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How To Save Money Dining-Out At Restaurants

LifestyleVeronica ArrietaComment

A few years ago, going out to restaurants was something you did to celebrate a big occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc. That’s no longer the norm, I feel like it's something we do far more frequently,  and some of us still treat dining out like an opportunity to splurge. 

My husband and I cook a lot during the week, but there are those days when you just don't feel like making a mess in the kitchen, want to date night out, etc. So what do we do to save money while dining out? We bring a bottle of wine with us to dinner and just pay the corkage fee, which is usually only $15 or $20. 

Alcohol is always the pricey line item that sets the bill over. In San Francisco, most decent bottles of wine are over $40, so it's much more cost effective to bring a nice bottle with us. And if, we're with another couple, we will bring two bottles (yup!!). 

What to ask? Call the restaurant before and ask "what their corkage fee is?" and if they have a bottle limit (if you're with a group). 

How do you save money while dining out at restaurants? Now with this handy trick, you will thank me later. :)