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How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

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How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

One of the most exciting things after getting engaged (besides the actual wedding) is the bachelorette party. Who doesn't love a weekend filled with your best friends, lots of champagne, and the "what-happens-in-[insert destination]-stays in-[insert destination]." I've rounded up a few tips to help plan the perfect bachelorette party:

Ask the bride what she wants to do (or doesn't want to do) for her bacheloretty party. Does she want a wild and crazy night around the town? A weekend getaway? A simple lingerie exchange at home? Vegas? 

Find out what her comfort level is. This will help you in the planning process to determine if she wants it G-rated or G-string. Make sure you come out of this with a clear idea of what she wants - it's one thing to get the bride loose but another to make her feel totally uncomfortable and embarrassed. 

Create a Guest List. If you're planning on going bar hoping, make sure to invite people that are over 21 years old. And if you're thinking about inviting your mom or grandmother, just consider all the activities that are planned before it's TMI for everyone in the room! 

Pick a date. If you want certain people there, make sure to set a date where your friends will be able to attend. Hint: Long weekends are always a good idea! 

Choose a Destination. If you're in a bind on picking a place, try writing down a few destinations and the writing a pros and cons list. If people are traveling, make sure to consider flight prices and travel times. 

Create an Itinerary. It's always better to be over-prepared then under-prepared. Create a detailed schedule with venues and activities so that everyone will be able to see the days, times and locations you have planned.  

Invite your guests. Once you have your plan set in stone, it's time to invite your guests. Whether you're sending a Paperless Post or mailing an invite, make sure to have them RSVP. 

Let the games being. Once your invites are sent and the guests have responded, start planning the little details like hotel decorations, custom made t-shirts, a hungover kit, and more. Make sure to make it a weekend for the books! 

Are you planning or attending any bachelorette parties this year? Leave your stories in the comments below.