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Look For Less: Designer Handbag Dupes

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Happy Tuesday! We were up late last night watching the Alabama/Georgia game. And man, what a game! Roll Tide! 

I was doing some online shopping yesterday and kept running into dupe handbags that were just too good not to share. I'm not sure about you, but I just cannot justify paying $800+ for a handbag when you can find something that looks almost *identical* for way less. Now, I get it there are definitely some handbags where quality trumps all, and the designer bag is just worth it. You know, that classic bag that will last you a lifetime, but let's be real my closet cannot be full of these $800+ bags. Which leads me to today's post of the best designer handbag dupes are a thousand times more worthwhile (to me!). They look almost the same, and you won't be so worried is your bag get's messed up! 

*Click bag to shop*

#GIRLBOSS: Katie Dean Jewelry

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image via  Katie Dean

image via Katie Dean

Another year, another #GirlBoss. I'm excited to introduce you to this week's #GirlBoss, Katie Dean, founder of Katie Dean Jewelry. Katie started to make dainty, delicate jewelry and when she wore it out people kept stopping her to ask where she got it. Soon enough, she was selling pieces directly off her body. She could barely keep and wear a piece for a week before someone bought it off her (literally!). It was at that point, when she realized that she was happiest making jewelry and people were loving it!

Here is what Katie had to say ...

Name: Katie Dean

Current Title/Company: Owner / Designer of Katie Dean Jewelry

Education: Highschool graduate + the Los Angeles School of Hard Knocks ;-)

What was your first job out of college? I only went to college for one year and it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel I needed a degree to have a career in the art world. I moved to LA 3 months before my 19th birthday and my first job out West was being a secretary at a production company.  

Tell us more about Katie Dean Jewelry. My line is made up of dainty, delicate pieces that are meant for everyday wear. I want the line to emanate a fun, feminine vibe that makes people feel happy when they wear it. 

What inspired you to start your own company? Ever since I was little, I wanted to be an artist. Whether that was painting, drawing, sculpting, … I am happiest when creating beautiful things. AND I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, make my own rules, work when I want to work and not have to conform to the traditional 9-5 workday. I, of course worked those 9-5 jobs before starting my line and I felt trapped instead of inspired. I knew from a very young age that I was not meant to have a traditional career path. 


What advice would you give others thinking about starting their own business? Oh man! I have a lot of advice. First of all: just start doing. I see people that have ideas and talk about them a lot but never start doing them. The first step is getting into action and if it doesn’t pan out that’s ok! It’s better to go for it and take the risk of failing than not do anything - at the very least you will learn a ton and it will help you in the future when you have another idea!

Secondly, be savvy with your money. Don’t go spending it all on something that you know nothing about. Put in your due diligence before you commit to a big expense or before you hire someone on to your team.

This leads me to my third piece of advice which is trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, than don’t rush into any long term commitments or agreements. And lastly, accept the fact that starting your business is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be mistakes and things will go wrong. It’s a part of life. Like I said before, the most important thing is that you learn from the things that go wrong and don’t make the same mistakes in the future. Being successful in business depends on a lot of things but perseverance is a big part of it. 

What was your biggest fear in starting your own business? The question I would ask myself everyday: Am I going to be able to pay my bills? Will this work out in the long run? But you know, when I thought about the grand scheme of things, my biggest fear was not taking a chance. Then looking back in fifty years, having worked a job that didn’t make me happy and wishing that I could get those fifty years back. I may have worked around the clock for the first two years of my business but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I go to bed every night feeling fulfilled and lucky that I get to use my creativity to put things into the world that make women feel happy and inspired when they wear them. That’s worth it all. 

What inspired the pieces you design? I get inspired by the life around me! Everyone is so unique and our perspectives of beauty are all different. I like to create pieces that are eye catching but not dominant of your entire look.  

What designers or brands do you look to for inspiration? I love Madewell. The simplicity of their designs make me feel polished and put together without a lot of effort. I’m also obsessed with a line called Realisation Par. Their wrap dresses are so gorgeous. As well as everything Reformation. For shoes I looove Loeffler Randall. 

What does a typical day look like for you? I like to wake up and work out almost immediately. Starting my day with a workout gives me energy for the rest of my day. I try not to look at my phone or answer emails until afterwards. 

image via  Instagram

image via Instagram

After that I hop on my email! I typically spend a lot of my day on email and on phone meetings. In-between I’m usually sorting through images, posting on our social, planning out new releases and if I’m lucky, sketching new pieces.

As the line has grown, I’ve had to put more time and energy into managing all the moving components of the company. I learned many times that I can’t do it all myself so you have to let go of some of the control. 

If you could pick one or two Katie Dean Jewelry essentials that you couldn’t live without, what would they be?  Oooo! Good quesiton. I would say the Little Dipper studs. I wear these everyday. They’re perfection to me. I also wear the hammered band rings in solid gold every day and the Bar with Gem necklace almost everyday. That was three, haha, so hard to just pick one! 

 What’s your most proud moment since launching Katie Dean Jewelry? This is a hard one! 

What advice would you give to your younger self? Stop worrying so much. We’re not curing cancer here. Not to discount the importance of art and what it does to help humanity but at the end of the day, life is good and you need to keep things in perspective. Staying grounded and keeping your eye on the prize is the name of the game. 

If you could have drinks with four women who would it be? Diane Von Ferstenberg, Elizabeth Gilbert, Martha Stewart and Oprah. 

 What’s next for Katie Dean Jewelry? Any collaborations? Stores we can find you in? We started something really fun this year where we release a new mini-collection every 4-6 weeks and we’ve had an amazing response from our followers! They love seeing new pieces come out on a regular basis and it’s been super fun for me to create new pieces on a regular basis. We announce the new releases on our social media (follow us on Instagram! @katiedeanjewelry) and through our email newsletter (you can sign up through our website!). 

I’m always on the go with the line, heading to new cities and popping up! I love meeting anyone who follows the brand and meeting new people that are seeing the brand for the first time. Every week on Instagram I announce any weekly events that we’re doing so I would love for you to follow along and hopefully I can meet you in person soon! 

Some Of My Favorite Pieces I Own/Swooning Over:

A big thank you to Katie for answering these questions! Make sure to stop by Katie Dean Jewelry by clicking here

Make sure to tune into the next #GIRLBOSS interview series! 


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My most used items of 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We hosted Christmas this year in Atlanta with my whole family. They flew in from all over (China, Texas, Montana, and California). Sadly, everyone has now gone back home and I'm sitting here wondering where the heck 2017 went?! But really, why does it feel like the older you get the faster time flies. As amazing of a year 2017 was for me/us, I’m excited to welcome a new year full of fresh opportunities and changes. But before I we jump into 2018, I wanted to share some of my most-loved (and used) items from 2017. I try so many products daily, but there are a handful of items that stick out to me as daily or weekly essentials. Keep reading to see what my most-used items of 2017 were…

Cuyana Travel Case Set - I can’t think of a single trip where I didn’t bring my Cuyana travel cases on. The big one carries all my makeup and the smaller is for my toiletries. I love the blush color and how you can personalize it. 

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara - I’ve been using this mascara for a while now and love, love it. I used to hop around from different brands, but now I’m pretty loyal to this IT Cosmetics one. This could easily top the whole list for the most-used item!

Fawn Design Bag - This has been my go-to bag since having our baby girl. I love that it doesn't look like a diaper bag and can be worn as both a backpack or messenger bag. 

Amazon Alexa - We use this every day, whether we're playing music downstairs in the kitchen or while playing with the baby in her room. This is the best gift for someone too! 

Tula Skincare - I didn't start using this till the end of the year, so it didn’t really have a fair chance at a full 12 month analysis like all of the other products. But, I’ve used it every single day since I bought it and it’s proven to be a must-have for my day to day, so I definitely think it deserves a spot! Read up on my post about all the products I use here

Pink Ruffle Sweater & OTK Boots

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Pink ruffle sweater and OTK boots

Layered Ruffle Sleeve Sweater | Over The Knee Boots

Ruffle sleeves have been a huge trend this fall and winter. Literally it's hard to find a sweater without ruffles on it! I love how ruffles give a plain sweater just a little something extra. I found this one and a few others (that I’ll link below) and just fell in love. Also, these OTK boots have been an absolute lately. They don't fall down, which is a major bonus and come in 3 colors (taupe, black and brown). 

Favorite Ruffle Sweater:

Shop The Look:

Flare Sleeve Sweater – Great For The Holidays

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Flare Sleeve Sweater ((comes in 4 colors) | Jeans | Booties | Leopard ClutchLips: Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in "Lolita" | Necklace

This week has been so crazy! I'm trying to pull together all the Black Friday/Cyber Week sales for y'all and figure out Thanksgiving because we're doing it at out house this year! Yup...I'm making a turkey...wish me luck! What are y'all doing for the holidays? 

I recently purchased this bell sleeve top at Nordstrom because it just screams fall. And you bet I'll be wearing it on Turkey Day! You can wear this top several different ways this season. With jeans and booties or an OTK boot, or pair it with a black leather sweater. I loved adding a touch of leopard detail to pull the look together. Not to mentions, anytime I can throw leopard into the mix, I will. 

Black Friday / Cyber Week Sales

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Y'all I've been so on top of my gift buying this year! I'm usually so last minute buying gifts for Christmas but this year my goal is to buy everyone's gift with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday (more like Cyber Week) sales! A lot of stores have started their sales early so I wanted to help you find the best sales so we can both save our money! Throughout this week and next, I will be updating any/all sales on the blog and on my Instagram and sharing some of my favorites from the sale. Here we go.... PS - Click any of the photos to shop  or head straight to the e-commerce site here.

J. Crew – 40% off + free shipping with code THANKU

Abercrombie – 40% off site wide

Goodnight Macaroon - 30% off site wide with code BLACKFRIDAY17

Sam Edelman - 20% off site wide with code SAMSGIVING

TULA - 20% off site wide with code FOURTHREADS 

Some of y’all may remember THIS skin care post I did a few weeks ago. Tula has completely changed my skin and I’m SO thankful for their probiotic products! A perfect gift for the holidays! 

Express - 50% off entire purchase + free shipping