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Wedding Week: Our Look

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It's our wedding week...well kind of! November 8th marks ONE YEAR of marriage (holy moly where has the time gone!!!). I've gotten a lot of interest in our wedding - everything from decor, where we got this or how we did that so I wanted to share some of the moments that made our day so special. I've decided to dedicate this week to our wedding, covering various parts of our wedding and links to our vendors, etc. Today starts with: our look. 

From the moment we got engaged we knew we wanted to get married in wine country, living in San Francisco we've been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the Napa area. It's so beautiful with the mountains, vineyards and overflowing amounts of wine. Although we knew we wanted a winery wedding, we had some guidelines. We wanted a venue that had a family-run small vineyard feel (nothing commercial with a lot of foot traffic), and separate spaces for the ceremony, cocktail and reception with vineyards surrounding everything. After a month of searching, we found Trentadue Winery, Trentadue had different lawns to break up the ceremony, cocktail and reception (check!), could hold our guest count (and then some), big redwood trees, and beautiful views of the mountains and vineyards. It was romantic and whimsical, with a bit of that rustic winery feel, which was exactly what I had pictured. 

I never tried on a wedding dress prior to being engaged because I wanted to share the special moment with my mom. My mom lives in Houston so we picked a weekend for her to fly out to San Francisco to go dress shopping. I went into the process with an open mind, but like every girl had been searching Pinterest and was leaning towards a mermaid dress with a sweetheart neckline. We went to a few different bridal places in the city, I narrowed it down to three dresses and slept on it - meanwhile my mom knew exactly the dress all along. Well, a mom's intuition is always right, because the following day I went back and said yes to the dress: an organza wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice and mermaid skirt. I loved how simple and beautiful the dress was - it hugged my body perfectly. I even got to work with Novella Bridal to customize a crystal belt to put the finishing touches on my dress (and added some extra volume inside the skirt). Novella was so charming and the staff was wonderful to work with for the dress and accessories (including the belt and my veil). I wore a pair of gold sequins Kate Spade heels. For my beauty look, I wanted romantic loose curls with natural makeup and a subtle pink lip. Katie at It's A Date At The Powder Room, executed the look; as well as my bridesmaids hair/makeup. My ten bridesmaids wore mix-and-match style Dessy dresses in the color cameo. Each bridesmaid had a different body type so I wanted them to pick a dress style that they would feel most comfortable in. We rented houses for the bridal party: guys in one and girls in the other. My mom made me a yummy breakfast for us girls, and my grandmothers, aunts and future-mother-in-law popped in throughout the day while we sipped champagne in our robes

Mike and the guys had a morning with prayer and drank beer. It's crazy to think of how different our mornings were. The guys all rented their black tuxedos from The Black Tux (think Rent The Runway for your modern day tuxedo). All they had to do was plug in their measurements and had a stylish tux was sent to them days before the wedding. We loaded up in the shuttle and headed to to Trentadue, I was nervous and excited, but I couldn't wait to see my groom as I walked down the aisle. 


Venue: Trentadue Winery

Hair/Makeup: It's A Date At The Powder Room

Photographer: Rolo Tandeo Jr.

Robes: Etsy 

Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia

Bridal Shoes: Kate Spade "Charm" Slingback Pump

Bridal Belt: Customized with Novella Bridal 

Veil: Novella Bridal 

Wedding Dress Hanger: Etsy 

Groom/Groomsmen Tuxedo: The Black Tux 

Next up for Wedding Week is The Ceremony...

How To Change Your Name After You Get Married

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How to easily change your name after you get married.

This sounds terrible but I've been married for ~9 months now and just now changed my name (eeekk). I just haven't had the time to go wait hours upon hours at social security, then the DMV, then passport. I've been dreading the whole process until I found HitchSwitch, a full-service site that simplifies the name-changing process. 

HitchSwitch makes it so easy to change your name after you're married

HitchSwitch Makes It Easy To Change Your Name After You Get Married

HitchSwitch started when two law school classmates were blown away at how complicated it was for their new wives to change their last names (finally someone that understands the struggle is real!!).

For $29-$59, I filled out an easy online form then waited 3-5 business days for the pre-filled-out documents to arrive. They arrived with indicators on where to sign or add any personal information, along with the pre-paid and pre-labeled envelopes to mail out. Hello, if that's not easy then I don't know what is!

Honestly, this has already been such a dragged out process (hello 9 months later) that I just wanted to get it over with. Yes, I could have easily waited hours on hours and do this myself, but could be doing better things with that time.

If you'd rather change your name the hard way, see below: 

1. Get your marriage license. Before you can even think about changing your name, you need the original or certified marriage license with the raised seal and your new last name on it. If you didn't automatically receive it after you got married, then call the clerk's office where you got your marriage license and request copies. 

2. Change your Social Security card. Fill out the application for a new Social Security card. Your social will be the same number, just your name will change. Then you can either go down to the local Social Security Administration office or mail in your application. If you choose to mail your application, make sure to track your package because you don't need those important documents to go MIA. You'll need to show them your SS-5 form, original/certified copy of your marriage license and valid US passport (or driver's license and birth certificate). Your new card should arrive within 10 business days. 

3. Change your license at the DMV. Yes I know, we all dread a trip to the DMV but you need to get a new license with your new name . Make sure to bring every form of identification you have because you don't want to get to the front of the line and realize you forgot something. Bring your old license, your certified marriage license, your new Social Security card, your passport, and 2 proof of residency documents postmarked within the last 30 days (i.e. a utility bill, a credit card statement, pat stub, etc.) You will also be required to pay a fee for your new license. 

4. Change your passport. You'll need to fill out a DS-5504 form, have your old passport, certified marriage license (no photocopies or notarized copies), a color passport photo, and $110 made out to the "Department of State."

5. Change your bank accounts. The fastest way to change your name at a branch is to go into a local branch location. Make sure to bring your new drivers license and marriage license. You should request new checks, debit and credit cards. 

6. Other things to change. Now that your Social Security card and driver's license is out of the way, everything else should be relatively easy. Here is a list of places to notify about your name change: 

  • Employers/payroll
  • IRS
  • Post office
  • Electric and other utility companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Landlord or mortgage company
  • Insurance companies
  • Doctors' offices
  • Voter registration
  • Investment account providers

7. Ignore 2-5 and let HitchSwitch help. Go to and choose the best option for you. It costs between $29-59 but 110% worth it in my book. Their team is also super helpful if you have any legal questions. 

A Little R&R

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My husband and I headed to Carmel this past weekend for some much needed R&R. It was a super last minute trip - in fact we planned, packed, and got on the road all within an hour and a half. Pretty impressive, huh! 

Sometimes the city and work life gets the best of you and you just need to break away from everything...which is exactly what happened to us. We needed to get away and press the reset button. We turned off the music, put our phones away, opened the bible and just talked the whole time. I really can't stress how important it is to break away from everything and rest. 

Have you been completely overwhelmed at work or in life? What's the last time you broke away? Find a nearby city (a couple hours away) where you can get away for the weekend! 

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the shop {exciting news}...

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I’m SO thrilled to finally share the exciting project that I’ve been working on for the past few months. After my wedding, I had such an itch to get into the bridal world. There's something so special and magical about the whole process so I knew I needed to find a way in. When I was getting married, I noticed there wasn't an ultimate source for bridal accessories.

I've been dreaming of this day for a while now, so the fact that it's actually happening truly feels like an absolute dream come true!! The shop is full of pieces that you and your (soon-to-be) hubby will want to rock today and hopefully years from now. 

Much of the inspiration behind the shop came from things I wished I has access to either when I was planning my wedding, honeymoon, or even getting for my maids. The accessories and quality of goods embody my personal style with a chic and feminine twist, so it only felt fitting to draw inspiration for this shop. 

Thank you so much for all of your support, this opportunity would have never come to be a reality if it weren’t for all of my amazing readers. I hope you love the shop as much as I do! You can view and shop here!!! 

A Day In Paris

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Since our first day in Paris was so toasty, I insisted on wearing a dress for the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. And I knew that meant a lot of walking (or in our case biking) so I threw on a pair of comfortable flats and we were off to breakfast/brunch. We ate breakfast at Claus and holy moly batman, it was seriously the best breakfast ever. I could have eaten there the rest of the trip it was so good. The wait was over an hour, but totally worth every last crumb I put in my mouth. Across the street from Claus is where they make and keep the pastries and perishables so the staff was constantly running across when they needed more eggs, tomatoes, croissants, etc. We ordered the brioche with orange and cinnamon, fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee, and eggs.

We then walked to the Louvre, which to be completely honest I wasn't that excited for because I was holding out for the Eiffel Tower, but once we got there I was obsessed with how beautiful it was. It was a little crowded because we got a late start, but still very pretty. And yes, we had to take a few corny photos. From there we walked through the Tuileries Garden and onto the Pont des Arts bridge (aka the Love Locks bridge). Although they're in the process of taking all the locks off, we couldn't pass up putting our own lock on the historic bridge - when in Rome (our case Paris), right. Mike went and bought a pink lock (duh!) for us, we wrote the "V <3 M" with the date, our life life motto "faith, family, health" then locked that sucker up. Threw the key overboard and walked away...we're officially love locked in in Paris!

Then we jumped on bikes, which are all over Paris that both locals and tourists grab-and-go to get around the city. The first 30 minutes are free then it's 1€ for each hour after. So we grabbed some bikes and  headed to the Eiffel Tower but first had to grab a few things for a picnic. We stopped at Bellota to pick up some meats. Bellota came highly recommended so we were excited to try their prosciutto, salami, and chorizo. Oh and they literally sliced the meats off the animal - it was pretty legit! Then ran across the street for a few bottles of rosé, cheese, cherries, and a French baguette (I think I've lost count of how many we've consumed at this point).

There's something so quaint and beautiful about the Eifffel Tower, then add riding bikes with your husband to the mix and you won't be able to get a smile off your face! Of course, I wanted to picnic at close as we could get to the Eiffel Tower, only after setting up realizing that we couldn't really see it because we were so close (jokes on me!). 

We ate dinner Seb'on, the cute and tiny restaurant with less than 10 tabes and enjoyed a tasty meal with wine, of course! 

Paper Crown Dress (major sale - only $70!!) | Pointy Toe Studded Flat | White Skinny Jeans | Michael Kors Crossbody/clutch (similar here