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Beauty: Where I Save and Spend

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Beauty: Where I spend and save

I'm always so fascinated to hear what other women spend and save on in the beauty department. Just with my girlfriends alone, we're all so different on where we spend and save. The areas where I spend and save has changed a bit as I've gotten older (and married!) but I wanted to share where I spend and save on all things beauty. 

SPEND: Hair Cut & Color. 

This is my biggest spend by far. Hair is something that you see every-single-day, and I'm pretty sure we've all had that bad hair cut. The thing is, if I hate my hair then I'm spending more money trying to fix the mess up. I spend a $200-$300 hundred dollars for my cut and color combined, which might sound crazy to some people but I've found that it gets better overtime and doesn't require as much maintenance. I went 7 months after my last hair cut/color and could have gone longer but wanted a hairstyle change.

For the SF locals, I see Richard at Population Salon, he's an absolute hair genius in both color and cut. Ladies, a bad cut/color just isn't worth it to me!

SAVE: Blowouts.

This is one of those expenses that's nice to get once in a blue moon (and I'm talking blue moon!). Seriously though, I've probably only gotten my hair blown out two or three times in a few year timespan and I've never walked away 100% satisfied. Am I good at hair? Not really, but I instead I invested in a wonderful blow dryer and stick to blow drying my own hair.

SAVE: Eyebrows.

I wasn't sure if this counted as a spend or save because I do get my brows threaded every month or so if I'm in the mall and I've got some bushy brows. But once I get them threaded, I'm pretty good at plucking here and there, until I need to shape them up again. Fortunately, thicker brows are in :) I only pay $15 to get them threaded every other month so don't really count this as a spend. 

SAVE: Waxing.

When I was growing up, my mom didn't want us shaving our legs (strange, I know) so we always got our legs waxed. I'm not sure if that scared me or what, but I don't spend money on waxing anymore. A razor gets the job done. I will make an exception for a bikini wax if I'm going to be in a bathing suit for more than a week long vacation. I don't go to a fancy place because if I'm in pain, I just want to get in and out. (Also, instead of getting "waxed" I get "sugared" but more on that later!)

SAVE: Nails.

90% of the time I do my own nails; mostly because I get bored of my nail polish color super quick (like every 3 days!) and I'm actually good at painting them. But with that said, I will go in for a mani/pedi every other month for a cuticle clean up/pamper so I can reset and maintain from there. 

SAVE: Massages.  

As much as I'd love to get a massage every month, it just isn't going to happen. Yes I have knots in my back and neck but I just can't bring myself to fork over a hundreds dollars for this. Sometimes if we're feeling super tight and sore, my husband and I will go to this whole-in-the-wall place in Chinatown (sounds sketch, I know!) and get a $50 1 hour massage. It gets the job done and it's not crazy expensive. 

SPEND: Facials.

This is a newer expense in my life but totally necessary. I don't get them so often because my husband would kill me but it's one of my spends because I can totally see a difference to my skin post-facial. I wear makeup pretty much every day (unless I'm giving my skin a break) and breakouts just happen, pimples pop up and sometimes you just need that deep clean to your face. This is a total side note and potentially TMI but I also get joy in popping pimples so love talking to the esthetician. For the SF locals, I got to Andrea or Elaine at Dermaplus PS in the Marina. (Here's a guest post on everything you need to know about a facial.)

SAVE: Spray Tans.

Let me just start by saying my husband hates the smell of a spray tan (and I'm talking hate). Sometimes I will use a self tanner trying to trick him and he will still come home smelling it. Needless to say, bronzed skin will never be in my future unless I'm at the beach. For the very rare time that I need some color during my palest SF days, I will do it at home with the St. Tropez Bronzing Mouse


This was a fun post to write, I'd like to do more of these 'where I spend and save' posts with makeup, household items, etc. I'd love to know the areas where you spend and save when it comes to all things beauty? If you have any other areas you'd like to see where I spend and save, leave me a note in the comments below.