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What's On My Bathroom Counter

What's On My Bathroom Counter

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I'm always so fascinated by the "what's in my bag" posts so decided to do one of my own. First up is "what's on my bathroom counter." First off, if your bathroom is squeaky clean, without a single makeup product or hot tool to be found then teach me your ways. I try to pick up after myself because I share a bathroom with my husband, but it doesn't always happen (sorry, babe!). What's currently on my bathroom counter is what I grab every morning and night. 


Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf 

Your scent is something people remember you by, or at least I do. Whenever I smell Chanel Mademoiselle, it reminds me of my mom because it what she wears. So now when someone walks by me with that perfume on, I immediately think of my mom. I'm pretty much ride or die to Flowerbomb, it's basically all I wear. Every morning (or before I go out), I'll spritz some on my wrist, collar bone, and into thin air to walk through. 


CHI Rocket Professional Hair Dryer and FHI Professional Hair Styling Iron

I have extremely thin, so I don't like to use too many hot tools on it and fry it all off (#notcute). And I literally don't know how to use a curling iron without getting crimped pieces so I go to my trusty flatiron for both straightening and curling my hair. Both these tools are worth the investment in my book. 


So most of my "beauty" stuff is in a closet because I have way too much to fit in our bathroom (#sorrynotsorry). So the only things I really have in the bathroom is my cleaner, toner, and exfoliator because I use them daily/weekly. This stuff is no joke. I absolutely love what this skincare line has done for me; more about their products here

Now you know what I have on my bathroom counter. What's on your bathroom counter? I'm planning on doing another one of these soon, so let me know what you want to see :) Email me if you have questions!!