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Goodbye, San Francisco! Hello...

Veronica ArrietaComment


Mike and I love San Francisco. It’s been our home since we graduated college. It’s such an amazing city, with so much to offer: the people, the food, so much opportunity, and surrounded by amazing hikes, scenery, wine country, and so much more. 

Although San Francisco has been our home, it's always felt temporary. Living in San Francisco has taught both my husband and I so much and we're so fortunate to have started our married lives out here and have created so many amazing memories. But it's just not the lifestyle we want longterm. We want a house that we can grow into with a backyard; somewhere where we can do life and raise kids. 

We’ve always thought about Atlanta and this past year we’ve really been questioning where we want to settle down. Funny enough, we've tried to move to Atlanta several times in the past but the timing just wasn't ever right. 

We've been packing up these past few days gearing for this cross-country move at the beginning of February. While we're sad to leave San Francisco, we're so excited to start a new life in Atlanta. Of course we will miss our friends and family out here but will be back to visit. 

For any of you guys who live in Atlanta or nearby…I would love to meet you! Send me an email or DM :) 

Thank y’all so much for following along all of my life adventures via the blog and social media! Mike and I are so excited for this new adventure, and I can’t wait to share a new city with y'all!