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10 Things I've Learned From Marriage

Veronica Arrieta4 Comments
10 Things I've Learned From Marriage | Four Threads

Marriage will teach you a lot but then again, what else would you expect when you put two different people together for the rest of your life. You learn about each other and you learn about yourself.

I’ve only been married for a few months now but keep getting asked if married life is any different. After truly reflecting about our life as a married couple, I've come up with 10 things I've learned from marriage thus far - some serious and some not much:

1. My days of eating rice cakes with peanut butter and fruit for dinner are over. Sometimes after a long day the last thing you want to do is make dinner; yes there is always take out but you can't order in every night. Living on my own, it was easy to whip up something quick (i.e. PB&J, eggs, etc) but now with the two of us making a hearty meal is important. 

2. Patience is a virtue. I've always been a pretty patient person but marriage has taken it to a whole other level... just wait until we have kids (yikes!). 

3. My trash TV watching has decreased dramatically. The Bachelor, award shows, reality shows, Fashion Police, Bravo...I think you can catch my drift! My husband refuses to watch this (unfortunately don't blame him) so DVR and his late work dinners have been my best friend!

4. Life is better when you can share it with your best friend. This may seem pretty self explanatory but it's true. Just in these first few months, my life seems so much fuller with Mike in it. 

5. I'm trying to keep the house tidy. This one has been tough and admittedly I'm still working on it. This not to say that I'm a messy person, if anything I consider myself an organized mess. You see, my husband is a mega clean freak and I catch myself getting into old habits of piling clothes up or leaving things out. I don't hate that my husband likes a clean house, in fact I secretly love it. I just need to learn to put things where they belong not next to it (whoops!). 

6. I’m trying to be more compassionate. Sharing life with someone requires you to share their feelings as well. Being selfless in a marriage is crucial to having a happy marriage. This doesn’t always come easy for me but I’m trying my best to put his needs before my own.

7. We don't always have to agree. Luckily, Mike and I see eye-to-eye on most things. But for the rare occurrence when we do disagree and there's a bigger argument brewing, I try to remember that we'll have to agree to disagree (insert patience here).

8. I will always have to close the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. I figured this one out pretty quickly after finding every cabinet that Mike had been in because he always leaves them wide open. (Honestly, sometime I'll bring him in the kitchen just to show him that every single cabinet and drawer is opened.)

9. Gone are the days of being lazy. There's always something to clean, a meal to prepare, cookies to bake, a husband to entertain, and friends to make plans with. Yes, every now and then a lazy day is needed but good luck finding one!  

10. Waking up next to my best friend every day is the best! Seriously, though there is no better feeling. 

Would love to hear some things you've learned from your marriage or relationships. Leave me a note in the comments below.