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My most used items of 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We hosted Christmas this year in Atlanta with my whole family. They flew in from all over (China, Texas, Montana, and California). Sadly, everyone has now gone back home and I'm sitting here wondering where the heck 2017 went?! But really, why does it feel like the older you get the faster time flies. As amazing of a year 2017 was for me/us, I’m excited to welcome a new year full of fresh opportunities and changes. But before I we jump into 2018, I wanted to share some of my most-loved (and used) items from 2017. I try so many products daily, but there are a handful of items that stick out to me as daily or weekly essentials. Keep reading to see what my most-used items of 2017 were…

Cuyana Travel Case Set - I can’t think of a single trip where I didn’t bring my Cuyana travel cases on. The big one carries all my makeup and the smaller is for my toiletries. I love the blush color and how you can personalize it. 

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara - I’ve been using this mascara for a while now and love, love it. I used to hop around from different brands, but now I’m pretty loyal to this IT Cosmetics one. This could easily top the whole list for the most-used item!

Fawn Design Bag - This has been my go-to bag since having our baby girl. I love that it doesn't look like a diaper bag and can be worn as both a backpack or messenger bag. 

Amazon Alexa - We use this every day, whether we're playing music downstairs in the kitchen or while playing with the baby in her room. This is the best gift for someone too! 

Tula Skincare - I didn't start using this till the end of the year, so it didn’t really have a fair chance at a full 12 month analysis like all of the other products. But, I’ve used it every single day since I bought it and it’s proven to be a must-have for my day to day, so I definitely think it deserves a spot! Read up on my post about all the products I use here