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5 Tips For Packing Makeup

BeautyVeronica ArrietaComment

One of the my least favorite parts of packing is condensing my makeup down into just one bag (pathetic, I know!). After a lot of trial-and-error I've learned a few ways to pack all of my makeup essentials.

I keep all my makeup in acrylic containers at home so when I go to pack I basically go shopping in my 'at home makeup store.' It may sound crazy, but I put anything I use in my cart (aka: makeup bag) after I use it when getting ready; this prevents me from bringing too much makeup and instead only bring what I'm using to put my face on (and maybe throw in a few extras at the end) ;-) Here are a few tips I've learned for packing my makeup for trips. 

1. Invest in a good makeup bag. Whether it's from the drugstore or more expensive. Try to find  a cosmetic bag that will keep your makeup organized because there's nothing worse than scrambling around to find your eyeliner somewhere at the bottom. This is a good bag to help you keep organized. 

2. Find the perfect eyeshadow palette with four different colors. After I pack my clothes I see if I have more brown or black tones in my bag. Typically I bring my small Chanel palette because it has a shimmery light purple then transition to a deep purple which is great to build up for a smokey at night. If you're newer or more simple with makeup, go with a neutral/warm palette that's versatile and build-able. 

3. Only bring one foundation. Foundation is typically the space-hog in makeup bags so try to only bring one foundation on your trip. A bonus tip, if you're only gone for a few days, pop into your local Sephora to pick up a sample of your foundation so you're not having to lug around the big guy. 

4. Leave the new products at home. If you've never tried a beauty product at home, then now isn't the time to bring it on your trip. You don't know how your skin will react, if your foundation will oxidize, etc. 

5. Bring travel size products. This may seem like a no brainer, but there are some products, like this Laura Mercier translucent powder that I can't leave home without, the only problem is it's large-and-in-charge! As much as I hated spending the extra dollars on purchasing a small travel size powder it's make a world of difference in my makeup bag. So now, if they make it in a travel size I buy it! currently I have my bronzer, powders and perfume in travel size and it makes all the difference.