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I'm Dating Someone Even Though I'm Married

MarriageVeronica ArrietaComment

I have a confession to make. I'm dating someone even though I'm married.

He's an incredible guy. He's handsome, smart, hard working, funny, cares for his family, loves me unconditionally, and keeps God at the center of his life. I love to experience life with him, go out to dinner, travel together, and just lounge around in hiding with him. When he's away, I miss him. 

Sometimes I'll make him a fancy dinner or we'll walk around the city talking about life. I'm so incredible blessed to be dating someone even though I'm married. Perhaps all of us should try it!?

Oh! Did I mention that man I'm dating is my husband? It's so important to always be dating your husband or wife, even after you say "I do." I've witnessed so many un-happy relationships because he/she stops pursuing the other person - they stop dating! Over the years, those butterflies you got at the beginning of dating may fade, but if you wake up every day pursuing your spouse you will gain those butterflies back.

Marriage is hard work, it takes communication, selflessness, love, action, etc. Dating is the fun part, you learn new things about each other and get to make new memories together - who doesn't want to keep that up! Do you remember the butterflies you got when you first started dating? We'll those shouldn't stop now just because you're married (and have kids). Start pursuing each other like you did on your first few dates - dress up, treat yourself, hire a babysitter. I can guarantee you that it will change your relationship together and make it stronger.