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Mexico Part Two: Banyan Tree

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We wanted to see the other hotels in the Mayakoba community, so planned our anniversary dinner (okay, it's was only our 6 months but who's counting) at Saffron in the Banyan Tree Mayakoba hotel.

We were running late for dinner and didn't have time to wait for a golf cart, so jumped on one of the bikes outside of our room at the Fairmont. (Yes you read that right, we jumped on ONE bike! There weren't any pegs and I was in white pants, so I sat on half of the seat while my husband petaled and I held on for dear life. We got lost because we made a wrong turn and had to weave in and out of trees in the pitch black- it was almost like he thought he was Lance Armstrong or something (I was holding my breath the whole time). We finally made it to the lobby to catch the car to take us to Banyan Tree (in one piece, no scratches, bruises or broken bones...hallelujah). 

As we pulled up to Banyan Tree I was super impressed with how beautiful and zen the hotel was. There was Asian accents throughout, which was really pulled everything together. We stopped for a drink in the lobby before dinner. I got the Mayakoba Margarita, which was hands down the best margarita I had in Mexico, while my husband got a margarita with cucumber...then tried stealing mine (no, sir!). 

We had dinner at Saffron, a Thai restaurant on the Mayakoba lagoon...I know what you're thinking - Thai food in Mexico?! The hostess greeted us with a big smile, put a flower in my hair, and offered us some bug spray, which was an interesting thing to offer someone (so much for wearing perfume!). We were seated outside right on the lagoon, the only lighting was the candlelight at each table. Talk about romantic! (the whole time, I was trying to figure out how the waiters could see.) We ordered one tasting menu and pad thai, which was plenty food for two people. And absolutely delicious, I might add - the pad thai was probably the best I've ever tasted...and I love me some pad thai. The food was delicious and the ambiance was fantastic, I highly recommend eating at Saffron if you're in Mayakoba. 

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The pictures below give you an idea of how dark it was! 

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