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Balancing Friends And Significant Others

Veronica ArrietaComment

I'm going to be brutally honest here, ever since I've been with my husband (then boyfriend and fiancé) I've left my friendships slide a little. My college days were probably the worst in terms of putting him in front of friendships, but now that we've been together for seven years and have some baggage under us, I've been able to correct my mishaps and make time for both my significant other and friendships. 

I think it's a natural thing, you start growing your relationship with your significant other and in the process, you start seeing your friends less and less. After been through both sides, I've realized you can't put all your time and energy into one person, you need to have your own full independent life. Here are a four things I do to have balance in my relationships:

1. Create a weekly date. I'm not talking about a date with your significant other, but a date with a friend. Date nights are important to my husband and I, so why wouldn't I make it a priority with my friends also. We've figured out that some nights are tough with work and schedule conflicts, so make we it a breakfast or lunch date. I always look forward to our weekly dates to get an update on each others lives.

2. Plan a annual trip. My best friend lives in Atlanta, so naturally that doesn't make seeing each other easy. We try to schedule at least one trip a year so we can look forward to seeing each other and make new memories. 

3. Get a workout buddy. Take a workout class or train with a friend. If you're going to be working out anyways, why not kill two birds with one stone. Not to mention having a friend as your accountability partner always helps. 

4. Share the night. Some of us (me included) like to spend as much time with their significant other as possible. So plan a happy hour drinks with your friends and dinner with your honey. 

Being independent will help you in your life and relationships. I'd love to hear how you balance your significant other and friendships? Leave me a note in the comments below.