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#MommyMonday: Advice For New Moms, From Moms

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Advice for new moms, from mom

Before we had Olivia I went through every emotion known to mankind - I was nervous, excited, and terrified all at the same time. I was nervous about birthing a baby, raising a child, etc. It's not like they make a book about parenting or anything ;-) I talked to a lot of moms and asked them for advice for new moms. Here's what they had to say...

Advice For New Moms, From Moms

Enjoy him/her being little as long as you can because they grow up so quickly.  I used to wish that we would be out of diapers, but be careful what you wish for because it happens in a flash. - Kari, my mom


Enjoy every second that first year because it goes by so fast! - Bonnie, my grandmother and great-grandmother to Olivia


Enjoy every second and DO NOT worry about your house, as the housework will always be there and all the changes in that first year you can never get back! - Pam, family friend and Grandmother to Harper


Ask questions babies are very resilient they let you know what they want. Become best friends with your baby doctors nurse. - Rosalie, my grandmother


Take time for your self even if it’s something as simple as a pedicure. Pray that you do right by them. Always know that you can only do your best. - Glorie, my sister-in-law and mom to twins Ella and Lia, age 4 1/2


Two things: 1. I send copies of Baby Wise to all of my friends as they have babies because you can be the best mom you can be when you and your baby get some sleep. 2. Do what works for you. A lot of people try to tell you what to do. People would tell me to feed Lily every time she made a peep when I was trying to get her on a schedule. My mom was really supportive and even though my approach was different than hers back in the day (i.e. she co-slept), I was grateful that she always told me to do whatever worked best for me. - Megan, cousin and mom to Lily,  age 1  1/2


Pay attention to your kids. - Gloria, my mother-in-law


Always follow your instincts, even though your new to this, your motherly instincts are usually right. Do what you feel is best for your baby. Get your rest while the baby is sleeping, seems like I️t will be difficult but this time is when it’s easy to sleep. Take advantage while they’re 0-6 months, after this sleeping no longer exist! Any time they nap, (if you can get even 15-30 minutes) YOU NAP too!  - Natalia, my sister-in-law and mom to Ben, age 2


Your child isn’t going to want to sleep with you forever so let them snuggle! Oh and pick out all the cute clothes and make them wear them wear while they’re little because once they refuse you’ll never win the battle - Jeni, my aunt and mom to Ava, age 13


You’re your baby’s best advocate. If something doesn’t seem right speak up; people will feed you advice all day long, but you don’t have to listen to them. Trust your momma bear instincts. - Angelica, my cousin and mom to Beckett, age 3

Here's a few things: 1. Mom Shaming is for real! Just do what you think is right for your baby honestly you know in your gut! 2. Dancing with your little one seriously can change any rough day into the best one. Hello endorphins! 3. Embrace the messy house it just means you are lucky enough to have little ones enjoying themselves. Be kind to yourself and your new made a person and that’s kind of amazing! 4. If you don’t have amazon prime GET IT! - Chantel, friend and mom to Beryx, age 1