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Apps I Love: Getaround

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Getting around without out a car can sometimes be tough! Although we live in San Francisco and take an Uber everywhere, there's the occasional time when we need to meet friends for dinner, have a wedding or just want to get out of the city. So, instead of the hassle of renting a car from Avis or Enterprise, we use Getaround, which let's people rent their cars when they aren't using it. All you have to do is search for cars nearby your location, pick out which car you want to drive and send a request. Once approved, the Getaround car kit helps you find and unlock the car just by using the Getaround app. 

All Getaround rentals provide car insurance and they make sure to screen every renter. It's really that easy. Last week I had to drive up to Sonoma for a meeting so I rented an SUV on Getaround that was only one block from me. It's so convienient to pick-up-and-go and then return because you just park it in the parameters they give you, lock it up using the app and walk away. 

Getaround is currently in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Portland, and Washington DC. Get $25 off your first rental here

Apps I Love: BloomThat

Veronica Arrieta2 Comments
{image via  BloomThat }

{image via BloomThat}

I'm always on the search for new apps and when I find an app I love, I tell the world…well not the world - just you (but you get the point!). I've been sucked into this tech bubble while living in San Francisco and am constantly learning about emerging tech trends and discovering new apps. So I've decided to start a new series where every month I feature my favorite app. 

With Valentine's Day only two days away, I want to introduce you to this month's app: BloomThat

BloomThat provides on-demand flowers for $35 in 90 minutes or less. And yes, it works! You pick out one of their handcrafted bouquets, starting at $35, submit your billing information, delivery address, and voila! About 90-minutes later a courier will show up with bouquet in hand wrapped in burlap with a handwritten note from the recipient. The photo below is an actual bouquet that my husband sent me on our two month wedding anniversary. 

BloomThat | Four Threads

Long story short, I love BloomThat. They're disrupting the flower industry and have made it so easy to send beautiful flowers to your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, mom, co-worker, or even yourself (you could make it anonymous…no one else has to know). I've included more detail about BloomThat below. 

{image via  BloomThat }

{image via BloomThat}

More on BloomThat: BloomThat is the the fastest and easiest way to send fresh, affordable blooms. Focused on a curated selection of beautiful arrangements, Bloomthat delivers on-demand flowers anywhere in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, East Bay and Los Angeles, within 90 minutes. They do have plans to expand into other cities. 

Visit or download their iOS app for easy ordering in just a couple clicks.

Pricing: Bouquets start at $35, including delivery. 

What we’ve got: A curated selection of the freshest flowers, potted succulents and a variety of ever-changing short-term special promotions.

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