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facing fears

Facing Fears

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What are some of your biggest fears? Besides large bugs and getting abducted, a big fear of mine is walking into a room full of women. Like why is that so intimidating? Why is it that women size each other up and immediately form opinions just from taking one step into a room? 

This world of blogging is definitely testing my fear and bringing me outside of my comfort zone. Just last week I went to my first blogging event solo and I almost had a panic attack on my way there. I was in my Uber approaching the building and I just wanted to tell my Uber driver to turn around. All I had running through my head was 'what if no one talks to me, what do I talk about, what if I'm awkward, how do I just walk up to other women and just start a conversation.' It was almost like I forgot how to talk to people. I texted my husband and best friend Janey to get that added boost of confidence and walked in the door. 

After my solo event I started talking to a few friends and realized I'm not the only one that has been or is going through this. At some point in our lives, we've all either felt judged or misread - heck maybe it was you who was doing the judging. I've been told so many times that someone thought I was rude or snobby before they met me, which is always super shocking to me because I'm the total opposite (this is when my shy-introverted-self kicks me in the butt!). If all of us were to strip away any pride or masks and truly humble ourselves, it would take so much fear out of walking into a room full of women. After all, we should be lifting each other up not tearing each other apart. So let's stop the judging, the cattiness, and trying to one up the next and instead let's root for the same team.

And next time you see that girl walking into a room full of women by herself, try walking up to her and starting a conversation. Let's show others love and encourage each other to be amazing and strong women. 

What are some of your fears? Do you get nervous walking into a room full of women? How did you overcome it? I'd love to know some of your stories in the comments below.