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#MOMMYMONDAY: How We Got Our Baby To Sleep 12 Hours At Night

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#MOMMYMONDAY: How We Got Our Baby To Sleep 12 Hours At Night

Olivia is 6 months (wow!!) and has been sleeping through the night (from 7:30pm to 7am) since she was ~5 weeks old. Let me preface by saying that we are very blessed how lucky we are with such a good baby/sleeper. And I will say that routines aren't for everyone, but it works for us. I downloaded the Scheduler app for Moms On Call and follow it pretty religiously. At first my family thought I was crazy (and probably still do) at how we have our baby on a schedule but at the same time she sleeps 12 hours a night, which means Mama gets to sleep too! 

What is Moms On Call? It's is an infant/toddler service run by two pediatric nurses who offer in-home consultations, books, DVDs, webinars, etc. Y'all I seriously swear by MOC because it's helped get my baby on a sleep schedule and sleep through the night.

Right when Olivia was born I started getting using the MOC schedule loosely. After all the most important thing for a newborn baby is to be fed. Here are some tips and tricks that worked for us to get our baby sleeping through the night:  

1) We followed the schedule pretty religiously. Since I downloaded the app, it notified me on when to feed, nap and sleep. But I also wrote the schedule down on a sticky note for my husband and MIL to this day. I do allow some flexibility and use my judgement based on the day, especially because sometimes you just need to run errands. But generally I will try and plan my trips around the schedule. If we do anything to alter the schedule, I always try to wake her up and put her down at the same time everyday.

2) We have a consistent bedtime routine: bath, bottle, bed. This routine allows Olivia to know that it's bedtime. 

3) We put Olivia to bed right after her last bottle at 7pm. This gives my husband and I time to ourselves, which is so nice! 

4) We always make sure to give Olivia her biggest bottle at night to make sure her belly is full and helps sleep through the night. 

5) Whenever I am unsure of something or have questions, I refer to the MOC Facebook group. Let's be honest, as a new mom I always have questions and things I'm wondering so it's so helpful to just search the group because most other moms have answered it! 

6) After the 3 or 4 month mark, we started letting her cry it out and soothe her self to sleep. It was SO dang hard but totally worth it! 

MOC has worked to us and I'm so grateful for it! When it comes to anything with your baby, make sure to talk to your pediatrician and make sure you have the green light with anything! Have you tried Moms on Call or any others to help your baby sleep through the night? I'd love to hear what works for you and your family!