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Park Hyatt St. Kitts Hotel Review

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A full detailed review of the Park Hyatt St. Kitts Hotel

With a 7 month old baby at home, my birthday, and a hectic calendar approaching, my husband and I needed a true getaway. We heard about the Park Hyatt St. Kitts as it just opened in November 2017 so gave it a shot. If you’re looking for lay out all day and get some R&R, this is the place for you! It’s very private and quiet, which we loved.  

The hotel is situated directly on the beach with nearly every view being an unobstructed ocean view and a direct shot of it's sister island, Nevis. 

Outfit Details:  Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt  |  Jeans  |  Shoes  |  Hat

Outfit Details: Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Hat


Flights - Play around with different dates as your departure city may have nonstop flights to St. Kitts (SKB). For example, Atlanta only offers 2 nonstop flights per week.

Transportation - No need to set anything up with the hotel, just grab a taxi at the airport ($30-40) and save your money. 

Breakfast at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts at the Great House


Their interior designer nailed it. Everything is 'decor goals' with it’s luxury modern Caribbean flare.

Rooms - A big benefit of the property are the rooms with private plunge pools overlooking the ocean. I suggest checking out the Nevis Peak Suite and the Park Executive Suite. Note: beds are pretty firm but they'll bring you a topper if you’d like.

We stayed in the Nevis Peak Suite (#1321) and had an amazing views of the ocean, Nevis and the overall property. Loved the floor-to-ceiling windows, free-standing tub, rainforest shower, outdoor patio with plunge pool, and of course marble and gold accents throughout. 

This was our view from bed! How gorgeous!

This was our view from bed! How gorgeous!

Bathroom necessities. We always get excited when a hotel carries this brand because it's quality.

Bathroom necessities. We always get excited when a hotel carries this brand because it's quality.

This tub fits 2 people comfortable! #TubGoals

This tub fits 2 people comfortable! #TubGoals

All about the little details. This little stool in the shower.

All about the little details. This little stool in the shower.

Our private plunge pool overlooking the ocean/Nevis.

Our private plunge pool overlooking the ocean/Nevis.

Our room had a living room.

Our room had a living room.

Marble table with fresh fruit in the living room.

Marble table with fresh fruit in the living room.

Pools - There are two pools: the main lagoon infinity pool and an "adult pool” - which we preferred as it was more quite and overlooked the entire property. On Wednesday and Fridays, they have live music. There are also little stations throughout with SPF (30), cooling gel, bug repellant, and flavored water.

People - If you get the chance to go to the Park Hyatt St. Kitts, you’ll quickly realize the people make your stay special. Staff is beyond friendly and go out of their way to know you personally. I kid you not, our server at breakfast Kishama literally sang me a solo “Happy Birthday” song at breakfast and Adrian (Director of Rooms) helped my husband scramble to find me a birthday gift! Please say hello to our new friends: Joelle at Fishermans Village and everyone at the pools like Julian, Daron, Alicia, etc.


A local massage therapist who came to the hotel and set-up a table directly on our balcony. see below.

A local massage therapist who came to the hotel and set-up a table directly on our balcony. see below.

Although there is not a ton to do, The Park Hyatt St. Kitts offers complimentary kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling on-site which is fun and convenient.

Although I didn’t use the gym or spa, I loved doing morning Yoga in the Sugar Mill (yes, it was a real sugar mill). I highly suggest walking through the spa, however it’s pricey. Instead, we found a local massage therapist who came to the hotel and set-up a table directly on our balcony for a 1/3 of the spa price (it was amazing). You can contact Mimi here

Boat Ride to Nevis - The hotel offers rides to/from Nevis. If you’re staying for 5+ days, consider checking out the Four Seasons and also Sunshine's for a Killer Bee cocktail (beware!). 

Guided Tours - If you get the itch to do an early morning adventure, check out the zip lining or volcano hike. 


Fresh juices and champagne...yes please! 

Fresh juices and champagne...yes please! 

Whatever you do...get the lobster!!! 

Whatever you do...get the lobster!!! 

One of the only ‘cons' we had about staying at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts is the restaurants/taxi situation. Given there are not many nearby restaurants, you’re likely to not leave the hotel. Although we loved every meal, it would have gotten difficult/pricey after 4-5 days. 

The buffet room at the Great House: cereals, fresh cut cold cuts, and pastry heaven. Then in the next room is eggs, bacon, etc. 

The buffet room at the Great House: cereals, fresh cut cold cuts, and pastry heaven. Then in the next room is eggs, bacon, etc. 

On property, our routine was breakfast at the Great House (splurge for the buffet), lunch poolside, and dinner at Fishermans Village (get the lobster, you will thank me later). Before dinner, we enjoyed drinks at Flemings bar during sunset. 

Outside the hotel, we found two nearby places.

The Pavilion at Christophe Harbour - This place is a must! Located directly on the beach and only ~5 minutes from hotel ($20 taxi). You must have a reservation as it’s a members only community, however the Park Hyatt can set it up. Be sure to arrive before sunset so you can grab a drink (Mango Martini) and explore the property. Everything was delicious, but we ordered the poached lobster, scallops, and mahi-mahi. 

Salt Plage - This is one of the best sunsets on the island. Although it’s more of a drink place, we grabbed some light bites for dinner. Try to go on Thursday for the live music! Also ask the Park Hyatt to reserve you a private day bed to really enjoy the sunset. 

Marshalls - We didn’t end up going here, however if we had one more night we would have. All the locals raved about it. 

24 Hours In SOHO NYC

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24 Hours in SOHO NYC

Wondering what to do with 24 hours in Soho? Soho is ever fashion girls dream - packed with little boutiques and shops, cute restaurants, and cobble stone streets. Soho has some of the more “known brands” direct to consumer such as Everlane, Warby Parker, Harry’s, etc.

Where To Stay In Soho

Where to stay in SOHO NYC?

No questions asked, stay at 11 Howard. It's super chic and trendy. And it’s a Starwood hotel, which is always a plus for the point lovers! 11 Howard has totally redefined the check-in experience by setting up 2 iPads around a round table. Oh and the rooms...the rooms are a total dream with touches of of gold, pink and white marble - is there anything better?!

Where To Eat In Soho

Where to eat in SOHO NYC
Breakfast at Jack's Wife Freda in SOHO NYC


Jack's Wife Freda - The staff is friendly, the ambiance is charming and trendy, and the food is even better! It's a smaller restaurant and there is usually a line so make sure to get there early and wait for a table or sit at the bar. 

Sadelle's - This is a longer walk or quick Uber ride but has amazing french toast and known for their bagels with smoked salmon. Be prepared to wait.

Butcher's Daughter - It's small and charming place with excellent vegetarian/vegan food that has now become insanely popular. 


Prince Street Pizza - One of the best slices of pizza in the city. Make sure to get a square pepperoni slice!

Balthazar - A Soho staple that's typically hard to get in but the food, service and scene never disappoints. 


Here’s a list of restaurant recommendations as we know you your appetite changes.

Estela - This is is cool place to bring a date or a place for a fun get together. Order some Spanish tapas and wine and chat the night away. 


Where To Walk Around In Soho

Walk around SOHO NYC
Cha Cha Matcha in SOHO NYC

Grab a Cha Cha Matcha and stroll through Elizabeth, Mott, and Mulberry Streets in between Houston and Spring. These are great window shopping streets or to pop in and out of! 

On the way home back to 11 Howard make sure to stop by Ferrara and grab a cannoli or Italy pastry. I always make a stop in Little Italy for a sweet treat!  

48-Hour Getaway To Highlands, NC Guide

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Heading somewhere new can always be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re limited on time. After moving from San Francisco to Atlanta, being pregnant, looking for a house, and our crazy work schedules, my husband and I were so drained and needed to get away. A few friends recommended the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina, which is only two hours from Atlanta yet a total getaway. Highlands is a cute little town full of hikes, shopping, relaxing and more so I've narrowed down our favorite hikes, places to eat, etc. 

Old Edward's Inn

Old Edwards Inn is literally reason enough to visit Highlands. It has a very European feel with cottages and luxury guest rooms. Each room has a historic yet modern feel with a different look to each to make it unique. The Spa there is absolutely phenomenal. I can't really put into words how great it really is. We spend both days in the relaxation room snuggled in the comfiest couches with the coziest blankets. 


There’s a lot of different hikes and waterfalls to see in Highlands so wanted to share some of our favorites.

Whiteside Mountain - This is such a pretty hike for all the views. You go all the way up to the top of mountain and can see 4 states from the top. We were there during the winter months so the trees weren't full and green but I can only imagine how beautiful this is during summertime and when the leaves are changing. It's about 2.5-3 miles long and makes a loop so you won't go down the same way you came up. 

Sunset Rock - This is a pretty quick and easy hike about half a mile long. We didn't go during the sunset because it was foggy and rainy but I can only image how pretty the view is during sunset (given the name after all!). 

Glen Falls - We didn't get to this hike because we were a little under the weather on our last day but everyone at the Old Edward's Inn recommended this to us because of the waterfalls and beautiful trails. They did say it was a few hours and pretty steep but 100% worth it. 


Madison’s at Old Edward’s Inn – Such a yummy spot! We went for dinner and had a 6-course dinner and definitely had to unbutton my pants because I was so full (#noshame). It’s farm-to-table, so the ingredients are fresh.

This was after out 6-course dinner at Madison's. 

This was after out 6-course dinner at Madison's. 

Mountain Fresh Grocery - This place is a one stop shop grocery store and we became so obsessed - they have a pizza station, bakery, meat counter, ice cream, coffee station, sandwich station etc. We ate breakfast and lunch here and both were delicious. I got the waffles for breakfast (yum!) and the prosciutto and peach sandwich for lunch (extra yum!). We also got some coffee they roast in-house to take home with us. This is a great spot for after a hike or grab food to take on a hike.  

Wild Thyme – We had a reservation to eat here after our Spa appointments but we were so relaxed and the last thing we wanted was to get ready and go to a dinner so we skipped this but will totally go next time. Very much recommended! 

Ugly Dog Pub is a good spot for pub food with great craft beers. 


The busy time to go is during the summer because of the weather and all of the outdoor things to do, however I would imagine how beautiful it is when the trees are changing for fall. We were there in March during their off-season and it was still breathtaking and not crowded, which we liked. Highlands is so cute and cozy - great for a couple's getaway, girl's trip, wedding, etc. We will definitely be back! 

And a special thanks to the Old Edwards Inn staff for making our stay exceptional! Danny at the Spa, Jonathan at Hummingbird, Amanda from Marketing, and Meredith from Madison's.

Travel Makeup Hacks To Keep You Looking Your Best

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4 Travel Makeup Hacks To Keep You Looking Your Best

My makeup is one of the last things I pack when traveling, rightfully so. We all know I'm a beauty junkie, so when it comes to travel I want to bring everything: a mask incase I get a breakout, a few different eyeshadow palettes, etc. Over much trial and error, I've narrowed it down to a few travel hacks to keep my makeup looking fresh and help me from packing everything in your drawer. You can thank me later!

Keep your makeup waterproof. 

So I don't really wear waterproof makeup, unless I'm at the beach or pool, but if you sweat when traveling then I highly suggest investing in waterproof makeup. Whether you're running to the gate, sitting in the airplane, or getting off the plane, you will sweat and we all know sweat and makeup don't mix well together. My solution is to bring waterproof mascara and eyeliner to help you from having it run down your face. 

Carry your makeup with you.

I'm sure we've all learned this the hard way, but almost every time I check my makeup with my bag something gets smashed or leaks everywhere. I've either had highlighter break or reach in my makeup bag only to find foundation exploded everywhere...not cool! Most makeup is under 3oz so you can easily carry it on with you so that you can not only freshen up when landed, but also avoid any broken bronzers or foundation spills. 

Bring a pop of color for your lips.

There's something about a colorful lip that looks so put together. So whether you've been running around all day or just don't have time to freshen up before dinner, put on a bold colorful lip to help pull everything together. 

If you don't wear it everyday then don't bring it.

I used to have such a hard time with this because I would be packing and say to myself "oh well that one night I can wear this dark purple eyeshadow palette"... wrong leave it at home! Try laying out all your makeup and then pack only the stuff you use on a regular basis. This might sounds crazy but it helps from not bring more than one bronzer, or blush, eyeshadow palette, etc. 

Buy Travel Size

This might not help you look your best, but it will help you with space! Most of your makeup and products come in a travel size - and if it doesn't then go to Sephora and get a sample of it. This will not only save you room in your makeup bag but will make your travel so much easier. 

Do you have any travel hacks for when you travel? What are some of the products you bring with you when you travel? 

My Go-To Travel Size Products:

Ritz-Carlton Bali, Nusa Dua Hotel Review

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The Pool at The Ritz Carlton Nusa Dua, Bali



Laid-back Balinese luxury at its finest. Y'all if you are headed to Nusa Dua do me a favor and stay at The Ritz won't be sad you did! We staid in a one-bedroom Pavilion Villa with direct access to a pool and an indoor-outdoor living environment. It was pristine. 

Dining at the Ritz Cartlon

Dinner at Benjana for authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Enjoy breakfast at Senses for a buffet breakfast that literally has everything! 

Enjoy a cocktail and tapas with an ocean view Breezes.  

A trip to the Spa at The Ritz Carlton in Nusa Dua, Bali

The Spa

The Ritz Carlton Spa is phenomenal. My husband and I both got massages that were top notch and enjoyed the Hydro-Vital Pool. The Hydro-Vital Pool offers both nourishment and indulgence using water to focus on different parts of the body

Hydro Vital Pool at The Spa in Nusa Dua

What Else To Do In Bali: 

If you're staying in Nusa Dua and have exhausted the hotel, I highly recommend getting out and checking out these places. 


Dinner at Bumbu Bali is a great traditional Balinese restaurant.

Dinner at Kisik. Make sure to get a spot along the water and come before sunset. You can pick out the fish you want and they'll make it for you. Before or after Kisik make sure to stop at Rock Bar for a drink. 

Ketut's BBQ Kitchen for a less expensive and more casual dinner or lunch. 

Spa at Amarterra Villa was a great experience and change of scenery. The lotions they used smelled so good that we bought them after the massage. 

6 Websites to Help You Plan a Trip 

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Being married to a guy that loves to plan trips and research every aspect for flights, hotels, and best spots, I’ve learned a thing or two about the best websites to help you plan a trip.

There are so many sites out there to shuffle through when you’re planning a trip, and if I’m being honest it’s quite overwhelming. When planning, there's a lot to consider like budget, schedule, things to do, and location. I’ve put together our favorite websites to help you plan a trip. Happy planning! 


6 websites to help you plan a trip: flights, accomodations and itinerary

Before you can book any accomodations you need to figure out the flight situation. There are so many different ways you can do this, whether you have specific dates and a destination or have flexible dates and no destination in mind.

Google Flights

Google Flights is great when you don't have a destination in mind or to check out different airlines and route options. It’s also a great tool for when you want a spontaneous weekend getaway; just plug in your dates then see what cheapest flight destinations pop up. Once you figure out the ideal airline and route, you can book with the relevant airline. 


Kayak is another great platform because it offers hotel, flight and rental car information. All airlines are aggregated into Kayak so you can see all of the results for your travel dates and destinations. You can also set it up to alert you if your itinerary price changes (either up or down). You can also book directly through Kayak. 



Before we go anywhere we soak up as much information as we can through friend recommendations, online research, etc.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a great platform to read reviews on hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. It’s important to read through the reviews and photos carefully because you get the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to reviewers. For example, you’ll see only 2 stars from someone because “there was too much sand at the beach” so you’ll have to use your own judgement for those.

Will Journey

Will Journey is a newly launched site to discover travel itineraries for photographers, foodies, beach bums and adventurers. They just launched their first super detailed itinerary of Alaska. I’d imagine as they grow they will be launching more and more travel destinations to help with an itinerary. 


Planning a trip? These websites will save you money and plan a great trip!

Sometimes we like hotels and sometimes we prefer an apartment or house, it all depends on the length of our trip. but hey, there's an app for that ;-) 


Airbnb is great because you can stay at an apartment or house, instead of a hotel. A few tips when looking for an Airbnb is to check out what the previous reviewers said, check on the location, amenities, etc. There is also a few other similar websites like this: VRBO and Home Away.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is great for those last minute hotel bookers (i.e. same day booking). You can book a hotel room up to seven says in advance, however the most saving is on the same day booking because the hotel would rather fill the room at a discounted rate then no one at all. 

What are some of your favorite travel sites when booking a trip? I’d love to know in the comments below.