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6 Things Every Wedding Guest Hopes For

6 Things Every Wedding Guest Hopes For

WeddingVeronica ArrietaComment

Sure, weddings are about the newly married couple and sharing the covenant they just made. But it's also about your wedding guests being there to celebrate. After being both a wedding guest and a bride, I've put together a few things every wedding guest appreciates at a wedding. 

  1. Different Hotel Options - Sure we all want to stay at the St. Regis but we'd also like to pay our bills. Make sure to provide several different accommodations with different price points for guests. 
  2. Open Bar - Not having an open bar is like a cardinal sin. Try cutting back on other areas before resulting to an open bar; that's just awkward! 
  3. Short Speeches - Don't kill the mood with long speeches. Try keeping all speeches to a 3 minute max. 
  4. Smart Seating Arrangements - Make sure to consider relationships and personalities when putting together the seating charts. Also, take into account any ex-boyfriend/girlfriend situations, the last thing you want to do is seat them next to each other! 
  5. Shortened Cocktail Hour - We get that the bride and groom need to take their pictures after the ceremony, especially if you're not doing a first look. But try to minimize the time between the ceremony and reception, or at least provide lots of distractions (i.e. corn hole, booze, hors d'oeuvres, etc).
  6. Good Food - Attending a wedding with luke warm hotel food that doesn't have any flavor is the worst. All you're thinking about is where you're going to late night! 

What do you look forward to at a wedding?