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How to Get the Look You Want at the Hair Salon

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How to get the perfect haircut and color at the hair salon

Getting a bad haircut sucks! We've all been there - when I was younger I went for a short bob/lob and it looked terrible... I cried for days ( and yes, my mom still reminds me of it to this day). There's something about getting a bad haircut that gets you so angry at the hairstylist and makes you want to hide and cry for days after your appointment. 

To avoid a meltdown at the salon, I spoke to my hairstylist (Richard at Population Salon) about things you should do to get the look you want at the hair salon: 

Bring in pictures. 

I really can't stress this enough. You're hair stylist probably has a different version of 'blonde' then the 'blonde' you're going for. I always take screenshots on my phone or have a Pinterest board with different cuts and colors that I'm wanting. Here are some ideas of pictures that I show my hair stylist and what I will usually tell him:

  • Picture 1: I love her hair cut and color. I love how subtle the balayage is. 
  • Picture 2: I love the pops of lighter blonde in her hair. And how the front pieces frame her face. And love the contrast with the lighter and darker pieces. 
  • Picture 3: Love her length and that carmel-y color as a highlight/low light. 
  • Picture 4: This is a very subtle balayage but love the colors. 

Are you ready for a haircut?

Sure, if you're going in for a trim it's no big deal. But chopping if you're chopping your hair to a bob, lob or pixie cut, there is no going back. If you just went through a breakup or had a major life change, I would highly recommend letting everything settle down before drastically chopping off your hair. My hairstylist doesn't recommend a major chop after a break up. 

Have realistic expectations.

Even though you have dozens of pictures of Lucy Hale, Ashley Greene, etc. You have to have the realistic expectation that you hair will not look exactly like theirs. They have a team of people making sure their hair is perfect, and there's a 90% change they are wearing extensions for length or fullness. So be realistic when you're taking to your hairstylist. Ask him/her if that would look good on you, if it's easy to maintain, etc. 

Know your hair.

I have very thin and fine hair so I won't show my hair stylist a photo of Blake Lively's luscious locks. Instead I will find photos of people or celebrities with similar hair texture as mine. 


Have you had a bad haircut? What do you tell your hairstylist before you get a cut so you're both on the same page?