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8 Things A Bridesmaid Should Never Do

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8 Things A Bridesmaid Should Never Do |

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honor. When you accept the role of a bridesmaid, you take on the responsibilities that come with the job. If you can't take the time off work, can't afford it or don't want to take on the responsibilities then you shouldn't be a bridesmaid. Trust me, coming from a newlywed, it's better to gracefully say no then to be a bad bridesmaid. I've heard about bad bridesmaids first hand and how they've ruined friendships. However, being a helpful and supportive bridesmaid will make for lifelong memories. 

Here are 10 things bridesmaids should absolutely not do:

#1. Don't ignore the bride. Make sure to respond to the bride's questions, messages, etc. You don't want to make her life harder when she's trying to make arrangements. 

#2. Put in your input when it's not needed. Weighing in on wedding decisions is not your place, just don't do it; even if the bride is asking you, she's really just looking for a sounding board. 

#3. Don't get too intoxicated at the rehearsal dinner. Do you want to be miserable on the wedding day? 

#4. Never tell your deepest secrets during a speech. This is not a roast my friends. 

#5. Never complain about the dress, even if it's satin and barbie pink. Your day will come; didn't you watch 27 Dresses! 

#6. Don't miss any of the pre-wedding events unless you live out of town or the bride genuinely tells you to skip it! 

#7. Order your dress sooner rather than later. There's nothing worse than a bridesmaid that waits until last minute to get her dress and your fighting with Fedex to make sure it arrives on time. 

#8. Don't order your dress too small thinking that you're going to loose weight before the big day. You can always take in a dress in but if it's too small then you're SOL. 

Do you have any horror bridesmaid stories?