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How To Wear Overalls Without Looking Ridiculous

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DETAILS || Look 1: Madewell Overalls (I'm wearing an XS; similar pair for only $64 here) | White Tee | Kate Spade Crossbody (35% off right now with #Nsale) | Forever 21 Rings | Heels (old, similar here) | Lipstick: Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick In "Lolita" + "Lovesick" \\\ Look 2: Madewell Overalls (I'm wearing an XS) | Black Off-The-Shoulder Sweater | Hat (on sale only $28) | Converse 

I’ll be real with y’all, I never thought I would put on a pair of overalls as a grown up. It’s one of those looks when you see it on someone else and think “I could never pull that off!” And I totally get it, it may be a look that isn’t for everyone but you should at least try them to see if you look ridiculous or not…I did!

I saw these denim overalls while in Madewell and decided to give it try just for fun, and then ended up walking out of the store with them [insert gasp emoji]. 

Overalls get a bad rep and quite frankly I think it’s because you risk looking like a farmer, but you can make these super chic just stay clear of plaid prints. Think of overalls as a a trendy alternative to jeans (with a lot of pockets!) and pair with a neutral color or bold print. 

Below are a few tips on how to wear overalls without looking ridiculous.


The "classic overall" look to me is casual. Throw on your favorite tee, a pair of flats or converse and accessorize with a bold lip, hat, or crossbody handbag. This a perfect daytime look while you're running errands and if you're going out after just throw on a pair of heels (see below).

overalls casual


When you think of overalls and "sexy" they just don't go together, but there's something about a fitted pair of jeans and a heel that take your overall outfit up a notch! Totally perfect for a date night or out for dinner with the girls.

What’s your take on overalls? Do you love them or hate them? If you’re skeptical like I was, I at least recommend trying them on…you never know!  

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