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'It Girl' Bag For A Fraction Of The Price

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I shared this bag a few weeks ago as a total dupe to the Cult Gaia Ark bag that retails for $148...I'm sorry, what!! I've had it for over a month now and wanted give you my review/show you the bag up close.

First off, this might be the greatest dupe of a bag (only $40) I've ever seen and it's on Amazon Prime. I bought the Small and am very happy with how much it holds: a full sized wallet, sunglasses, phone, and lipsticks with room to spare. The bamboo pieces are held together by clear plastic thread (which you can see in the photos). Compared to what you'd pay for the real deal ($148), I think this is a very reasonable compromise (40). It's the perfect bag for spring and summer that matches with literally everything! Overall it seems very durable and I would definitely recommend. It also comes in black here

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Look For Less: Cult Gaia Handbag Dupe

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The best designer handbag dupe. The Cult Gaia handbag dupe for only $40!

So I'm headed to the Caribbean at the end of the month and have been on the hunt for swimsuits, cover ups, and warmer weather attire...hallelujah! As much as I love oversized seaters and leggings, this girl is ready for some warm sunshine! As I was on the hunt for some beach bags, I stumbled across one of the best dupes!

I've had my eye on this Cult Gia Bamboo Ark Bag for a few seasons now, but just cant bring myself to fork over the money. It seems like every "IT girl" is carrying this bag, which makes the rest of us want it too! I love how different the bag is. It’s most definitely a show stopping accessory; the shape and design are so eye catching. And let's not forget that it just so conveniently goes with every outfit - it's basically a neutral.

BUT y'all I'm happy to report that I found a dupe and it's good...I mean really good! If I haven't already lost you to the Amazon link here,  It’s available in a small (11″ x 3″ x 8″) and a large size (12.5″ x 4″ x 10.5″) which are both just $40 (including 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime). And it comes two different colors: the natural and black

I can't wait to rock this bag on my vacation and during Spring/Summer. I got the natural color in small. To me, it's worth buying the dupe over the original because it's more of an "IT bag" not a timeless piece. 

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