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Sankt Goar Travel Guide

Our Trip to Sankt Goar, Germany

TravelVeronica Arrieta2 Comments

It's a little crazy to look back and realize how quickly this past year has flown by, but also amazing to see how much you grow in such a short period. 

We're finally home and to surprisingly warm weather in San Francisco, which is quite opposite of today's post that takes place on our first day in Sankt Goar in Rhein Valley, Germany. The Rhine is over 800 miles long, usually people take a cruise through it but we didn't have time for that. The most scenic and 'romantic' parts is the middle Rhine is from Bacharach to St. Goar, which is where we visited. We arrived in Frankfurt and then took the train 1-hour to St. Goar. The weather was much chillier then we expected, so I was thanking my lucky-stripes for throwing in a leather jacket as we were walking out the door. 

We were so excited to disconnect and explore the little towns in Rhine Valley. St. Goar is a charming small town of less than 3,000 people along the Rhine River. We stayed at Hotel Rheinfels, which had breathtaking views of the river and castle. After we checked in and got our room key, which to our surprise was an old bell key that weighed ~5lbs.

We headed to dinner around 7pm, which apparently is late in a small town like St.Goar. There were only two other older couples in the restaurant with us that didn't say a peep - you could literally hear the knife cutting through the schnitzel - we thought it was hysterical (or we were just really jet-lagged). 

I wore my favorite LC Lauren Conrad tie-neck blouse that I've been wearing everywhere because the high-low gives it a flirty and girly look with the tie. 

How beautiful is this sunset on our walk to dinner in Sankt Goar. The pinks and blues in the sky were unreal with the light hitting the water and buildings across the water perfectly. 

Fun fact: This is the largest free-hanging cuckoo clock in the world! 

Stay tuned for the next post on Sankt Goar because we explored the castle and were making Game of Thrones references the whole time :-)