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Best Drugstore Skincare Products I'm Obsessed With For 2018

BeautyVeronica ArrietaComment

A new year means new beauty products to the drugstore shelves. I find the drugstore aisles super overwhelming...anyone else? There are so many products, I never know what to pick or what produces are actually worth it. So I decided to try a lot of them to discover the best of the drugstore skincare products. Here's my favorite skincare products you can grab at your nearest drugstore (or Amazon). 

L'Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrubs

This stuff is good. It's gently-yet-effectively buffs off dead skin cells making your skin literally glow. The primary ingredients of this scrub is 3 different sugars and several fruit extracts, which makes is smell like kiwi. When you first apply the scrub it has a coarse feel due to the sugar but after scrubbing around your face it'll turn smoother as the sugars break down. There is a warming sensation while massaging the scrub your face but nothing alarming. I've been using it 2-3 times a week and love how it leaves my face feeling silky smooth with a healthy refreshed look to my skin. Oh and did I mention it smalls delicious. 

Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Gel Sheet Mask

This eye mask is very cooling and refreshing, while adding hydration to your eye area. 

St. Ives Glowing Apricot Sheet Mask

This drugstore mask makes your face glow! It made with 100% natural apricot extracts like apricot extracts that softens and smooths your skin.

Burt's Bees Lip Mask Lip Treatment
This lip mask has so much moisturizer-locking natural oils like Meadowfoam Seed and Almond Oils. This is a great mask for the winter months and during summer when you're skin is dry. I loved this it exfoliated and moisturizes . Post-masking, I make sure to rub in any excess oil into my lips for a some extra hydration.

Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Remover Cleansing Facial Towelettes

I used to use makeup wipes to remove my makeup at night but felt like it was drying my face out. A few months ago on a Target run, I spotted these hydration makeup wipes and haven't stopped using them since. They take off all eye makeup, including mascara, shadow and eyeliner without tugging or stinging. I love how this takes everything off, while keeping my skin hydrated.