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Look For Less: Designer Handbag Dupes

Look For Less: Designer Handbag Dupes

FashionVeronica ArrietaComment

Happy Tuesday! We were up late last night watching the Alabama/Georgia game. And man, what a game! Roll Tide! 

I was doing some online shopping yesterday and kept running into dupe handbags that were just too good not to share. I'm not sure about you, but I just cannot justify paying $800+ for a handbag when you can find something that looks almost *identical* for way less. Now, I get it there are definitely some handbags where quality trumps all, and the designer bag is just worth it. You know, that classic bag that will last you a lifetime, but let's be real my closet cannot be full of these $800+ bags. Which leads me to today's post of the best designer handbag dupes are a thousand times more worthwhile (to me!). They look almost the same, and you won't be so worried is your bag get's messed up! 

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