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How To Decorate With Beauty Products

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I have some beauty products that looks like a piece of art, especially perfume bottles. Nowadays they're making them look so fancy - as goes for nail polish and lipsticks. If you're a female living by yourself, this is easy, but if you're living with your significant other then there might need to be a little convincing. But here are a few beauty products that you can easily use as home decor that's chic and stylish. 


image via Cosmopolitan

image via Cosmopolitan

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image via Style At Home

Chances are you're already doing this in one way or another but your big perfume bottles looks fabulous on a tray or in a row on a shelf. Most perfume bottles are crystal, which is reflective and looks great in a bedroom or bathroom. PERFUME


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I always recycle candles to use as a flower vase, to put makeup brushes in, etc. After they're done making your house smell good, just boil some hot water and pour into the candle to release the wax then dump out the wax. From there you can either clean out the rest of the wax  or freeze the candle for 30 minutes to let the rest of the wax harden and scrape with a knife. It's super easy and serves for multiple purposes...after candles aren't cheap! 


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I have a larger nail polish collection than some nail salons I go to, sad I know, so I have to get creative with ways to store my polish. There are a few ways you can display your colorful nail polish, some of my favorites are putting them in a glass box, a jar, or a transparent acrylic container (similar to the nail salon). It's a fun way to keep your nail polish organized, easily accessible for your next manicure and such a fun way to display your polish. 

SheIn Review + Can You Trust Them?

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Honest SheIn Review - Can You Trust Them?

Ever since I posted this blog post, I’ve gotten a lot of emails, text messages and comments asking if SheIn was a reliable company to purchase from. Let me start by saying that I would never share with y'all a product or company of something I don't trust. But I'm going to be very transparent with you, SheIn has sent me clothes before, but I’ve also purchased a lot on my own too. I've gotten clothes that totally blew me away (like this and this) and then others that totally missed the mark (which I donated to charity).

I'm right there with the next girl in trying to find a steal on a budget, so figured I'd do a detailed post on SheIn and if you can trust them and how to sift through a website like theirs. So to answer your questions in short: yes it’s a reliable website that you can purchase. They are based overseas so expect a delay in shipping, however I've lucked out and have gotten my stuff within the 2-week mark. Here are a few things you always need to check before buying anything from SheIn or any other online store like this. You'll want to read this... trust me I’ve learned the hard way! 

Read Reviews

Most of the clothes have reviews (some don’t but most do). Be sure to read the reviews and look at the uploaded photos of buyers wearing the pieces, so you can see how the pieces actually fit a real human body, not just a model. When you're reading the reviews, check to see the sizing, fit, quality, material, etc. I usually won’t purchase an item unless it has a review just to be cautious. However, there have been a few times that I’ve gotten lucky! 

Check The Sizing

The sizing is totally different than US sizing so you need to triple check this. Some of their pieces are only available in one size, while other come in multiple sizes. This is where the triple checking comes in: be sure to know your measurements in inches or centimeters so that you can make an educated decision when it comes to the right size for you. 

Look At The Quality

It’s pretty apparent that the prices are much lower, so don't expect anything high quality. Most of the pieces are replicas from the high-end pieces we see, so just be realistic in your expectations. 

Check Their Social Media

This might sound a little nuts, but check out SheIn’s Instagram and stalk their tagged photos to see what certain clothes look like on real people before pulling the trigger. 

L*Space Romper

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DETAILS || L*Space Romper c/o (on sale for less than $100) | Crossbody Bag | Steve Madden Lace Up Sandals || Photography: Torrey Fox Photography

I haven't always been the biggest fan of rompers. They're either too short (butt cheek status) or just not flattering on my skinny legs (truth). Some of my best friends crush the romper game, me on the other hand I only have two: this one and this palm print one. So when L*Space sent me this romper I was #skeptical that it just wasn't going to fit right *drum roll please* but it fit. I love the pinks in it, it's a little boho and has bell sleeves!!  

I've only worn this as an outfit, but apparently it's a cover bonus that you can wear it as both. I wore it to Napa this past weekend as my swim coverup then walked around Yountville in it and got so many compliments. I think the bell sleeves and print really give this romper all the feels. I am obsessed and feel 100% confident in this romper. 

GlamGlow Mask Review - All 4 Masks!

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GlamGlow is hands down my favorite brand for face masks! The products are amazing, they get the job done, the packaging is so cute, and they actually work. I'm big into reviews, so before I purchase anything I read up on the product. I've gotten questions on how I like GlamGlow's masks and it they're worth the price so I thought I'd dedicate a post talking about each mask. Not to mention, I've run into a few people that have either never heard of GlamGlow (crazy!!) or have never tried their face masks (crazier!!). So if you're considering which GlamGlow mask is for you, want to find a new face mask, or just curious then this post is for you :) 

Note: Before you apply any face masks, make sure you have a clean face. 

GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment


This was the first GlamGlow mask I ever tried and was immediately hooked. The YouthMud mask claims to exfoliate, brighten and shrink your pores. The base of the mask is French sea clay, then has chunks of green tea leaves and volcanic pumice, which helps in exfoliating your skin. The mask is dark in color and has a little floral scent. This mask does tingle towards the beginning but it's a good tingle - the kind of tingle that you know it's working! Just leave the mask on until it dries (~10-15 minutes) and then rinse on in circular motions to exfoliate your face. This is perfect for any skin type, but I really think it's great for anyone with drier skin. 

My Results: This is one of my favorites, not only because I love the burning-tingling feel on my face, but I love how smooth and amazing my skin looks and feels after I use it. The mask gets rid of any dry and patchy areas and truly reduces my pores. It's totally worth the $69. I like to do this mask once a week. Tip: I like to use their hydration mask (see below) as a follow up to this mask because it does make my skin feel a bit dry afterwards.  

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment


This mask is another goodie because it can be used as a spot treatment or a full face mask. Personally I've only used it as a full mask, but I've heard it works wonders as a spot so will have to try it on my next pimple. I like to use a brush to apply this mask because it's a little thick, so I'll either use a makeup brush or one of my brushes that came with my other GlamGlow masks. This mask is dark in color and smells very minty and fresh. The mask starts to dry immediately and turns into a light grey chalky color. I leave this on until the mask dries (~10-20 minutes). This is a great mask because you can see it working as it's drying. You face will feel super tight (hence I cannot crack a smile for the life of me in the photo above) but it leaves little dots on your nose (see photos above), which is pulling the blackheads, oils and other junk out of your pores. This is a great mask if you have blackheads, whiteheads, acne, or milia - so basically everyone on the planet! 

My results: This mask definitely reduces blemishes and takes out impurities. My skin feels softer, brighter and all around better after I use this mask. I mean, when you look at my nose (above) you know it's doing something!   

GlamGlow Gravitymud Firming Treatment


Originally I was drawn to this mask because it's chrome, um yes hello your basically Tin Man! This mask is supposed to firm, lift and tone your skin. Oh and it's also a peel off mask, which gives me so much pleasure to peel off. The package comes with a brush, which is super convenient to apply. This is a thick and gooey mask, almost like a melted marshmallow, and smells like coconuts. Make sure to avoid your eyebrow or hair line when applying (disclosure: you can wash it off with water if you get any in your hair) and apply a generously thick layer so it's easier to peel off. After the mask has dried (~20-30mins.) you can peel it off, which doesn't hurt at all. I recommend starting from your chin and peeling upward. 

My results: Theres something gratifying about peeling this mask off. My skin feels firmer when I take it off. It's not like a "I just had a chemical peel" tight, but it did feel tighter and more bouncy than usual. 

GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

The hydration mask is two things: it smells like you're at the beach and it makes your skin dewy. The mask itself is a super pale brown color, almost like in-door tanning lotion but goes on clear as you can see above. You can wear this as a quick mask for 20 minutes and wash it off or wear it overnight. Personally, I like to put it on before bed and let it soak into my skin for 7+ hours while I'm sleeping. I've found that overtime that does the trick for my skin. If you have normal or dry skin, you need this stuff in your life because it will work wonders on you! 

My results: After using this hydration mask my skin is super dewy and hydrated. And the smell doesn't hurt! 

Have you tried GlamGlow masks? Which ones are your favorite? 

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Flight Essentials

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photo via Pinterest

photo via Pinterest

I wrote this blog post as I was on a 5 hour layover in the Taipei airport en route to Bali and  just realized I never posted it (#blogfail). So as you're jet-setting this summer, I thought there's no better time than now to share all the stuff I can't fly without (especially for a long 8+ hour flights).

Everyone has their own 'must have' essentials, and I'm always fascinated to hear. What are your flight essentials when you travel? Below are mine...


On flights I always go for comfort over fashion (sorry for everyone that has to see me!). I rarely ever travel in jeans because they're sooo uncomfortable, especially when you need to sleep on a flight. I prefer wearing black yoga pants or sweatpants. I always get cold on flights so I make sure to layer my outfit so I can take off layers in the rare occasion I get too hot. I pair my outfit with tennis shoes or slip-on sneakers that are easy to take on and off when going through security. I also make sure to bring a pair of socks with me in case I want to take my shoes off. And for long flights like this one, I'll pack a pair of compression socks to help my feet from swelling up. 


Not every plane offers a blanket so I like to bring a scarf with me as it doubles as a blanket and an accessory to wear. I recently bought this neck pillow for our Bali trip and it's been so fabulous in helping me sleep without bobbing my head and getting kinks in my neck. That J-neck pillow looks funky but it's so much better than the other neck pillows out there for the support alone.  


I throw everything into one smaller bag (I really like this one and this one). I put my purse, camera, laptop, charging cords, some makeup, snacks, etc in my carry on bag. 


Airplanes are really drying on your skin so you always have to go the extra mile to keep your skin hydrated, all while being under 3 fluid ounces so it passes through security. I use this clear Skin Inc hydration mask and leave it on the whole flight to keep my skin looking dewy with a natural glow once landed.Tip: I put the mask in empty contact container so it fits airport standards and is small enough to throw in my purse. 


I always travel with a few toiletries with me during the flight so that I can freshen up. I keep items these within arms distance during a flight: toothbrush, toothpaste, concealer, bronzer, mascara, hydration mask (for long flights), body lotion, and gum. 

What are your flight essentials when you travel?