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Link roundup

Link Round-Up

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Link Round Up

1. Instagram may change your feed with a personalized algorithm. (

2. Taking the perfect food Instagram photo. (

3. How to get more superfoods into your morning breakfast. (

4. 10 reasons why JoJo will be the ultimate Bachelorette. (

5. How to shop organic at the grocery store without breaking the bank. (

6. Suits star Meghan Markle talks about creating her identity and finding her voice as a mixed race woman. ( 

7. What Chipotle did to prove their food won't accidentally kill you. (

8. The blue eyeshadow trend and how to rock it. (

9. Jennifer Garner gets real about the Oscar dress struggles. (

Link Round-Up

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Link Round-Up

1. Pretty amazing photos of girls going to school around the world. (

2. A Victoria Secret model shares the best bikinis to make your butt look bigger. (

3. A DIY tip to make your jeans longer after the dryer gets to them. (

4. The healthy carbs you should be eating. (

5. A gmail tip to save your future emails. (

6. A funny "what would happen if men could breastfeed" video. (

7. Delicious breakfast bowls to jumpstart your morning. (

8. The evolution of the brows throughout the years. (

9. Foods that must to be refrigerated. (

Link Round-Up

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1. The next big thing in retail. (

2. The best award show drugstore makeup. (

3. How much money an Austin woman spends on bachelorette parties, vacations and bills. (

4. 7 great things great listeners do differently. (

5. The mindset that got a charity into Y-Combinator. (

6. 9 books you should read now that the Oscars are over. (

7. 21 mind-blowing travel escapes. (

8. Watch how 3 women react when they try contouring for the first time. (

9. This puppy had to get braces and is so awkwardly cute. (

Link Round-Up

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9 links I'm reading this week...

1. The best time to buy your next plane ticket. (

2. Shooting tips for iPhone photographers. (

3. DIY marble chargers with gold accents. (

4. How to make your own tootsie rolls. (

5. Latest and greatest beauty buys from Sephora. (

6. 25 kitchen hacks everyone should know. (

7. Everything that's happening to your body during PMS and how to deal. ( for throwing an Oscar award party. (

8. 25 kitchen hacks everyone should know. (

9. Kelly Clarkson has a super emotional performance to her song Piece by Piece on American Idol. (


Link Round-Up

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1. How to balance savers and spenders when you're married. (

2. Ten wedding day hair inspo that's totally Pinterest worthy. (

3. My mind is at the pool/beach, totally crushing on this Victoria Secret swimsuit. (

4. How social media is transforming the fashion industry. ( 

5. 12 clutter free charging hubs that will change your life. (

6. Tips on how to balance your passion with your full-time job. (

7. New York's Halal Guys are coming to Union Square in San Francisco. (

8. Some of the best marriage advice. (

9. A helpful trick for all of us Chrome tab-a-holics. (

Link Round-Up

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Here are 9 links I've been reading this week...

1. One hundred crush-worthy Valentine's Day nail art ideas. (

2. How a millennial tripled her savings in 3 months. (

3. New Barbie doll body types released for the first time, since ever. (

4. A few ways that successful brands win with millennials on social media. (

5. Kendall and Kylie Jenner release clothing line, that's actually somewhat affordable. (

6. How to book a spontaneous summer trip. (

7. How to upgrade your resume. (

8. Thirty wardrobe essentials you should own by the time you're thirty. (

9. All the places you can score free stuff during New York Fashion Week. (