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7 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

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Leith Grey Dress (non-maternity!! - wearing a Small), Plaid Button Down, Converse, Ray Ban Sunglasses

There are two buckets when it comes to pregnant mamas: you're either in the I love it or I hate it bucket. I happen to fall in the I love it bucket. Of course each pregnancy is different and definitely has it's good days and bad days, but to me there are far more ups than downs. Here are a few of my favorite things about being pregnant:

1. My body. It's truly amazing to think about what's going on inside my body. Yes, there's some not so fun things, but to feel the baby kick inside of me in unreal. It's by far one of the best feelings I've ever felt. Just to think about feeling and seeing your baby grow inside of you creates an intimacy you can't explain. 

2. My husband. To see him already love our baby so much fills my heart. He's been so amazing throughout my pregnancy making sure I'm comfortable, eating the right foods, taking my prenatal vitamin everyday, etc. 

3. Shopping. I've caught myself too many times asking why they don't have my size in these baby clothes. But seriously, these little clothes are just the cutest. 

4. My snoogle. My pregnancy pillow has been such a treat and has definitely helped my sleep. I know my husband cant wait until this 'third-person of a pillow' gets the boot but for now I'm going to enjoy snuggling up to my snoogle. 

5. A 9-month cleanse. Although I'm not a big drinker, going basically a year without a drop of alcohol is great on your body and a great mental refreshment. 

6 Conversations. People ask "when are you due" or "boy of girl" or "is this your first" followed by their own pregnancy/kid stories. 

7. People. People are so much nicer when they see I'm pregnant. They'll say congratulations or offer to carry things for you. Maybe it's because we've back in the South, but I'm going to go with everyone loves a pregnant person! ;-) 

Monthly Beauty Favorites

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Yikes, I haven't done a monthly favorites in  m o n t h s and although we've been busy with the move and pregnancy, you bet I've been testing out new products for you! This month's favorites covers everything from hair care, skin care, nails and body. If you missed my other beauty favorites, you can find them here. Without further adieu, here are my monthly beauty favorites from March. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Alpha Beta® Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel 

When people see the word "peel" I think it freaks them out, but I'm telling you NOT to run away from this product. At first, the price tag was a turn off, so I went back-and-forth buying it until it haunted me (thank you ads that track your cookies!). But really, I read tons of reviews and I'm so glad I bought it. I have normal to dry skin and have been getting some texture and breakouts on my face. The product comes in a 2-step packet and just a few uses I noticed a difference in my skin. My skin looks smoother, the texture disappearing, dark spots and redness diminished, and my face started to glow. This stuff is magic in a packet, I cannot recommend it enough. 

Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum (Fine to Medium)

I've never been much of a serum person or hair care in general; but when I got this in my Birch Box a few months ago I fell in love. I have fine and dry hair, and have always been prone to my breakage. This serum has totally helped restore my hair. The product smells amazing and keeps my hair looking silky and bouncy - like in those hair commercials. No joke, I've gotten compliments on how bouncy my hair is after I blow dry it! 

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat

I have a borderline obsession with nail polish; but y'all already know that! This is hands down the best top coat out there. I've tried OPI, Essie, and some other drug store brands. None of them compare to Seche Vite. This top coat is so glossy that everyone always asks me if my nails are gel and I give all the credit to this Seche Vite. Tip: To make my nail polish last even longer with regular polish, I try to wash the dishes with disposable dishwashing gloves

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

My mom sent me this oil a few weeks ago to avoid stretch marks with my growing bump. The scent is a semi-strong lavender, but nothing unbearable. I apply it every night on my belly and chest to keep things smooth and stretch marks here!!

Shop My Beauty Favorites: 

P.S. - I always love finding out about new beauty products and/or happy to try out anything you've heard of, just leave me a comment below. 

Say Hi To Nautical With Old Navy

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Spring is here and it's finally warm and sunny enough to #SayHi to dresses, which is a great win for me because my pants hardly fit with my growing bump! I've been having to do the hair-tie trick to keep them together and every time I think my elastic is going to break! Y'all know I love florals for Spring, but I also love a good nautical outfit. There's something about the chic about the crisp blue colors and stripes that scream 'get me on a boat!'. I've always admired the nautical theme from afar because I've never thought I could pull it off because I'm not preppy, so decided to give it a whirl this year. If you haven't been to an Old Navy in a while, I suggest you run (don't walk) because everything is so cute for Spring! I fell in love with their blue striped dress, but it's also has horizontal stripes (gasp!) and I'm totally loving it. 

You can never have enough stripes, so when I saw this Fitted Crew-Neck Tee Dress (less than $15!) I had to have it. Did I mention it's non-maternity?! It's made out of cotton and spandex so it's so comfortable and will grow with my bump. I love to wrap a denim jacket around my waist for a fun and flirty way to accessorize it. 

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Thank you Old Navy for sponsoring this post! All words and opinions are my own. 

Florals And Bell Sleeves For Spring

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Happy first day of Spring! I love this time of year because the days are longer and warmer. Spring and summer are some of my favorite seasons because it brings color to the darks we've been wearing all fall and winter. Everything seems to be more vibrant both in nature with flowers blooming and in my closet with pink hues and florals! Although this Atlanta weather isn't quite warm to bust out my spring clothes just yet, I wanted to share one of my favorite tops as we transition into spring. I love this Topshop blouse (only $60!!). The pinks and florals immediately stood out to me, but a bonus is the bell sleeves - it's fun and flirty! 

48-Hour Getaway To Highlands, NC Guide

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Heading somewhere new can always be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re limited on time. After moving from San Francisco to Atlanta, being pregnant, looking for a house, and our crazy work schedules, my husband and I were so drained and needed to get away. A few friends recommended the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina, which is only two hours from Atlanta yet a total getaway. Highlands is a cute little town full of hikes, shopping, relaxing and more so I've narrowed down our favorite hikes, places to eat, etc. 

Old Edward's Inn

Old Edwards Inn is literally reason enough to visit Highlands. It has a very European feel with cottages and luxury guest rooms. Each room has a historic yet modern feel with a different look to each to make it unique. The Spa there is absolutely phenomenal. I can't really put into words how great it really is. We spend both days in the relaxation room snuggled in the comfiest couches with the coziest blankets. 


There’s a lot of different hikes and waterfalls to see in Highlands so wanted to share some of our favorites.

Whiteside Mountain - This is such a pretty hike for all the views. You go all the way up to the top of mountain and can see 4 states from the top. We were there during the winter months so the trees weren't full and green but I can only imagine how beautiful this is during summertime and when the leaves are changing. It's about 2.5-3 miles long and makes a loop so you won't go down the same way you came up. 

Sunset Rock - This is a pretty quick and easy hike about half a mile long. We didn't go during the sunset because it was foggy and rainy but I can only image how pretty the view is during sunset (given the name after all!). 

Glen Falls - We didn't get to this hike because we were a little under the weather on our last day but everyone at the Old Edward's Inn recommended this to us because of the waterfalls and beautiful trails. They did say it was a few hours and pretty steep but 100% worth it. 


Madison’s at Old Edward’s Inn – Such a yummy spot! We went for dinner and had a 6-course dinner and definitely had to unbutton my pants because I was so full (#noshame). It’s farm-to-table, so the ingredients are fresh.

 This was after out 6-course dinner at Madison's. 

This was after out 6-course dinner at Madison's. 

Mountain Fresh Grocery - This place is a one stop shop grocery store and we became so obsessed - they have a pizza station, bakery, meat counter, ice cream, coffee station, sandwich station etc. We ate breakfast and lunch here and both were delicious. I got the waffles for breakfast (yum!) and the prosciutto and peach sandwich for lunch (extra yum!). We also got some coffee they roast in-house to take home with us. This is a great spot for after a hike or grab food to take on a hike.  

Wild Thyme – We had a reservation to eat here after our Spa appointments but we were so relaxed and the last thing we wanted was to get ready and go to a dinner so we skipped this but will totally go next time. Very much recommended! 

Ugly Dog Pub is a good spot for pub food with great craft beers. 


The busy time to go is during the summer because of the weather and all of the outdoor things to do, however I would imagine how beautiful it is when the trees are changing for fall. We were there in March during their off-season and it was still breathtaking and not crowded, which we liked. Highlands is so cute and cozy - great for a couple's getaway, girl's trip, wedding, etc. We will definitely be back! 

And a special thanks to the Old Edwards Inn staff for making our stay exceptional! Danny at the Spa, Jonathan at Hummingbird, Amanda from Marketing, and Meredith from Madison's.


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I pretty much dropped a bomb on you yesterday with our move to Atlanta. I want to thank you for all your comments and sweet messages. Now this probably explains a little bit of where in the haayyy have I been. I took a little break over the holidays to spend time with family and have been busy with what feels like a million things since (but more on all that later!). 

I wanted to start off a new year post (yeah 26 days post new year but who's counting!) with a few of my favorite trends from 2016 that will stay in 2017. 


This color isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I’m totally okay with it! Blush is one of my favorite colors, both as a color and to wear. I love how feminine and dainty the color blush makes you look. If my husband would let me, I would like a blush room in our future house...wishful thinking! 


Bell sleeves are just so fun and totally took over in 2016. And lucky for us these 80's style sleeves aren't going anywhere anytime soon because statement sleeves are in full swing this season. Whether it’s a blouse, sweater or dress, you can rock a bell sleeve with anything. 


I love a block heel. Not only is it much easier to walk in than those skinny heels but I’ve found it’s a bit more comfortable as well. I love the chunk to the heel because it makes a chic statement without trying.

4. Wordy Tees

Tees with words or buzzwords are staying on clothes and accessories this year so make sure to stock up!