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Current Makeup Routine

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Current Makeup Routine

I’ve gotten a few emails and comments asking what makeup products I use, when to apply this, and which products I use for that. So I decided to do a whole post dedicated to my current makeup routine. Y'all know I love makeup. Sephora is my candy store and I have no shame in admitting it. I’m constantly watching YouTube videos and trying different products so that I’m ‘in the know’ on the latest trends and products. 

Let me first start by saying how important it is to take off your makeup every night and wash your face. I honestly can tell the difference in my skin the following morning if I don’t take my makeup off. I take my makeup off with this and then use this face cleanser, followed by this toner, and moisturizer every night before bed. (Read about those products here).

Ever since I started taking care of my face and using a skincare routine, my makeup has looked better because my skin is smoother and well moisturized, which has everything to do with the steps I do every night before bed. 

PS - My skin has been having some weird breakouts lately so I talked to my facial lady and a doctor, who put me on Retin-A last week. I will keep you updated in a few months on a status update. But let me know if you have any questions for me on Retin-A and I will be sure to answer them! 

Now for my current makeup routine...

1. Primer

After moisturizing my face in the morning, I always begin my makeup by using this face primer. I’ve talked about it on here before, and it’s really that great. However, this summer I’ve been using this primer to give me a “natural” summer glow. I 100% notice the difference when I do and don't use primer before foundation. Primer helps your makeup last all day and is a great base for your face makeup. 

2. Foundation

I’ve been using this foundation (in shade Y325) for several years now and really love it. I like a more medium to full coverage that you can build on, which this fits the bill for. I use this foundation brush to apply the foundation. I literally just pump 1 or 2 pumps on the back of my hand then get the makeup brush to buff into my skin in circular motions. 

3. Under eyes

I’m absolutely obsessed with this concealer (in the shade light warm) because it’s so weightless and gets rid of my dark circles. I use this beauty blender to blend everything into my skin and will literally dab to make sure everything is perfectly blended. 

After my concealer, I always set my under eyes using this powder using the beauty blender. I like that it brightens my under eye area and keeps my makeup lasting all day without creasing. 

4. Contour

This is my favorite contour kit. I’ve tried a bunch of different contours but always come back to this contour kit. I apply the contour to my cheekbones, hairline, down the bridge of my nose, and under my bottom lip using this brush. Then I’ll take this bronzer using this brush just to buff anything out and get rid of and harsh lines. I use this brush to contour the sides of my nose. 

5. Blush

Lately I’ve been switching up my blush game depending on my mood (aka if I want more of  a pink look or not). But right now, I’ve been grabbing for this shade (in fearless), but I really do switch back and forth with this color too. I use this brush to apply to my cheeks.

6. Highlight

I love highlighters but which one I grab depends on if I want a more subtle highlight or dramatic highlight for the day/night. I’ve been using this highlighter (in the shade champagne pop) this past week or so, but will also switch it up for this one (in the shade opal). I apply my highlight using this brush to the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose, cupids bow, and will take any extra product and add to my chin and forehead. (Read everything about finding a highlighter here.) 

7. Mascara

My mascara routine is pretty basic. I use this mascara because I love how volumes and big it makes my lashes look. 

8. Eyebrows

It’s truly amazing what a difference filling in your eyebrows does. I use this eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows (in the shade soft brown). I apply it with a very gentle grip  towards the end of the pencil and stroke to fill in any sparse or missing hairs, then will comb through using the spoolie on the opposite end, and repeat until they are perfect. If my brows are out of control, I will tame them after filling them in with this gel so they won't move anywhere. 

9. Finish

I always finish my makeup with a bath in this stuff. And I say “bath” because I literally drench my face in it. But it makes my makeup last all day, even in hot and humid weather.

Shop My Current Makeup Routine Products:

If you guys have any product recommendations, I would love to hear about them in the comments below. You know I’m always looking for new products!   

The Beauty Products I Always Run Out Of (And Rebuy)

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The Beauty Products I Always Run Out Of (And Rebuy)

I'm a beauty junkie, and I'm totally okay with that! I'm always trying out new beauty products, whether it's makeup, skin care or hair products - although I'm mostly testing different makeup and skin care products. Over the years, I've come across a few favorites that I always rebuy. As I'm writing this blog post, I have my Sephora purchases open in another tab and it's pretty sickening seeing how many times I've re-bought these products.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hilla Brow Wiz - I only started filling my my eyebrows a few years ago, and honestly don't know how I got by so long without it - it makes such a difference. I love this brow pencil because it's so easy to use and it's fool proof: one side is a spoolie and the other is the brow pencil. I'm currently using the shade 'soft brown,' however when my hair is lighter I use the shade 'taupe.'

2. Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer - This is the best of the best of beauty products. I started using this my freshman year of high school and have been faithful ever since - there isn't another bronzer than compares to Hoola. It works on every skin tone and doesn't make your skin look orange. Get it, I promise you won't regret it! Also, I recently purchased the travel size to take with me on our travels and it's super handy :) 

3. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer - Y'all know I love my concealer, so I'm a tough cookie when it comes to being finding the right one (it basically sounds like I'm in a relationship with concealer!) but this has been my favorite concealer the past few months. It truly is weightless and lasts all day (as long as I set it afterwards). I use the triangle method of applying concealer and use the shade 'light warm.'

4. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder - I've never been one to set my makeup, but as I was trying new products I came across this translucent powder and it's made all the difference in making my makeup last all day. This translucent powder is perfect for 'baking' (no, not cookies!) and to apply after your liquid foundation and before applying bronzer or blush. 

5. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume - I'm pretty much ride or die to Flowerbomb, it's basically all I wear. Every morning (or before I go out), I'll spritz some on my wrist, collar bone, and into thin air to walk through. 

6. Forlula X #ColorCurrators - I almost feel bad for putting this on here because I just looked it up and this is basically impossible to get. This collaboration with blogger, Song of Style, is the perfect shade of nude. 

7. Drybar 'Triple Sec 3-In-1' - This is one of my favorite dry shampoos (along with TRESemmé). This dry shampoo not only smells great, but gives you so much volume without any build-up.   

8. Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray - This is one of the pricier items on here, but 110% worth the splurge, especially if you live in a hot and humid climate. I've tried so many different products that 'get rid of frizz' but none of them really work, except for this stuff. This stuff really gets rid of frizz and I've tested it in humid Florida weather. 

9. Beauty Blender - In all fairness, I've only re-bought this twice because they last forever but nonetheless I will continue purchasing the beauty blender is because it helps blend your makeup making you look flawless. I think the key to making your beauty blender last is to frequently clean it using their cleaner, which I do every few days. 

10. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - This is another OG beauty product that I don't know how I lived without it. It keeps my concealer in place while brightening up my under eyes without creating any build up, looking cakey or settling in any fine lines. I apply the brightening powder with a damp beauty blender.

11. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - Becca highlighters are phenomenal. This one is in the shade Champagne Pop, which I find myself grabbing the most. however I also have 'Opal' and 'Moonstone' and totally love those highlighters as well. Here's my blog post on everything about highlighters

12. Makeup Forever HD Foundation - I've tried countless foundations but keep coming back to this foundation because it just gets the job done! They carry tons of colors to make it easy to match your skin, it's lightweight and a medium to full coverage that's totally build-able. A total winner-winner chicken dinner in my book! 

13. L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream - My best friend Paige introduced me to this bb cream and I've been re-buying ever since. This bb cream is the right consistency, easy to blend, moisturizes my skin without making you look oily, and the coverage is great! I also love the drugstore price tag! I use the shade 'light.'

14. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara - I love this mascara because it makes my eyes pop and doesn't clump on me. Plus, the packaging is pretty rad! :)

Beauty: Where I Save and Spend

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Beauty: Where I spend and save

I'm always so fascinated to hear what other women spend and save on in the beauty department. Just with my girlfriends alone, we're all so different on where we spend and save. The areas where I spend and save has changed a bit as I've gotten older (and married!) but I wanted to share where I spend and save on all things beauty. 

SPEND: Hair Cut & Color. 

This is my biggest spend by far. Hair is something that you see every-single-day, and I'm pretty sure we've all had that bad hair cut. The thing is, if I hate my hair then I'm spending more money trying to fix the mess up. I spend a $200-$300 hundred dollars for my cut and color combined, which might sound crazy to some people but I've found that it gets better overtime and doesn't require as much maintenance. I went 7 months after my last hair cut/color and could have gone longer but wanted a hairstyle change.

For the SF locals, I see Richard at Population Salon, he's an absolute hair genius in both color and cut. Ladies, a bad cut/color just isn't worth it to me!

SAVE: Blowouts.

This is one of those expenses that's nice to get once in a blue moon (and I'm talking blue moon!). Seriously though, I've probably only gotten my hair blown out two or three times in a few year timespan and I've never walked away 100% satisfied. Am I good at hair? Not really, but I instead I invested in a wonderful blow dryer and stick to blow drying my own hair.

SAVE: Eyebrows.

I wasn't sure if this counted as a spend or save because I do get my brows threaded every month or so if I'm in the mall and I've got some bushy brows. But once I get them threaded, I'm pretty good at plucking here and there, until I need to shape them up again. Fortunately, thicker brows are in :) I only pay $15 to get them threaded every other month so don't really count this as a spend. 

SAVE: Waxing.

When I was growing up, my mom didn't want us shaving our legs (strange, I know) so we always got our legs waxed. I'm not sure if that scared me or what, but I don't spend money on waxing anymore. A razor gets the job done. I will make an exception for a bikini wax if I'm going to be in a bathing suit for more than a week long vacation. I don't go to a fancy place because if I'm in pain, I just want to get in and out. (Also, instead of getting "waxed" I get "sugared" but more on that later!)

SAVE: Nails.

90% of the time I do my own nails; mostly because I get bored of my nail polish color super quick (like every 3 days!) and I'm actually good at painting them. But with that said, I will go in for a mani/pedi every other month for a cuticle clean up/pamper so I can reset and maintain from there. 

SAVE: Massages.  

As much as I'd love to get a massage every month, it just isn't going to happen. Yes I have knots in my back and neck but I just can't bring myself to fork over a hundreds dollars for this. Sometimes if we're feeling super tight and sore, my husband and I will go to this whole-in-the-wall place in Chinatown (sounds sketch, I know!) and get a $50 1 hour massage. It gets the job done and it's not crazy expensive. 

SPEND: Facials.

This is a newer expense in my life but totally necessary. I don't get them so often because my husband would kill me but it's one of my spends because I can totally see a difference to my skin post-facial. I wear makeup pretty much every day (unless I'm giving my skin a break) and breakouts just happen, pimples pop up and sometimes you just need that deep clean to your face. This is a total side note and potentially TMI but I also get joy in popping pimples so love talking to the esthetician. For the SF locals, I got to Andrea or Elaine at Dermaplus PS in the Marina. (Here's a guest post on everything you need to know about a facial.)

SAVE: Spray Tans.

Let me just start by saying my husband hates the smell of a spray tan (and I'm talking hate). Sometimes I will use a self tanner trying to trick him and he will still come home smelling it. Needless to say, bronzed skin will never be in my future unless I'm at the beach. For the very rare time that I need some color during my palest SF days, I will do it at home with the St. Tropez Bronzing Mouse


This was a fun post to write, I'd like to do more of these 'where I spend and save' posts with makeup, household items, etc. I'd love to know the areas where you spend and save when it comes to all things beauty? If you have any other areas you'd like to see where I spend and save, leave me a note in the comments below.