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#GIRLBOSS: Sole Serum Founder, Tricia Andrews

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There's been such great feedback on this #GirlBoss series, and I'm excited to introduce you to this week's #GirlBoss, Tricia Andrews, founder of Sole Serum. If you're reading this and have ever been in pain wearing heels (basically every female out there) then you will love this Sole Serum product - it's a foot serum that takes the pain away from your heels. I was skeptical at first but tried it and was shocked at how much my feet loved me afterwards. Keep reading to what Tricia had to say (plus a discount code at the bottom)...

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Name:  Tricia Andrews
Current Title/Company:  Founder, Sole Serum
Education:  I have a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Minnesota (Carlson School of Management)
What was your first job out of college?  
Well, my first job was an unpaid summer internship that I did for a radio station in Minneapolis.  I was on the team that got to go to all of the big events and hand out free tickets to people – it was fun!  My first PAYING job was at a temp agency right when I moved to Chicago.  I didn’t know anyone in that city, so I took a job at a temp agency that could place me in an Advertising Agency (and so I could meet people!).  I worked as a receptionist, but was then hired full-time on the Account team.

What inspired you to start Sole Serum?
Necessity!  Honestly, it was a product that I needed, but it didn’t exist.  My background is TV Ad Sales and I spent nearly 12 years pounding the pavement.  I was constantly on-the-go in heels and needed something to help as I stood in presentations, shifting from one foot to the other…in pain.  I had tried other products, but nothing worked for me.  So, one thing led to another and before I knew it, we were meeting with chemists to come up with the perfect formula.  After nearly a year of formulation and the FDA compliancy process, we were able to launch Sole Serum.  Hooray!

What advice would you give others thinking about starting their own business?
It’s all about your team, so surround yourself with good people!  I truly believe that who you’re with is who you become.  And the fastest way to change yourself is to spend time with those who are already the way you want to be.  So, build a great team! 
Also, always be open to learning all aspects of business.  You may create a great product, but if you don’t understand the other parts of your business, you will only limit yourself.
What was your biggest fear in starting your own business?
I really didn’t have any fears when I started it – crazy, I know!  I probably should’ve been more nervous, but I was just so excited to develop something everyone needs that I didn’t pay attention. 
What does a typical day look like for you?
Well, I don’t have a typical day in terms of what I’m working on, but I’m an early bird and I’m always up around 5a.  My daughter wakes up at 7a, so I love to have that time to finish up anything that came in the night before.
If you could pick one or two accessories that you couldn’t live without, what would they be?
A few years ago, my husband gave me diamond studs for Christmas.  I’ve worn them every day since.  I love them!
I was recently introduced to Erin Shaffer, the Founder of SHAFFERLA.  She has the most adorable handbags and just told me that this Fall she will be launching a new tote bag, called The Jessica, in suede or leather.  I am obsessed with a good tote (to hold my Sole Serum), so I’m already in line to buy it! 

What’s your most proud moment since launching Sole Serum?
Well, I don’t have one particular moment that stands out.  But a few months ago, my husband and I hired a babysitter to watch our daughter.  When she got to our house, she asked what I did.  I told her that I started Sole Serum and she said “Oh wow, my mom loves that stuff, and bought me and my sister some for Christmas.”  Then she called her mom right then to tell her who she was babysitting for.  It truly made me smile : )
What advice would you give to your younger self?  
Be an early investor in Facebook, Google and Uber.  HA!  But seriously…
If you could have drinks with four women who would it be?
Marta Kaufman – She is one of the creators of Friends, which is my all-time favorite show.  I’m dying to know what it was like behind-the-scenes for those 10 years.
Blake Lively – I love her witty personality and sense of style.  I have a total girl-crush on her.  Plus, hopefully she would bring Ryan Reynolds : )  Scratch the girl-crush, I totally have a “couple-crush”.
Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice (I’m counting them as one!) – they’ve recently stepped down from their positions at the company, but they were the co-creators of SoulCycle and I’m totally addicted.  BUT, I have some suggestions that we could TOTALLY discuss over drinks.  Helloooo… can we please have the instructors publish their playlist?  Can you take a vote before turning on the fans?  Can you live-stream your classes or have them on-demand?
Marcia Clark – I just finished watching OJ: Made in America.  I didn’t grow up in California, so I didn’t live through it at the time.  Everything about it is so fascinating to me.  If you had asked me this a month ago, I wouldn’t have said her.  But I have SO MANY questions about everything that went down.
What’s next for Sole Serum? Any collaborations? Stores we can find you in?
Well, we had a really exciting meeting last week about potentially being on a TV show. We’re still waiting to find out, so I don’t want to jinx anything. I will be sure to let you know! Fingers crossed :)

A big thank you to Tricia for answering these questions! Make sure to stop by Sole Serum by clicking here. Tricia has been kind enough to offer you a 15% off discount using code “FOURTHREADS” at checkout. They also offer free shipping to all orders over $30, so it’s quite the deal on their Bridal Pack!

Make sure to tune into next week's #GIRLBOSS interview series! 

#GIRLBOSS: Jewelry Designer, Robyn Rhodes

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image via  Robyn Rhodes

image via Robyn Rhodes

Today, I'm super excited to announce my new series called #GirlBoss. Each week I'll be interviewing a fellow #GirlBoss. As women, we should inspire and empower each other to follow their dreams. I'm so fascinated to hear how other people got their business started, learn from their failures and successes, etc.. I hope you can take away and learn something new each week by these inspiring women and that you too can follow your passions.

First up, is Robyn Rhodes, an LA based jewelry designer that celebrities and our favorite Bachelorette's like Jojo Fletcher and Emily Maynard have been spotted wearing. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and supports local artisans in Los Angeles. 

Here is what Robyn had to say (plus a discount code at the bottom)...

Name: Roby Rhodes

Current Title/Company: Owner/CEO Robyn Rhodes, Inc.

Education: BA Film and Art History, UCSB

What was your first job out of college? Working as an executive assistant to actor, Enriq La Salle

image via  Facebook

image via Facebook

Tell us more about Robyn Rhodes. 
I established my namesake company in 2002 with the intention of creating accessible luxury with the heart of community. Each and every piece is handcrafted within the greater Los Angeles area, helping to support local artisans while maintaining the highest level of quality in craftsmanship, materials, and style. Since its creation, my line has been sold in some of the most beautiful places and worn by many of the world's most glamorous women, but I will never lose the company's sense of community, personality, and accessibility.

What inspired you to start your own company?
Always knew I was an artist, but did not know what medium it was going to be in. I was working in film/TV production when September 11th happened and production just stopped. I was working freelance at the time and was making jewelry whilst waiting for the phone to ring for a film job. I found so much more creativity and personal satisfaction by making jewelry, that I had to give this jewelry thing a shot, so I threw my hat over the fence and have not looked back - that was 14 years ago! 

What advice would you give others thinking about starting their own business?
There is always room for people with passion... do not give up and know that owning your own business is a 24/7 job... if that does not make you run... you are half way there!


What was your biggest fear in starting your own business?
Not being able to pay my bills... I paid my own way through college and I had a ton of school loans and a lot of financial responsibilities and I did not want to be delinquent on any of them.


What inspired the pieces you design? 
The stones. I do not sketch before I choose the stones/color schemes for my upcoming line, I let the stones do my designing. I seek the stones first and once I see the ones I want to use; I can instantly design around them.


What designers or brands do you look to for inspiration?
I really like to look at vintage jewelry. I go to a lot of flea markets and second hand shops.

What does a typical day look like for you? 
Never a typical day but what is standard is exercise in the morning, get ready for work and then off to the office. The phone can ring at any time for a pull from a TV show, jewelry emergency from production, downtown to get supplies, photo shoots for social media, meetings with my staff, etc.


If you could pick one or two Robyn Rhodes essentials that you couldn’t live without, what would they be? 
That’s a hard question, that's like saying 'what 2 children do you like the best!' Haha! But if I had to choose, I would probably say my CHLOE nameplate necklace and my JONELL ring. Both can be worn everyday with everything!

What’s your most proud moment since launching Robyn Rhodes?
There are too many to mention... most recently, I would say the PEOPLE magazine article that came out a few weeks ago.


I’ve seen some of your pieces on The Bachelorettes like Emily Maynard and Jojo Fletcher. How did that come about? What’s it like to see your jewelry on TV? Do you see a spike in sales after? 
I had a friend on the executive side at the show and they gave the costume designer pieces from my line...that was 5 seasons ago and I am so grateful that they keep asking for my line for the show! I get giddy like school girl every time I see my line on any TV/Film. So honored and humbled!!

I do see a spike in sales for most of the appearances on the shows. I think it is so much easier now for people to find out who is wearing what, which is so amazing for brands.

(Find all the jewelry seen on The Bachelorettes here)

What advice would you give to your younger self? 
Don’t sweat the small stuff and trust that you are going to succeed, even in the darkest of hours. Successful people take risks and keep going.


If you could have drinks with four women who would it be? 
Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and my grandmother that I never met.


What’s next for Robyn Rhodes? Any collaborations? Stores we can find you in? 
We have been in talks with QVC for a FALL launch for our line. Also, and an AMAZING line coming out for Fall/Winter 16.17!


A big thank you to Robyn for answering these questions! Make sure to stop by Robyn's online store by clicking here. Robyn has been kind enough to offer you a 20% off discount using code “GIRLBOSS20” at checkout! 

Make sure to tune into next week's #GIRLBOSS interview series!