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Bacharach, Germany

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Bacharach is another one of those charming little towns filled with half-timbered houses, wrought iron signs, Riesling wine, and so full of history...And I'm convinced that Disney's Epcot is modeled after Bacharach. I kept having to pinch myself while we were walking the streets to tell myself that we were actually in Germany, not Orlando, FL. We took the boat 1-hour from Sankt Goar to Bacharach along the Rhine River. I highly suggest taking the boar because you get breathtaking views of castles, little German towns, and beautiful vineyards on hill top - think vineyards wrapped around little towns like blankets of grape heaven. 

We spent a full day in Bacharach hiking up to Burg Stahleck (burg means castle in Engligh for us non-German speakers), running up into the vineyards, a 15 glass wine tasting with their local Reisling wines, and walking the cobblestone streets filled with German charm.

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No, this is not a Nike commercial ;-) Behind me is one of the ruins from the castle. 

The Riesling grapes filled the hilltops in Bacharach.

We ate lunch at Weinhaus Altes Haus, one of the oldest houses in Bacharach and the setting itself is an experience. We opted for some healthier options like fish and salads because we knew we were headed to Munich next, which meant heavy Bulgarian food.

The Germans have no urgency to get you out of the restaurants like they do here in the states. Some of the people around us were sitting outside sipping their wine and eating their food for hours. We of course, weren't used to that so after 45 minutes of waiting on our food we tool it to the selfies ;-) 

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How cute is this white hotel with the pink flowers. This was our view from the restaurant. 

Litter Germany town hotel and restaurant.

How stunning is this view! We're in the vineyards looking down at Bacharach and the Rhine River. 

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We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed our 15 glass wine sampler at Weingut Fritz Bastian.

Tell me this doesn't look like Epcot ;-) 

The little alley ways between the buildings were so narrow. Just call me Spider Woman! 

If you follow me on Instagram then you know what this picture turned out like...

We had such a fabulous time in the Rhine Valley! Make sure to stay tuned for the next Germany post Munich and Oktoberfest!