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Classic Chocolate Cake

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The best classic chocolate cake (with recipe!) - A serious crowd pleaser!

I love cake! My husband's birthday was in December so I threw him a (successful) surprise birthday party!! He's a chocolate lover so I surprised him by baking the most epic chocolate cake (from Sally's Baking Addiction). Everyone loved the cake and was raving about it until the following day, which is always a good feeling! It's a classic triple chocolate cake with a milk chocolate frosting. I think the milk chocolate outside balances our the dark chocolate cake. This is a chocolate lover's dream - it's dark, chocolaty and moist, but I think the key is the brewed coffee because it gives it depth. You'd be crazy not to make this for a birthday, a special someone, entertaining guests or just because...because we can all use some cake every now and then!

I had mini chocolate chips on hand so decorated the sides with chocolate chips!

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

I'd love to know if you end up making this classic chocolate cake. Leave me a note in the comments below!