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73 Questions

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73 Questions | Four Threads

Let's get to know each other...shall we! I've gotten a few emails about some of the questions below so thought it would be fun to play 73 questions. Enjoy! 

Would love to hear your answers as well! Have a question? Please ask so that I can add it to the list:


  1. What's the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them? Smile
  2. What's your favorite Beyonce song? All of them
  3. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocaaa...actually depends on my mood
  4. Favorite type of flower? Peonies 
  5. What toppings do you put on your pizza? Pineapple and Ham
  6. What city were you born in? Houston
  7. What city do you spend the most time in? San Francisco
  8. Favorite city? San Francisco
  9. Favorite movie? Grease
  10. What's the greatest invention? iPhone
  11. Mexican or Italian? Italian
  12. What's the craziest hairstyle you ever rocked? None. Not too crazy about crazy hair (no pun intended)
  13. What was your first dance song at your wedding? Make You Feel My Love by Adele 
  14. Hotdog or hamburger? Hamburger
  15. Thanksgiving or Christmas? This is a joke right….both
  16. Are you allergic to anything? No
  17. What's your favorite color? Pink
  18. What's your biggest fear? Not being able to get pregnant
  19. What was your first car? VW Bug
  20. Favorite workout? Post workout
  21. What's the most meaningful gift you ever received? My engagement ring
  22. What three traits do you look for in your husband? Faithful, hard worker, makes me laugh
  23. Who's the last person you called? My sister
  24. How tall are you? 5'8
  25. Any tattoos? Nope
  26. Do you have a favorite animal? Puppies
  27. What's something you miss? The beach
  28. Zodiac sign? Pisces 
  29. Do you wear contacts? No
  30. What's your favorite time of the year? Holidays and birthdays
  31. Stay-cation or african safari? African safari
  32. Who's your fashion icon? Rachel Zoe
  33. Place you want to visit? Australia
  34. Who was your first crush? Jonathan Taylor Tomas
  35. Favorite piece of jewelry? Wedding ring
  36. Do you have any siblings? Two
  37. What color are your eyes? Green 
  38. Restoration Hardware or West Elm? RH
  39. Where did you go to college? The University of Alabama 
  40. Why did you start a blog? To empower and share my experiences with you
  41. How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning? 45- 1 hour
  42. Who was the last person to text you? Janey 
  43. Finish this sentence…I'm really bad at ___ : Organization
  44. What's one thing your really good at? Baking
  45. Essie or OPI? Essie
  46. What was the last thing you splurged on? Our dinning room table
  47. What's an accessory you've had for ages? My "V" necklace that my Momadear got me
  48. Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus? Nordstrom
  49. Favorite family heirloom? My memories
  50. Favorite actress? Rachel McAdams
  51. Leather or lace? Leather
  52. Velvet or fur? Faux-fur
  53. Vintage or new? New
  54. Polkadots or stripes? Both
  55. What would you never wear? Never say never
  56. What are a few items that you always have in your bag? Pen, cell phone, concealer, lipstick, gum
  57. What are you reading right now? The Bible
  58. What's the best vacation spot? Anywhere on the water
  59. What country have you always wanted to visit? Australia
  60. What's the best part about your job? Meeting people doing amazing things in the world
  61. What's your favorite cocktail? Stolli blueberry with water and a lemon
  62. Beer or wine? Wine
  63. For water, sparkling or flat? Flat
  64. Coffee or Tea? Coffee
  65. Favorite food? Anything Asian
  66. Least favorite food? Indian
  67. Favorite desert? Creme brule or chocolate covered strawberries
  68. What's your guilty pleasure? Reality TV
  69. What have you learned from your husband? Patience
  70. What movie did you cry the hardest: The Notebook, it gets me every time
  71. Best fashion secret? Less is more
  72. Beauty product you can't live without? Concealer 
  73. Favorite animal print: Leopard