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Best Popcorn Recipes for National Popcorn Day

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the best popcorn recipes

Today is National Popcorn Day! Umm yeah I didn't know that was a thing either until today, but I may or may not have popped a bag while writing this! In honor of the "national day" I've gathered some yummy popcorn recipes. So grab yourself a bowl of your favorite popcorn and celebrate National Popcorn Day because after these recipes you're cravings will start to kick in! 

I consider myself a pretty basic popcorn eater (kettle corn is my jam!) and never really thought about adding different spices, herbs and flavors to it so my mind was blown with some of these recipes. What's you're favorite kind of popcorn? Do you add any fun flavors to your popcorn?


Image via  Just Eat Life

Image via Just Eat Life

Bacon Popcorn - Bacon is good with everything, but I never thought about pairing the two together. Jen makes the bacon first, then pops the popcorn kernels in the bacon fat (woah!). Then once the popcorn is fully popped, she chops up the bacon and tosses it in honey and Sriracha - hello sweet and spicy! 

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Brown Butter + Sage Popcorn - Okay, so sage and popcorn? Who would have thought! The idea of infusing the brown butter with the sage leaves then pouring it all over the popped popcorn with a little truffle salt seems so strange but so good at the same time. This is the perfect treat for a savory popcorn lover!  

image via  Our Thrifty Ideas

Lemon White Chocolate Popcorn - This one sounds super interesting, especially because my husband loves lemon. Vanessa's recipe consists of popcorn, white chocolate chips and lemon, which is the perfect combination of salty, sweet and citrus. I imagine this would be delicious during the summer months. 

image via  Chef In Training

Cookies and Cream Popcorn - Need I say more? Crushed up Oreos and popcorn sounds delicious, because you get that chocolate with a crunch from the popcorn. Oh yum!