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24 Hours In Soho NYC

24 Hours In SOHO NYC

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24 Hours in SOHO NYC

Wondering what to do with 24 hours in Soho? Soho is ever fashion girls dream - packed with little boutiques and shops, cute restaurants, and cobble stone streets. Soho has some of the more “known brands” direct to consumer such as Everlane, Warby Parker, Harry’s, etc.

Where To Stay In Soho

Where to stay in SOHO NYC?

No questions asked, stay at 11 Howard. It's super chic and trendy. And it’s a Starwood hotel, which is always a plus for the point lovers! 11 Howard has totally redefined the check-in experience by setting up 2 iPads around a round table. Oh and the rooms...the rooms are a total dream with touches of of gold, pink and white marble - is there anything better?!

Where To Eat In Soho

Where to eat in SOHO NYC
Breakfast at Jack's Wife Freda in SOHO NYC


Jack's Wife Freda - The staff is friendly, the ambiance is charming and trendy, and the food is even better! It's a smaller restaurant and there is usually a line so make sure to get there early and wait for a table or sit at the bar. 

Sadelle's - This is a longer walk or quick Uber ride but has amazing french toast and known for their bagels with smoked salmon. Be prepared to wait.

Butcher's Daughter - It's small and charming place with excellent vegetarian/vegan food that has now become insanely popular. 


Prince Street Pizza - One of the best slices of pizza in the city. Make sure to get a square pepperoni slice!

Balthazar - A Soho staple that's typically hard to get in but the food, service and scene never disappoints. 


Here’s a list of restaurant recommendations as we know you your appetite changes.

Estela - This is is cool place to bring a date or a place for a fun get together. Order some Spanish tapas and wine and chat the night away. 


Where To Walk Around In Soho

Walk around SOHO NYC
Cha Cha Matcha in SOHO NYC

Grab a Cha Cha Matcha and stroll through Elizabeth, Mott, and Mulberry Streets in between Houston and Spring. These are great window shopping streets or to pop in and out of! 

On the way home back to 11 Howard make sure to stop by Ferrara and grab a cannoli or Italy pastry. I always make a stop in Little Italy for a sweet treat!