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Reality vs Expectations Of Having A Baby

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I'm only 3 weeks into being a Mom and feel like I can write a novel on things I wish I had known before I had a baby. Not necessarily advice about the baby because let's be honest everyday is a learning day, but more so things I needed to understand.

1. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t sleep when the baby sleeps. Even though everyone always says "sleep when the baby sleeps," it just doesn't happen. You'll want to spend time with your spouse, you’ll want to shower, you’ll want to eat, you'll want to work, you'll want to clean, etc. I can legitimately laugh at the thought that I would nap when she naps.

2. You’ll miss your weekly OB visits. Anyone else?! Especially towards the end of pregnancy, when you're going in for your weekly appointments. I loved my OB and nurse and in a weird way miss driving to the appointment and waiting for updates on Olivia. Am I weird for saying this?  

3. You can throw all the books you read out of the window. The ONE book that I actually got some good and honest stuff from was Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy.

4. Where do the days go? Babies are the biggest time spenders and you can stare at them all day long. Whether you're changing a dirty diaper, trying to get things done when they nap, or feeding them every 2/3 hours, you'll look at the time and think where did the day go?!

Does anyone else feel this way? I'm sure this doesn't apply to everyone, and if you're a mom that can nap when your little one naps then I applaud you. But I'm just speaking for myself and think it's humorous now looking back.

There are certain things I wanted to hold onto after having a baby - some I've stuck with and others have been harder to keep up with. One thing I've tried to hold onto is getting dressed. Now it doesn't happen every day but I feel more sane when I'm showered, dressed and have makeup on. What are some things you have held onto as a Mom? What helps make you feel more sane and yourself so you can be the best Mom to your little one?