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Favorite Photo Editing Apps

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The best photo editing apps right now!

A Color Story, Snapseed, Facetune- on my! With so many photo editing apps, it's hard to know which ones to choose from to perfect your photo. What app brightens a photo the best? What app is best for an Instagram worthy food shot? What app the best for filters? The list goes on... 

Before we can talk about any editing, I recommend taking a ton of photos so you have different options to choose from when editing. Then when it comes to editing a photo, my advice is to not go overboard editing your photo. We can all get a little 'over-edit happy' (#guilty) and end up altering the image instead of enhancing it. Here are my favorite editing apps:

A Color Story

A Color Story is one of my favorite editing apps right now. There are so many filters to choose from and they're all really awesome. I've noticed the filters being out the best in my photos while helping with the white balance. You can also layer filters to get what you're looking for. I love playing around with them to make my pictures more vibrant. 


This is my go-to photo editing app for food photos. I love how you can brighten, add contrast, and saturate different areas of a photo. 


I use Facetune for removing redeye, increase detail in a photo (i.e. eyes), and smooth out any shadows on a image. If I'm not getting the detail I want from Snapseed, then I will see what Facetune can do.


Some other great editing apps are VSCO and Afterlight, but lately I haven't found myself reaching for those. 

Ps - When in doubt, boots brightness and contrast. It always makes a photo look better! 

What are some of your favorite photo editing apps?