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Why "Baking" Your Makeup Will Make It Bulletproof

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I can’t think of a worse situation then being at a football game or concert sweating and your makeup’s literally drips off your face. We’ve probably all been there, but I've come to save the day. I'm about to blow your mind and tell you that the word "baking" has a completely different meaning than what you know. When we're taking about "baking" we're talking about makeup, not cupcakes! 

The term "baking" isn't anything new, in fact drag queens have been using this method forever because under all the hot lights, dancing, and sweating they need makeup to stay put and not move. But thanks to Kim Kardashian (yes, I can't believe I put her in my blog!) makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic it's made a full circle. 

So how does baking work?

You've probably heard of setting your makeup before, but when you set your makeup that's all you're doing. When you're "baking" it's literally making your makeup bullet proof. The process seems much scarier that it sounds, but to "bake" you apply a ridiculous amount of loose translucent powder to the skin. The "baking" comes into play because that area of the face can’t breathe, so your body temperature and the loose powder becomes trapped and literally cooks to become bullet proof. 

How long should you bake? 

All you have to do is apply a generous coat of translucent powder over your foundation and/or concealer to set your makeup. Let the translucent powder “bake” for 5-10 minutes before brushing off the excess, this will keep your makeup from not moving all day and night long.

I always bake after I apply contour if I did a sloppy job or just want a sharper (but blended) line. I apply it using this translucent powder and this brush or a beauty blender. While you’re face is baking (sorry I had to!) just apply the rest of your makeup or get ready as usual, then will go in after 5-10 minutes to brush it off. 

Side note: I was baking a few days ago and got dressed and almost walked out the door with powder still on my face. Thankfully I looked ay myself in the mirror before I left *phew!*

Where to bake? 

There are a few places you can bake: your cheeks, chin and under eyes. You chin might seem like an odd place to bake but if you think about it, you touch your face so much throughout the day, place your hand on your chin, etc. 

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