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What!! Hunter Boots On Major Sale Right Now!

FashionVeronica ArrietaComment

I love a good sale just as much as the next girl...BUT my Hunter Boots are 30% off right now for Shopbop's annual sale and I'm a having mixed emotions about it. I'm upset because I bought mine at full price, but I'm happy because you can scoop them up for almost $100 cheaper than I whaattt <insert gasp emoji> Stock up on these Hunter Boots for yourself or these make a great Christmas gift. Make sure to use code MAINEVENT16 at checkout. The Shopbop sale only lasts 3 days so make sure to check it out before it ends on October 14th! 

PS - I usually wear a 7/12 and am wearing a 7 in the Hunters. 

Photography by Torrey Fox Photography