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Signs You're In A Long Distance Friendship

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My best friend from college and I live on two opposite coasts - she's in Atlanta and I'm in San Francisco (duh!). After 4+ years of long distance friendship we've pretty much mastered the time differences and talk every day (multiple times a day) on all forms of communication. Yesterday after we got off the phone I started laughing to myself at all the silly things we send each other and talk about because we're so far away. If you're in a long distance friendship, at least one of these probably apply to you! 

You have at least once dozed off while talking to one another.

You've cooked dinner or done laundry while talking together. 

You've debated having a conference call so you can see each other's computer screens. 

Your Snapchat is dominated by their username.

You talk to them more than the friends you share a zip code with.

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image via Pinterest

You discuss visiting each other soon, even if soon is so far away. 

You start a countdown at least 2 months out before seeing each other.

You're always trying to convince them to move closer to you. 

You've gone pee while on the phone together. 

You're jealous of people who have their best friend so close by. 

Sometimes you're jealous of people who get to hang out with your best friend. 

You talk on all means of communications all at the same time: calls, tests, email, Facebook, and Snapchat. 

You stalk people on the phone together. 

Besides your immediate family, they’re literally the only person you actually talk to on the phone.