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When To Throw Out Your Beauty Blender

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image via  InStyle

image via InStyle

Beauty Blender have become a staple in the beauty world. Who would have thought a pink egg shaped sponge would be a miracle worker when applying makeup! As I was dabbing with my BB yesterday I thought to myself, 'self when should I replace this'? According to the folks at Beauty Blender you should replace every 3 months! 

So I thought I would put together a few tips on when to throw out your beauty blender. 


If your beauty blender starts to get rips (hello!!), tears or even spots that don't come out with your BB cleaner then it's time for a new one. Trust me, there's nothing like a fresh BB that will get the job done. 


I've gotten to know my skin pretty well over the years and can usually tell when it's time to clean my makeup brushes or swap out my beauty blender because of the random breakouts.


I'll admit that I run my beauty blenders into the ground and don't replace them every few months, but you should be replacing this every two to three months depending on how much you use it. I know this sucks because it's $20 a pop but once you replace it, this tip will make so much more sense! 

Anyone else a die hard beauty blender user? Leave me any beauty questions in the comments below.  

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