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6 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding

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6 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Day | Four Threads

You've put so much thought into every detail when planning your wedding -- from the exact flowers to the chargers on the table. But even the most organized weddings have something that goes wrong. Here are six things that no one tells you about your wedding. 

1. Someone close to you will let you down....whether it's a family member, bridesmaid, or close friend. My advice to you is to talk through it, don't let it ruin any friendships or relationships. You have to remember that your emotions are running really high during this time, and you don't want to say or do anything that you'll later regret. 

2. Someone will have a conflict and have to cancel a week (or less) before the big day. Yes, it sucks and is super annoying because your seating arrangements are finalized, but no one will notice if their table is missing two people. There's no point giving yourself a bigger headache of rearranging seating at this point -- just let is go! 

3. You probably won't eat much of the yummy food that you've been picking out for months. So make sure you stuff your face during your caterer tasting (just kidding...well kinda!!). Not only will your guests will be coming up to congratulate you both during dinner, but you will want to walk around and see everyone. I recommend telling your caterer to seat and feed you a little before your guests. For example, during our wedding the staff came and tapped us on the shoulder to let us know that each meal was coming and for us to sit down. Lucky for us we were able to get a few bites in without being interrupted. 

4. Things will go wrong...but no one else will know besides you. The florist might show up with flowers different that you discussed, your photographer might be late, and you may end up pinning your dress because the bustle broke. But that is all OK. These are all the little things that don't matter -- what matters is this new life you're celebrating with your now husband, family and friends.

5. Have a designated person to hold your envelopes. This may sound strange and I hate to even say this, but moral of the story is you have gifts (aka: money) floating around on your wedding day in envelopes. And you don't necessarily know everyone running around to make your day special. Have a family member or someone you trust be the envelope holder. For our wedding, we had a custom made money bag that a family member latched onto all night! 

6. Post wedding blues are real. Don't let anyone tell you they aren't. The day after your wedding is still happy time, but you'll feel a sense of sadness because all the excitement is over. And I would be lying if I told you that months down the road it would all be OK, because seeing all the weddings on social media make me want to relive the whole thing over and over again (Or maybe it's just me?!?).

Do you have any other tips that no one tells you about your wedding day? I'd love to read them in the comments below.

4 Details Wedding Guests Won't Notice

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4 Details Wedding Guests Won't Notice |

As a bride, it's so easy to get caught up into making every detail perfect, but in reality, no matter how much money you throw down there are some things that aren't worth splurging on because no one will remember or even notice. 

Think about the most recent wedding you went to….go it? Now, what do you remember from that wedding? Ours was the music and booze…but you also remember if the food was typical hotel wedding food or not, so we added that to the list too! Here are the 4 details that your guests won't notice. 

#1. Favors. Brides go so out of their way to make them perfect, but in reality unless you can eat them, no one really cares. We had local honey in mason jars at our wedding, which I thought was a great idea and got compliments on it but in reality it wasn't worth the headache and sticky mess of getting the honey into the jars. 

#2. Fancy Table Linens. We have the pressure of making our wedding look Pinterest perfect but a good place to save is table linens. The tables are covered with centerpieces, plates, silverware, and glassware, so instead of getting all fancy with table linens (which adds up on each table) try making the centerpiece stand out more. 

#3. Out of season flowers. Do you like setting your money on fire? I had my heart set on peonies but a wedding in November just wasn't going to cut it. Talk to your florist about the best options for substitutes. 

#4. Nice china. I'm a sucker for gold rimmed china just like the next girl, but unless you've already budgeted for it - it's not really necessary with dimmed lighting and already plated meals. 

What other details did you save on for your wedding?