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Best Drugstore Skincare Products I'm Obsessed With For 2018

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A new year means new beauty products to the drugstore shelves. I find the drugstore aisles super overwhelming...anyone else? There are so many products, I never know what to pick or what produces are actually worth it. So I decided to try a lot of them to discover the best of the drugstore skincare products. Here's my favorite skincare products you can grab at your nearest drugstore (or Amazon). 

L'Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrubs

This stuff is good. It's gently-yet-effectively buffs off dead skin cells making your skin literally glow. The primary ingredients of this scrub is 3 different sugars and several fruit extracts, which makes is smell like kiwi. When you first apply the scrub it has a coarse feel due to the sugar but after scrubbing around your face it'll turn smoother as the sugars break down. There is a warming sensation while massaging the scrub your face but nothing alarming. I've been using it 2-3 times a week and love how it leaves my face feeling silky smooth with a healthy refreshed look to my skin. Oh and did I mention it smalls delicious. 

Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Gel Sheet Mask

This eye mask is very cooling and refreshing, while adding hydration to your eye area. 

St. Ives Glowing Apricot Sheet Mask

This drugstore mask makes your face glow! It made with 100% natural apricot extracts like apricot extracts that softens and smooths your skin.

Burt's Bees Lip Mask Lip Treatment
This lip mask has so much moisturizer-locking natural oils like Meadowfoam Seed and Almond Oils. This is a great mask for the winter months and during summer when you're skin is dry. I loved this it exfoliated and moisturizes . Post-masking, I make sure to rub in any excess oil into my lips for a some extra hydration.

Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Remover Cleansing Facial Towelettes

I used to use makeup wipes to remove my makeup at night but felt like it was drying my face out. A few months ago on a Target run, I spotted these hydration makeup wipes and haven't stopped using them since. They take off all eye makeup, including mascara, shadow and eyeliner without tugging or stinging. I love how this takes everything off, while keeping my skin hydrated. 

Must Have Spring Outfit

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Off -The-Shoulder Top ($40) | Jeans (less than $60) | Shoes | Sunglasses (only $14) | Beaded Tassel Earrings ($13) | Lip Balm

Off-the-shoulder top | Jeans (less than $60) | Earrings ($13 + comes in multiple colors) | Sunglasses ($14) | Shoes (old, similar here) | Lipstick

If you had to choose, are you a dress girl or pants girl? I'm very much a pants girl, always have been and always will be. Now, there will be an occasion when a dress is just too cute to pass up, but 90% of the time, I'm in jeans/pants. When I stumbled upon these white high-waisted distressed jeans with the perfect amount of stretch, I had to have them! And then I found this striped off-the-shoulder crop top and my eyes turned into the heart-eyed emoji. It was a match made in heaven! I love the stripe pattern and tassel tie detail. I was a little worried when I saw "crop top" because this Momma doesn't need to be wearing a crop top but it's so subtle with a high-waisted jean. This outfit gets me so excited for spring and summer...I will basically be living in this outfit so don't judge me when you see it 100x. :)

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Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.54.27 AM.png

The addiction we have to Amazon is sickening...we get way too many packages a week. So I thought it would be fun to share 3 things I always re-purchase on Amazon for the baby. 

Diapers - Crazy enough, we are still getting free diapers from Ellen Degeneres's Mother's Day Show. Every new order I place, I'm convinced it's done but it's just the gift that keeps on giving! We purchase Huggies because they were the Sponsor of the Mother's Day Show where we got the gift card. I purchase her diapers and the overnight diapers

Baby Wipes - We really like the Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Wipes so I'm constantly replenishing our stash. I like Pampers because they're softer than some of the other brands we've tried.

Diaper Cream - I shared in this post my love for the Motherlove Diaper Balm. I make sure to have one upstairs and one downstairs, but always have one in my Amazon cart incase one is getting low. I love that it's all natural. 

What are some of your Amazon re-purchases for your little one? 



Park Hyatt St. Kitts Hotel Review

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A full detailed review of the Park Hyatt St. Kitts Hotel

With a 7 month old baby at home, my birthday, and a hectic calendar approaching, my husband and I needed a true getaway. We heard about the Park Hyatt St. Kitts as it just opened in November 2017 so gave it a shot. If you’re looking for lay out all day and get some R&R, this is the place for you! It’s very private and quiet, which we loved.  

The hotel is situated directly on the beach with nearly every view being an unobstructed ocean view and a direct shot of it's sister island, Nevis. 

 Outfit Details:  Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt  |  Jeans  |  Shoes  |  Hat

Outfit Details: Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Hat


Flights - Play around with different dates as your departure city may have nonstop flights to St. Kitts (SKB). For example, Atlanta only offers 2 nonstop flights per week.

Transportation - No need to set anything up with the hotel, just grab a taxi at the airport ($30-40) and save your money. 

Breakfast at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts at the Great House


Their interior designer nailed it. Everything is 'decor goals' with it’s luxury modern Caribbean flare.

Rooms - A big benefit of the property are the rooms with private plunge pools overlooking the ocean. I suggest checking out the Nevis Peak Suite and the Park Executive Suite. Note: beds are pretty firm but they'll bring you a topper if you’d like.

We stayed in the Nevis Peak Suite (#1321) and had an amazing views of the ocean, Nevis and the overall property. Loved the floor-to-ceiling windows, free-standing tub, rainforest shower, outdoor patio with plunge pool, and of course marble and gold accents throughout. 

 This was our view from bed! How gorgeous!

This was our view from bed! How gorgeous!

 Bathroom necessities. We always get excited when a hotel carries this brand because it's quality.

Bathroom necessities. We always get excited when a hotel carries this brand because it's quality.

 This tub fits 2 people comfortable! #TubGoals

This tub fits 2 people comfortable! #TubGoals

 All about the little details. This little stool in the shower.

All about the little details. This little stool in the shower.

 Our private plunge pool overlooking the ocean/Nevis.

Our private plunge pool overlooking the ocean/Nevis.

 Our room had a living room.

Our room had a living room.

 Marble table with fresh fruit in the living room.

Marble table with fresh fruit in the living room.

Pools - There are two pools: the main lagoon infinity pool and an "adult pool” - which we preferred as it was more quite and overlooked the entire property. On Wednesday and Fridays, they have live music. There are also little stations throughout with SPF (30), cooling gel, bug repellant, and flavored water.

People - If you get the chance to go to the Park Hyatt St. Kitts, you’ll quickly realize the people make your stay special. Staff is beyond friendly and go out of their way to know you personally. I kid you not, our server at breakfast Kishama literally sang me a solo “Happy Birthday” song at breakfast and Adrian (Director of Rooms) helped my husband scramble to find me a birthday gift! Please say hello to our new friends: Joelle at Fishermans Village and everyone at the pools like Julian, Daron, Alicia, etc.


 A local massage therapist who came to the hotel and set-up a table directly on our balcony. see below.

A local massage therapist who came to the hotel and set-up a table directly on our balcony. see below.

Although there is not a ton to do, The Park Hyatt St. Kitts offers complimentary kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling on-site which is fun and convenient.

Although I didn’t use the gym or spa, I loved doing morning Yoga in the Sugar Mill (yes, it was a real sugar mill). I highly suggest walking through the spa, however it’s pricey. Instead, we found a local massage therapist who came to the hotel and set-up a table directly on our balcony for a 1/3 of the spa price (it was amazing). You can contact Mimi here. 

Boat Ride to Nevis - The hotel offers rides to/from Nevis. If you’re staying for 5+ days, consider checking out the Four Seasons and also Sushine's for a Killer Bee cocktail (beware!). 

Guided Tours - If you get the itch to do an early morning adventure, check out the zip lining or volcano hike. 


 Fresh juices and champagne...yes please! 

Fresh juices and champagne...yes please! 

 Whatever you do...get the lobster!!! 

Whatever you do...get the lobster!!! 

One of the only ‘cons' we had about staying at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts is the restaurants/taxi situation. Given there are not many nearby restaurants, you’re likely to not leave the hotel. Although we loved every meal, it would have gotten difficult/pricey after 4-5 days. 

 The buffet room at the Great House: cereals, fresh cut cold cuts, and pastry heaven. Then in the next room is eggs, bacon, etc. 

The buffet room at the Great House: cereals, fresh cut cold cuts, and pastry heaven. Then in the next room is eggs, bacon, etc. 

On property, our routine was breakfast at the Great House (splurge for the buffet), lunch poolside, and dinner at Fishermans Village (get the lobster, you will thank me later). Before dinner, we enjoyed drinks at Flemings bar during sunset. 

Outside the hotel, we found two nearby places.

The Pavilion at Christophe Harbour - This place is a must! Located directly on the beach and only ~5 minutes from hotel ($20 taxi). You must have a reservation as it’s a members only community, however the Park Hyatt can set it up. Be sure to arrive before sunset so you can grab a drink (Mango Martini) and explore the property. Everything was delicious, but we ordered the poached lobster, scallops, and mahi-mahi. 

Salt Plage - This is one of the best sunsets on the island. Although it’s more of a drink place, we grabbed some light bites for dinner. Try to go on Thursday for the live music! Also ask the Park Hyatt to reserve you a private day bed to really enjoy the sunset. 

Marshalls - We didn’t end up going here, however if we had one more night we would have. All the locals raved about it. 

This Season's Best Swimwear

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This season's best swimwear

We just got back from a little getaway to St. Kitts. And before my trip, I was on a swimsuit hunt. Now that Victoria's Secret no longer carries swimsuits, I had no idea where to go to look for swimsuits. And funny enough, I was talking to a girlfriend the other day and she asked me the same question. So I wanted to share my swimsuit finds with you!

So what did my search find? I was very shocked by American Eagle, they've really stepped up their of the one piece swimsuits I ordered even had to be swapped out because it was a bit too cheeky for my behind! Some other retailers I've found the best swimsuits at are Nordstrom, Shein, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and L*Space. Here are some of my favorite finds below. 



#MOMMYMONDAY: Best Diaper Cream

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I discovered this diaper cream by accident. My sister-in-law told me to by the Motherlove nipple balm for breastfeeding, but while at the hospital after labor I realized I bought the diaper balm on accident. So while I had it, I decided to keep it and use it. But I'm so glad I did! This is hands down the best diaper cream ever! It has all natural ingredients for a sensitive bottom and a little goes a long way. It doesn't have a smell and literally gets rid of any diaper rash within 24-48 hours. Throw away the Desitin and go buy this Motherlove Diaper Balm...promise you will thank me later! 

What other gems have you Mamas discovered?