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5 Tips For Packing Makeup

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One of the my least favorite parts of packing is condensing my makeup down into just one bag (pathetic, I know!). After a lot of trial-and-error I've learned a few ways to pack all of my makeup essentials.

I keep all my makeup in acrylic containers at home so when I go to pack I basically go shopping in my 'at home makeup store.' It may sound crazy, but I put anything I use in my cart (aka: makeup bag) after I use it when getting ready; this prevents me from bringing too much makeup and instead only bring what I'm using to put my face on (and maybe throw in a few extras at the end) ;-) Here are a few tips I've learned for packing my makeup for trips. 

1. Invest in a good makeup bag. Whether it's from the drugstore or more expensive. Try to find  a cosmetic bag that will keep your makeup organized because there's nothing worse than scrambling around to find your eyeliner somewhere at the bottom. This is a good bag to help you keep organized. 

2. Find the perfect eyeshadow palette with four different colors. After I pack my clothes I see if I have more brown or black tones in my bag. Typically I bring my small Chanel palette because it has a shimmery light purple then transition to a deep purple which is great to build up for a smokey at night. If you're newer or more simple with makeup, go with a neutral/warm palette that's versatile and build-able. 

3. Only bring one foundation. Foundation is typically the space-hog in makeup bags so try to only bring one foundation on your trip. A bonus tip, if you're only gone for a few days, pop into your local Sephora to pick up a sample of your foundation so you're not having to lug around the big guy. 

4. Leave the new products at home. If you've never tried a beauty product at home, then now isn't the time to bring it on your trip. You don't know how your skin will react, if your foundation will oxidize, etc. 

5. Bring travel size products. This may seem like a no brainer, but there are some products, like this Laura Mercier translucent powder that I can't leave home without, the only problem is it's large-and-in-charge! As much as I hated spending the extra dollars on purchasing a small travel size powder it's make a world of difference in my makeup bag. So now, if they make it in a travel size I buy it! currently I have my bronzer, powders and perfume in travel size and it makes all the difference. 




#GIRLBOSS: Founder & President of The Stylist LA, Emily McDonald

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Another week, another #GirlBoss. I'm excited to introduce you to this week's #GirlBoss, Emily McDonald, founder of The Stylist LA. The Stylist LA is a Los Angeles-based designer dress rental company that allows you to rent designer dresses (or rompers) for a fraction of the retail price. They also provided wardrobes for some of the most recent “The Bachelor” contestants. Keep reading to what Emily had to say...

image via The Stylist LA

image via The Stylist LA

Name: Emily McDonald

Current Title/Company:
Founder & President at The Stylist LA

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from University of Southern California
Professional Designation Degree in Product Development from FIDM

What was your first job out of college? 
I had a ton of internships and part time jobs while in College and at FIDM.  But my first full time job was as assistant to the COO of Yaya Aflalo, a high-end women’s line.  I helped with production domestically and internationally.  It was a great first job.  I worked in the warehouse in Vernon and got to see the full process of how garments are designed, produced and then sold.

Tell us more about The Stylist LA. 
The Stylist LA is a designer rental company based in LA.  We have a showroom in LA and an e-commerce site that ships nationwide. We allow women to rent dresses for a fraction of the retail price for 5 or ten days at a time.

What inspired you to start The Stylist LA?
I always knew I wanted to start my own company.  Originally I thought I would have my own women’s clothing boutique, however when I was in college at USC and forced to write a business plan for my entrepreneurship class my mind changed.  I saw how saturated the market for women’s boutiques was and how expensive a store was to start.  I began looking around for other potential ideas.  At that time I was interning at a fashion PR firm and saw how celebrities (or their stylists) would basically check out clothes for events and return them afterwards.  I was also in a sorority at USC and saw how often girls wanted new dresses, but didn’t want to buy them.  They were also extremely conscious of being photographed in the same dress twice on social media.  All of these things came together to inspire the idea of starting a dress rental company.

What are some of your favorite clothing brands?
For The Stylist LA I have a few favorites, but one that I always love is Jet Set Diaries. I love the versatility of the brand.  They make everything from rompers (my faves) to evening gowns.  I LOVE the ethereal vibe of this brand.  I appreciate that it is boho, but not so boho I feel like I should be frolicking in a field.

What advice would you give others thinking about starting their own business?
Ahh so much advice, it is hard to pick just one thing.  You really have to have the dedication and passion for it.  It is a marathon not a sprint and you have to be ready to make sacrifices and keep on working when things aren’t going your way.  You have to be ready for the ups and downs and be able to continue working through them without losing your mind.

What was your biggest fear in starting your own business?
One of the scariest things about starting your own company is really putting yourself out there. You have to produce a product or service and just hope that people will receive it well.  You work as hard as you can to produce something incredible, but at the end of the day you are at the mercy of your customers.  Starting a company is an incredibly vulnerable time, especially when you start it by yourself, without a business partner.  It was scary at the beginning, trying to push the company forward without traction or positive customer feedback to fall back on.

What does a typical day look like for you? 
There is absolutely no typical day.  My days depend on what is going on that day, whether we have a photo shoot, whether we go to market to pick out new styles or whether I have meetings with designers or other entrepreneurs.  I almost always start the day with an early morning workout to clear my head and get ready for the day.  Then comes coffee.  I usually work from home in the mornings, returning emails, on calls and getting organized.  Then I head into the showroom and check in with the girls there.  I say hi to clients that are in there, if it is a photo shoot day I meet with our model and photographer and get started on that.  Sometimes I have lunch meetings out of the office (usually down the street at Zinque, a Stylist LA obsession.)  Then I spend the rest of the day working on a number of things.  I work on budgets, check in on how sales are doing, help with customer service on the website, plan our social media, work on business development and more.  In the last year I have shifted from meeting with most clients to doing more of the business back-end stuff.  Hiring the girls that work in the showroom has freed up my time to work on growing the business, rather than meeting every client that comes in.


I’ve noticed on Instagram that you started dressing The Bachelor girls. How did that come about? And how has that helped your business? 
It’s a funny story actually.  I reached out to the final 3 girls from Ben’s season via Instagram and Lauren Bushnell responded.  We didn’t know that she won at the time, but she knew that she did and that she would need a lot of dresses for the press tour once the finale aired.  She reached back out to us and said she wanted to come in.  When she came in, we immediately hit it off and ended up becoming friends.  We then dressed her for her press tour and have been involved with a couple of other projects with her since then.  Becca lives next door to one of our favorite clients, so that’s how we got connected with her for the women tell all.  We dressed her for that episode in this amazing gold sequin romper.  She posted such an incredible Instagram pic from the evening, that ended up trending as the #1 most popular picture on the hashtag #womentellall. Then through Becca we met JoJo and got to do a photoshoot with her as well.

It has helped the business tremendously.  For starters, most of our target market watches The Bachelor and pays attention to what the girls wear.  It has really helped us gain exposure with new potential clients all over the US.  Our e-commerce sales have grown immensely since dressing the girls and so has our Instagram following.


What is one piece of clothing you think every woman should own? 
That’s a tough question!  Can I pick more than one?!  I think having a great pair of black and nude heels is extremely important.  You can wear almost anything with one or the other.  After that I would say, a good fitting pair of jeans, and the perfect fitting t-shirt or tank top in multiple colors.

What’s your most proud moment since launching The Stylist LA?
My proudest moment so far was dressing Lauren for her media tour with Ben.  That was an incredible moment for us.  We sent her with outfits to wear for each appearance, but we weren’t 100 % sure she would wear them.  I got to watch all of it happen live.  First,  I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel in our dress.  Then the next day it was GMA in our dress, then Kelly & Michael in another one of our dresses.  It was really fun to follow along and watch her change into each of our pieces and wear them for each event.  It was really cool to see how excited people were about her wearing our stuff.  It was a great accomplishment for the business and a very proud moment for myself.


What advice would you give to your younger self? 
Not to be so scared or worried about things working out.  I used to get very caught up in what would happen in the future with the business, if I was working as hard as I could, if the business was where it needed to be.  I would tell myself to calm down, work my butt off and let it be.  Worrying does nothing positive!


I’m sure The Stylist LA gets compared to Rent the Runway. What makes you different? 
Yes, Rent the Runway is our main competition so we are compared to them frequently.  We offer a similar service, but we are different in many ways.  Our designers and dresses embody more of a younger, West Coast style than RTR.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a much more hands on experience than RTR does.  We focus on quality over quantity and really want each of our customers to have an excellent experience.  We will do almost anything to ensure that they do.

If you could have drinks with four women who would it be? 
Jessica Herrin founder of Stella and Dot (I just finished reading her book and she is so intelligent and inspiring.), Oprah, Beyonce and Martha Stewart.

What's the best fashion advice you've ever received?
Just to be yourself and make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing.  How you feel in an outfit totally affects how you present yourself!

What’s next for The Stylist LA? Any collaborations? 
There is A LOT in store.  We will be opening a pop up in another city this fall and will be launching a really fun campaign to make it happen.  Stay tuned….the city and campaign will be announced soon!


A big thank you to Emily for answering these questions! Make sure to stop by The Stylist LA by clicking here

Make sure to tune into next week's #GIRLBOSS interview series! 

What...J.Crew is now sold at Nordstrom!

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Woah...woah...woah!! J.Crew is now sold at Nordstrom! How cool is that! Y'all know Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores because of the brands they carry, price points, and amazing return policy - so this is a pretty big deal that J.Crew is now part of the Nordstrom family. Here are some of my favorite pieces from J.Crew at Nordstrom. 

How happy are you about this? What are some of your favorite pieces?

#GIRLBOSS: Sole Serum Founder, Tricia Andrews

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There's been such great feedback on this #GirlBoss series, and I'm excited to introduce you to this week's #GirlBoss, Tricia Andrews, founder of Sole Serum. If you're reading this and have ever been in pain wearing heels (basically every female out there) then you will love this Sole Serum product - it's a foot serum that takes the pain away from your heels. I was skeptical at first but tried it and was shocked at how much my feet loved me afterwards. Keep reading to what Tricia had to say (plus a discount code at the bottom)...

image via Karissa Marie Blog

Name:  Tricia Andrews
Current Title/Company:  Founder, Sole Serum
Education:  I have a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Minnesota (Carlson School of Management)
What was your first job out of college?  
Well, my first job was an unpaid summer internship that I did for a radio station in Minneapolis.  I was on the team that got to go to all of the big events and hand out free tickets to people – it was fun!  My first PAYING job was at a temp agency right when I moved to Chicago.  I didn’t know anyone in that city, so I took a job at a temp agency that could place me in an Advertising Agency (and so I could meet people!).  I worked as a receptionist, but was then hired full-time on the Account team.

What inspired you to start Sole Serum?
Necessity!  Honestly, it was a product that I needed, but it didn’t exist.  My background is TV Ad Sales and I spent nearly 12 years pounding the pavement.  I was constantly on-the-go in heels and needed something to help as I stood in presentations, shifting from one foot to the other…in pain.  I had tried other products, but nothing worked for me.  So, one thing led to another and before I knew it, we were meeting with chemists to come up with the perfect formula.  After nearly a year of formulation and the FDA compliancy process, we were able to launch Sole Serum.  Hooray!

What advice would you give others thinking about starting their own business?
It’s all about your team, so surround yourself with good people!  I truly believe that who you’re with is who you become.  And the fastest way to change yourself is to spend time with those who are already the way you want to be.  So, build a great team! 
Also, always be open to learning all aspects of business.  You may create a great product, but if you don’t understand the other parts of your business, you will only limit yourself.
What was your biggest fear in starting your own business?
I really didn’t have any fears when I started it – crazy, I know!  I probably should’ve been more nervous, but I was just so excited to develop something everyone needs that I didn’t pay attention. 
What does a typical day look like for you?
Well, I don’t have a typical day in terms of what I’m working on, but I’m an early bird and I’m always up around 5a.  My daughter wakes up at 7a, so I love to have that time to finish up anything that came in the night before.
If you could pick one or two accessories that you couldn’t live without, what would they be?
A few years ago, my husband gave me diamond studs for Christmas.  I’ve worn them every day since.  I love them!
I was recently introduced to Erin Shaffer, the Founder of SHAFFERLA.  She has the most adorable handbags and just told me that this Fall she will be launching a new tote bag, called The Jessica, in suede or leather.  I am obsessed with a good tote (to hold my Sole Serum), so I’m already in line to buy it! 

What’s your most proud moment since launching Sole Serum?
Well, I don’t have one particular moment that stands out.  But a few months ago, my husband and I hired a babysitter to watch our daughter.  When she got to our house, she asked what I did.  I told her that I started Sole Serum and she said “Oh wow, my mom loves that stuff, and bought me and my sister some for Christmas.”  Then she called her mom right then to tell her who she was babysitting for.  It truly made me smile : )
What advice would you give to your younger self?  
Be an early investor in Facebook, Google and Uber.  HA!  But seriously…
If you could have drinks with four women who would it be?
Marta Kaufman – She is one of the creators of Friends, which is my all-time favorite show.  I’m dying to know what it was like behind-the-scenes for those 10 years.
Blake Lively – I love her witty personality and sense of style.  I have a total girl-crush on her.  Plus, hopefully she would bring Ryan Reynolds : )  Scratch the girl-crush, I totally have a “couple-crush”.
Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice (I’m counting them as one!) – they’ve recently stepped down from their positions at the company, but they were the co-creators of SoulCycle and I’m totally addicted.  BUT, I have some suggestions that we could TOTALLY discuss over drinks.  Helloooo… can we please have the instructors publish their playlist?  Can you take a vote before turning on the fans?  Can you live-stream your classes or have them on-demand?
Marcia Clark – I just finished watching OJ: Made in America.  I didn’t grow up in California, so I didn’t live through it at the time.  Everything about it is so fascinating to me.  If you had asked me this a month ago, I wouldn’t have said her.  But I have SO MANY questions about everything that went down.
What’s next for Sole Serum? Any collaborations? Stores we can find you in?
Well, we had a really exciting meeting last week about potentially being on a TV show. We’re still waiting to find out, so I don’t want to jinx anything. I will be sure to let you know! Fingers crossed :)

A big thank you to Tricia for answering these questions! Make sure to stop by Sole Serum by clicking here. Tricia has been kind enough to offer you a 15% off discount using code “FOURTHREADS” at checkout. They also offer free shipping to all orders over $30, so it’s quite the deal on their Bridal Pack!

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How To Wear A Bodysuit

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DETAILS: Off-The-Shoulder BodysuitFlare Jeans | Choker | Shoes | Ray Bans

I'm baaackk!! And hopefully will stop disappearing on y'all!  I didn't want to just put out a crappy blog post just to post something - I value your time way more than that! We've had so much going on and unfortunately some things take priority over the blog; plus I just haven't had the patience or felt creative sitting here in front of my computer to come up with content. But here I am, in the flesh sitting at my desk and feeling rejuvenated. 

I have a newfound obsession with bodysuits. Literally, they are everything, until you need to use the restroom (but that's besides the point!). I got my first one and my immediate thought was 'what in the world do I wear this with?!' - anyone else with me on this? 

You can basically wear a bodysuit year round - it works in rain or shine, and in Summer or Winter. All you have to do is change the sleeve length, switch between pants or shorts. Below are a few different ways to style a body suit with jeans, a skirt and shorts. I hope you fall in love with this two-piece combination as much as I do! 


A bodysuit and jeans can be dressed down or dressed up. Throw on your favorite bodysuit, simple accessories, and a handbag. 


An a-line skirt or maxi skirt paired with a bodysuit is the perfect way to dress up your outfit. 


A pair of high-waisted distressed shorts go perfectly with a bodysuit for summer and transitioning into chillier temperatures. I love the idea of accessorizing it with a bandana, blazer or jacket.