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My Experience on The Ellen DeGeneres Mother's Day Giveaway Show

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I wanted to give you the inside scoop of what it's like to be in the audience of The Ellen Show Mother's Day Giveaway show. I've also gotten a ton of questions as to how I got on the show, what to wear, etc. so will be going into detail on the whole experience. Let me just preface this post by saying, I am speaking from my experience alone from her Mother's Day Show. 

Also, my photos are mediocre, at best. I had to use my iPhone as opposed to a real camera, but I did my best to sneak in a few pictures as they had a very strict 'no photos policy.'

Let's start from the beginning...How I applied to The Ellen Show's Mother's Day Giveaway?

You apply here on her website. I was checking basically everyday in February and March to see if she had updated it from 2016 to 2017. In April they updated the site to 2017, which was the green light for the first-time-mom's to finally apply. Because of my persistency of checking the site daily, I basically applied the day they listed. 

I filled out the application with all my information, a picture of Mike and I (we used one of these), my due date, social media handles, and then 1500 characters to tell your story. In my story I shared where I grew up, what I do now, how my husband and I met, my pregnancy journey this far, my hopes and plans for our daughter, etc. Then I pressed submit, said a prayer and crossed my fingers.

They got back to be within a few days via email and told me I got on the Mother's Day Show (woohoo!!). I was so giddy with excitement and then we booked out flights to LA right away. They send the ticket to the show via email a week before the show tapes. The ticket included everything from the address, check-in, where to park, dress code, etc. 

What to wear to the The Ellen Mother's Day Show? 

The dress code is nice casual. You may be seen on TV, so you definitely want to look cute! Most of the women wore dresses and a light jacket. I wore a maxi dress, denim jacket, and sandals to the show. 

What happened the day of the show? 

The Audience Waiting Area/check-in area. I've never seen so many pregnant women in my life!!!

The Audience Waiting Area/check-in area. I've never seen so many pregnant women in my life!!!

Prior to the show they tell you to bring the biggest car you have because you never know what you're going to get in gift giveaways. We rented the biggest car in the Hertz parking lot, which just happened to be a Yukon XL SLT. We pulled in to Warner Brothers Studios, Gate 3, parked and went down to the check-in area, which is actually just a section of the parking garage. There were rows of benches, a roped off VIP section, TV screens with Ellen playing in the background. 

For the Mother's Day Show, each first-time-mom has a guaranteed ticket so you need to check-in, which was at 1:30pm for a 3:30pm show taping. I would recommend getting there earlier because they give you a number upon checking-in and that's essentially the order they bring you into the studio. We got there around 1pm and waited in line to get #158, my husband also got a number for the Riff Raff Room so he could watch. 

Closer to 3pm they had everyone line up according to their numbers and took us across the street to the set. The set looked much smaller than I had imagined. The seats were much closer to the stage than it looks on TV. 

The Riff Raff Room where the husbands and +1s sat during the show. This room also has The Ellen Show Shop, where we bought our little girl an Ellen onsie. 

The Riff Raff Room where the husbands and +1s sat during the show. This room also has The Ellen Show Shop, where we bought our little girl an Ellen onsie. 

From where I'm sitting. You can see where Ellen sits :)

From where I'm sitting. You can see where Ellen sits :)

The Ellen Show

This is the only show where they allow the audience members to get up and use the restroom during taping AND have food. You bet I took advantage of the food! :) 

This is the only show where they allow the audience members to get up and use the restroom during taping AND have food. You bet I took advantage of the food! :) 

Twitch came out and got the crowd excited and dancing, then a few minutes later the Ellen-music played, the blue doors parted, and Ellen walked through the doors. Everyone was so excited yelling and clapping. Ellen woo-d back at us, and finally as we quieted down, we took our seats. Ellen looked like Ellen. Ellen sounded like Ellen, only a little bit different since she was microphoned.

She opened up the show with her Mother's Day lingo, then said those two amazing words… ‘let’s dance!’ After the dancing, she didn't waste any time to start giving things away. The celebrity guests were Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer. 

For the 2017 Mother's Day Show, she gave away: $500 Amazon gift card from Amazon Baby Registry, Amazon Echo, 1-year Amazon Prime membership, 1-year Amazon music unlimited, 1-year supply of Huggies Diapers and Wipes, Babyletto Bingo 3-in-1 crib, Essentia crib mattress, Laurel & Wolf online interior design service, $500 Home Depot gift card, 4moms Moxi Stroller, 4Moms Self-Installing car seat, 4moms car seat adapter, Svan high chair with cushion, $350 Amazon gift card from Plum Organics, 2-night babymoon in Palm Springs, $500 Carter's gift card, and a Kate Spade diaper bag

And then. It was over. The show was done taping. I couldn’t believe how fast it went by. Ellen took the microphone, and expressed her gratitude for us. It was genuine, but short. Then her staff came out and passed out all the gift cards to us, the Amazon Echo, then headed to the car for the second part of the gifts, where they loaded the stroller, car seat, car seat adapter, high chair and diaper bag in everyone's cars. 

The SUV fully packed and loaded with everything from Ellen! 

The SUV fully packed and loaded with everything from Ellen! 

First of all, if you are still reading this, thanks! I know it is a long one, but I wanted to give a detailed account of my experience at The Ellen Show for her Mother's Day Giveaway! Here are some things I realized about the show:

  • Ellen is an entertainer/performer, and an amazing one at that.
  • During commercial breaks Ellen stayed and danced with Twitch and talked to the staff, which pleasant surprise.
  • Ellen mostly addresses the camera, which really gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling when you are watching from home.
  • A lot of the magic that you see in your living rooms, happens in the editing of the show.
  • They will also take anything inappropriate out in editing as well (i.e. Not everything Amy Schumer said was aired).
  • It goes by so quick, so make sure to take in every minute. 

If I missed anything and you have questions, please comment below and I will answer anything else you want to know about my experience on The Ellen Show! xox

You bet we watched the show when it aired Thursday, 5/11 and spotted me!! 

You bet we watched the show when it aired Thursday, 5/11 and spotted me!! 

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

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My heart could burst as I'm writing this because we're just so excited to officially announce that we are welcoming a sweet baby GIRL in July! We've told our family and close friends but have been keeping it a little secret from everyone else until now. I've already started to plan out her nursery and buy all the pink clothes (help!!!)! We feel so incredibly blessed for this little girl growing inside of me and we cannot wait to meet her in just a few short months. 

Dress: Old Navy ℅ (non-maternity wearing a Small)| Shoes: Sam Edelman (last summer on sale for $64 here) | Lips: NARS lip pencil in shade "Yu"

I wanted to do something different than the typical pink balloon announcement and totally fell in love with the smoke bomb gender reveal when I saw it on Etsy. If you love the idea of the smoke bomb photo shoot, here are a few tips we learned:

  1. Buy a few smoke bombs because they burn quickly. If you want a good variety of positions and chances for everyone to have their eyes open in the photo, you’ll need lots of burn time. We used 3 smoke bombs and 1 practice smoke bomb. The smoke bombs give you approx. 45-60 seconds to get the shot.
  2. Have two people handy. We had two friends help us: one behind the camera and one to light the smoke bombs/move it around once it started to fizzle out. A big shout out to Steve and Katie for making this possible :)
  3. Plan our your poses/what you're going to do. You only have a few seconds to get your photo so make sure you're 100% ready when you light it up.
  4. The wind matters! This is where the practice smoke bomb is really helpful, so you can see which way it's going to blow. 

7 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

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Leith Grey Dress (non-maternity!! - wearing a Small), Plaid Button Down, Converse, Ray Ban Sunglasses

There are two buckets when it comes to pregnant mamas: you're either in the I love it or I hate it bucket. I happen to fall in the I love it bucket. Of course each pregnancy is different and definitely has it's good days and bad days, but to me there are far more ups than downs. Here are a few of my favorite things about being pregnant:

1. My body. It's truly amazing to think about what's going on inside my body. Yes, there's some not so fun things, but to feel the baby kick inside of me in unreal. It's by far one of the best feelings I've ever felt. Just to think about feeling and seeing your baby grow inside of you creates an intimacy you can't explain. 

2. My husband. To see him already love our baby so much fills my heart. He's been so amazing throughout my pregnancy making sure I'm comfortable, eating the right foods, taking my prenatal vitamin everyday, etc. 

3. Shopping. I've caught myself too many times asking why they don't have my size in these baby clothes. But seriously, these little clothes are just the cutest. 

4. My snoogle. My pregnancy pillow has been such a treat and has definitely helped my sleep. I know my husband cant wait until this 'third-person of a pillow' gets the boot but for now I'm going to enjoy snuggling up to my snoogle. 

5. A 9-month cleanse. Although I'm not a big drinker, going basically a year without a drop of alcohol is great on your body and a great mental refreshment. 

6 Conversations. People ask "when are you due" or "boy of girl" or "is this your first" followed by their own pregnancy/kid stories. 

7. People. People are so much nicer when they see I'm pregnant. They'll say congratulations or offer to carry things for you. Maybe it's because we've back in the South, but I'm going to go with everyone loves a pregnant person! ;-) 

Monthly Beauty Favorites

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Yikes, I haven't done a monthly favorites in  m o n t h s and although we've been busy with the move and pregnancy, you bet I've been testing out new products for you! This month's favorites covers everything from hair care, skin care, nails and body. If you missed my other beauty favorites, you can find them here. Without further adieu, here are my monthly beauty favorites from March. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Alpha Beta® Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel 

When people see the word "peel" I think it freaks them out, but I'm telling you NOT to run away from this product. At first, the price tag was a turn off, so I went back-and-forth buying it until it haunted me (thank you ads that track your cookies!). But really, I read tons of reviews and I'm so glad I bought it. I have normal to dry skin and have been getting some texture and breakouts on my face. The product comes in a 2-step packet and just a few uses I noticed a difference in my skin. My skin looks smoother, the texture disappearing, dark spots and redness diminished, and my face started to glow. This stuff is magic in a packet, I cannot recommend it enough. 

Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum (Fine to Medium)

I've never been much of a serum person or hair care in general; but when I got this in my Birch Box a few months ago I fell in love. I have fine and dry hair, and have always been prone to my breakage. This serum has totally helped restore my hair. The product smells amazing and keeps my hair looking silky and bouncy - like in those hair commercials. No joke, I've gotten compliments on how bouncy my hair is after I blow dry it! 

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat

I have a borderline obsession with nail polish; but y'all already know that! This is hands down the best top coat out there. I've tried OPI, Essie, and some other drug store brands. None of them compare to Seche Vite. This top coat is so glossy that everyone always asks me if my nails are gel and I give all the credit to this Seche Vite. Tip: To make my nail polish last even longer with regular polish, I try to wash the dishes with disposable dishwashing gloves

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

My mom sent me this oil a few weeks ago to avoid stretch marks with my growing bump. The scent is a semi-strong lavender, but nothing unbearable. I apply it every night on my belly and chest to keep things smooth and stretch marks here!!

Shop My Beauty Favorites: 

P.S. - I always love finding out about new beauty products and/or happy to try out anything you've heard of, just leave me a comment below. 

Say Hi To Nautical With Old Navy

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Spring is here and it's finally warm and sunny enough to #SayHi to dresses, which is a great win for me because my pants hardly fit with my growing bump! I've been having to do the hair-tie trick to keep them together and every time I think my elastic is going to break! Y'all know I love florals for Spring, but I also love a good nautical outfit. There's something about the chic about the crisp blue colors and stripes that scream 'get me on a boat!'. I've always admired the nautical theme from afar because I've never thought I could pull it off because I'm not preppy, so decided to give it a whirl this year. If you haven't been to an Old Navy in a while, I suggest you run (don't walk) because everything is so cute for Spring! I fell in love with their blue striped dress, but it's also has horizontal stripes (gasp!) and I'm totally loving it. 

You can never have enough stripes, so when I saw this Fitted Crew-Neck Tee Dress (less than $15!) I had to have it. Did I mention it's non-maternity?! It's made out of cotton and spandex so it's so comfortable and will grow with my bump. I love to wrap a denim jacket around my waist for a fun and flirty way to accessorize it. 

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