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Wedding Planning Tips And Lessons I've Learned

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Wedding Planning Tips | Four Threads

As you already know, I tied the knot in November. Now that the wedding is over, I've had some time to reflect on the planning process as a whole. The process can be stressful with all the details, trying not to hurt anyone's feelings, keep your groom around, etc. But at the end of the day you need to enjoy the it because you only get married once! Lately, after looking at Facebook and Instagram, I feel like I have more friends that are engaged then not so I've decided to jot down a few things I learned on my way to the aisle.

  1. Set Time For Wedding Talk. Most of us could talk all day about wedding color schemes, invitations, favors, bouquets, bridesmaid dresses…sorry what was I talking about again...oh yeah! But if your fiancé is anything like mine was, then you know they get tired of hearing about wedding stuff all day. Literally, within the first 48 hours of getting engaged I was already pinning away and making up guest lists (mind you we were still in Hawaii - proposal story here) - he wanted to kill me! The only thing in my vocabulary was wedding. Luckily he pulled me out of the wedding-trans after a few weeks and brought me back down to reality. It was from that point on that I knew we needed to still be us during our engagement and I needed to learn how to turn off the wedding talk. So each week we set a certain amount of time to discuss the wedding so that it didn't take over and still allowed us to be a normal couple talking about normal things…like how the other person's day was.  
  2. Don't Be Afraid To Delegate Your Friends And Family.This was huge for me, I'm a big perfectionist and was terrified of giving things to my bridesmaids with the fear of it not being done right. But boy was I digging myself in a huge hole or what! I remember standing in my living room and looking at all the corks that needed cutting and jars to be filled with honey and lost it. A quick phone call to my friends and poof help was there! This is when I learned that you need to reach out to people around you to keep your sanity. 
  3. Take a marriage class together. We took ours with our church but I would definitely recommend taking it before walking down the aisle. Ours was five weeks long but really helped us talk about our expectations going into marriage, family history, finance, sex, love language and communication. I don't care if you've been dating 7 years or 7 months…take it, you will not regret investing this time into your marriage. The lessons we learned and practiced during our classes sets us up for success today. No, I'm not saying we're perfect but it's nice to be able to put those lessons to use (and it's definitely stopped a few escalated arguments). 

I'd love to hear any lessons you learned along the way, leave a note in the comments below.

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