice pair of shades, especially when they're Clubmasters. 

12. Reversible Belt: Can't decide between black or brown? Get both! 

13. Suitcase: This Tumi suitcase is definitely a splurge gift but is worth it for the guy that travels. I bought one for my husband for Christmas a few years ago and definitely got my money's worth! And with Tumi there's a lifetime warranty is anything happens to the bag.  

14. Jack Black Skincare: My husband uses Jack Black and loves it! 

15. Travel Kit: My husband has this and it fits everything when he travels.  

16. Swell Water Bottle: The best water bottle ever! Perfect for the gym, take to work, in the car, etc. Keeps your water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. 

17. Breakfast Sandwich Maker: For the breakfast lover, hello! 

18. Monogram Watch Box: Perfect for the guy with multiple watches. I love the personalization to it and it's a great way to store all his watches. 

19. Ice Molds: Perfect for the bar cart or Whiskey drinker. 

20. Lululemon Duffle Bag: My husband has this, it's the perfect bag to take to the gym before or after work or even a weekender bag. My husband searched for months trying every bag and finally found this one and now his friends also bought it too! It's just the perfect size duffel - not too big and not too small. 

Shop Gifts For Him: