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Lessons From #Girlboss

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I'm sure you've heard the hype, seen my top three books for entrepreneurs, or picked up the book by now, but today we're talking #GIRLBOSS. 

Sophia Armuroso has been through the good, the bad, and the ugly, and has a lot of advice to give on her journey to success. The story goes somewhat like this: homeless SF dumpster diving bagel eater becomes well-respected #GIRLBOSS with hundreds of employees and millions in the bank. 

I really enjoyed #GIRLBOSS, it's a great read for all of us professional females out there trying to make something of ourselves.

My book is highlighted and scribbled on but I managed to pull 10 of my favorite lessons from the book:

1. "You combine hard work, creativity, and self-determination, and things start to happen." 

2. "You can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in."

3. "Every small choice you've made along the way was something that contributed to where you am now."

4. "Take care of the little things - even the little things that you hate - and treat them as promises to your own future."

5. "You can end up ignoring, and even losing the positive things in your life by just focusing too much on the negative."

6. "Focus on the posititve things in your life and you'll be shocked at how many more positive things start happening."

7. "The most important thing to do is to take risks. The risks are when breakthroughs happen, and big shifts take you to new places and create opportunities. They can be really scary and intimidating, but that means it is taking you out of your comfort zone."

8. "You won't go anywhere just talking about yourself. Listen. Its one of the greatest gifts you could give to yourself."

9. "You will make sacrifices and compromised, get let down and let other people down, fail and start over, break some hearts, take some names and learn to pick up and continue when your own heart gets broken. But difficult doesn't mean impossible, and out of the bajillions of things in the is universe that you can't control, what ou can control is how hard you try, and if you when to pack it in."

10. "As hard as it is, stop caring so much about what other people think. Find a way to hear what you want. Recognize what is your dream. And then put everything you have into that: your work, the relationships you surround yourself with, the food you put in your body. Everything you have ontrol over in your world should feed that dream and make you feel like a #GIRLBOSS."

Have you read #GIRLBOSS? Would love to hear what you thought about the book. Which of these quotes resonates with you? 

PS - If you liked #GIRLBOSS then you will also enjoy : I Am That Girl and Do Cool Sh*t

Four Threads

Three Best Books For Entrepreneurs

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Best Books For Entrepreneurs | Four Threads

#GIRLBOSS | I Am That Girl | Do Cool Sh*t

Lately I've been into the "get off your butt and do something" kind of books. It happens to the best of us, we find ourself in a rut where we ask ourself "what the heck am I doing?" I've found that the best solution is to pick up a good book and get inspired. There's something so encouraging about reading about someone else who's started something, faced obstacles both high and low and learn how they got through it. These three books are my three current favorites because they're full of inspiration and wisdom from these talented women. They're easy reads; I always end up highlighting and underlining everything in them.

What are some of your favorite books?  

PS - I'm almost done reading #GIRLBOSS by the Founder and CEO of NastyGal and cannot put it down. Will do a future post on what's I've learned once I finish it.  

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