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Apps I Love: Getaround

LifestyleVeronica Arrieta2 Comments

Getting around without out a car can sometimes be tough! Although we live in San Francisco and take an Uber everywhere, there's the occasional time when we need to meet friends for dinner, have a wedding or just want to get out of the city. So, instead of the hassle of renting a car from Avis or Enterprise, we use Getaround, which let's people rent their cars when they aren't using it. All you have to do is search for cars nearby your location, pick out which car you want to drive and send a request. Once approved, the Getaround car kit helps you find and unlock the car just by using the Getaround app. 

All Getaround rentals provide car insurance and they make sure to screen every renter. It's really that easy. Last week I had to drive up to Sonoma for a meeting so I rented an SUV on Getaround that was only one block from me. It's so convienient to pick-up-and-go and then return because you just park it in the parameters they give you, lock it up using the app and walk away. 

Getaround is currently in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Portland, and Washington DC. Get $25 off your first rental here