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Madonna Inn

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I finally made it to the Madonna Inn!!! I have been dying to go for so long. I first saw the Madonna Inn on Instagram and made an entire Pinterest board to it - I mean pink and glitter, this hotel was made for me! My best friend Paige and I drove from SF to LA and stopped into the Madonna Inn for a night, and it was the most crazy awesome terrifying pink glitter dream we expected. If you aren’t familiar with the Madonna Inn, it’s a gem of a hotel with 110 uniquely designed rooms in San Luis Obispo. There are no two rooms the same. Every room was designed by Mrs. Madonna (no affiliation to the “ Madonna” we all know). 

Y’all literally everything is pink. And we explored every inch of the hotel grounds from the floor, to the chairs, to the tennis courts, to the cafe, to the street lights, to the room keys, to the pens…I can keep going. They didn’t leave anything left behind. Since this place is like heaven on earth and pink is my favorite color, I decided to give you a little tour of the Madonna Inn.  

PS - Sorry for the obnoxious amount of pictures. It was too hard to leave any out! 

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They even managed to make the hotel grounds just as colorful. Our room was at the top of the hill and each door to the room was colored differently. There’s pink umbrellas, pink gold carts, pink street lamps, and even horses but those aren’t pink 😉 Whether you’re driving by or staying the night, I highly recommend just walking the property. 

Let's start with our room. Like I said, there is over 100 different rooms at the Madonna Inn and each has its own name and unique design. Some rooms are color themed, some have walls made of real rocks, some are animal print themed, and some have pink glitter walls! We stayed in the Merry room, which was a dream in itself. Some of my other favorite rooms are: Carin, Sugar & Spice, Tall & Short, Romance, Love Nest

Tip: Call ahead and reserve the room you want to stay in because their online booking doesn't guarantee your room and they sell out. 

Yes. That is a pink bottle of champagne! 

Ros� sent to the room at the Madonna Inn. Even the champagne is pink! | More on
Room key at the Madonna Inn || More on
Eat pink champagne cake for breakfast at the Madonna Inn  || More on
The bathroom in the Merry Room at the Madonna Inn  || More on
The Merry room at the Madonna Inn || More on

A closer look at the pink glitter wall. 

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Their main building has a steakhouse, a diner/cafe, a bakery and a gift shop. And you guessed it, it’s all pink from the carpet to the ceiling. Their super famous for their pink champagne cake, which was covered in pink white-chocolate curls! The steakhouse wasn’t anything amazing to rave about, but their pink champagne cake was OMG!! The cake was almost too pretty to eat. Almost. It was so moist and delicious - get it!! We even had some cake for breakfast (sorry Mom!).

They have a live band at night where locals and people stop in for the night to drink and dance, which was just the icing on the cake to this place. 

I’m not a tennis player, but I would be if the court was pink!!! Even their balls are pink! Errrythang is pink! 

Have you ever been to the Madonna Inn? What room did you stay in? If you haven’t and don’t feel like working, check out their room photos here, it’s quite fascinating! I’m so happy that we went, you’d think I would have gotten my pink fix for the year but that wasn’t the case! Clearly this girl is obsessed with pink! I would totally go back on a girls trip and stay in another room because their all so different.