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Apps I Love: Uber

Veronica ArrietaComment
{image via  Uber }

{image via Uber}

I'm sitting here looking through my phone to pick this month's app and thought, well duh, Uber! If Uber had frequent rider miles, I would be first on the list.

My husband and I recently sold both of cars because we were rarely driving them and still taking Ubers everywhere. Selling our cars was more like a test to see how long we could last without it and honestly the hardest thing about not having a car is going to the grocery store, but there's Uber for that! 

I'm sure many of you already use Uber but if you live in a bubble (saying that in the nicest way possible) and aren't familiar with Uber, it's a car service. When a customer requests a car using the Uber app, they send the closest driver to your location using the phone's GPS. You don't have  to pay anything because it's already linked and charged directly to your credit card.

Uber has different types of car services: 

  • UberPool, which has only launched in a few cities - SF being one of them. Basically you can ride anywhere in SF for $7 - they match you with another rider (and split the cost) along a similar route. Uber Pool is especially helpful when there is surge pricing in SF, which seems like every hour of the day - not even kidding! 
  • UberX, the cheapest option if you don't have UberPool, sending you your everyday car. In SF you are most likely to get a Prius. 
  • UberXL, which is the same as UberX but an SUV version. This is great when you have a a handful of people. 
  • Uber Black, is when you want to ride around in a fancy black sedan.
  • Uber SUV is significantly more expensive then a UberBlack. It's basically the high-end version of UberXL
  • Uber Taxi, similar to your typical taxi service except you request and pay through the app. Note: UberX and UberPool are cheaper then UberTaxi. 
  • UberLUX let's you request the priciest cars. 

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