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Goodbye, San Francisco! Hello...

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Mike and I love San Francisco. It’s been our home since we graduated college. It’s such an amazing city, with so much to offer: the people, the food, so much opportunity, and surrounded by amazing hikes, scenery, wine country, and so much more. 

Although San Francisco has been our home, it's always felt temporary. Living in San Francisco has taught both my husband and I so much and we're so fortunate to have started our married lives out here and have created so many amazing memories. But it's just not the lifestyle we want longterm. We want a house that we can grow into with a backyard; somewhere where we can do life and raise kids. 

We’ve always thought about Atlanta and this past year we’ve really been questioning where we want to settle down. Funny enough, we've tried to move to Atlanta several times in the past but the timing just wasn't ever right. 

We've been packing up these past few days gearing for this cross-country move at the beginning of February. While we're sad to leave San Francisco, we're so excited to start a new life in Atlanta. Of course we will miss our friends and family out here but will be back to visit. 

For any of you guys who live in Atlanta or nearby…I would love to meet you! Send me an email or DM :) 

Thank y’all so much for following along all of my life adventures via the blog and social media! Mike and I are so excited for this new adventure, and I can’t wait to share a new city with y'all!

Olive Turtleneck Sweater

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Turtleneck Sweater (on SALE only $17) || Floppy Hat || Booties || Jeans, old but similar here and here) || Lipstick: Kat Von D liquid lipstick in "Lolita" || Photography by Kai Sotto 

I don't think I will ever understand the weather - it's hot, then cold, then hot then cold again...I wish it would just make up it's mind already! Needless to say, my sweaters are still out in full force. I was excited when I found this super soft olive green turtleneck from Aerie because the price is just right (and on major sale right now) but it was so stinking soft that I didn't want to take it off. Instead of my usual flats or OTK bots, I paired this with my favorite black booties and a floppy hat for that added accessory. 

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Facial 101: Everything You've Always Wondered

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An esthetician breaks down everything you need to know about your next facial

Having 'flawless' skin has always felt like a carrot dangled out in front of me - so close, yet so far away. I've talked about how to make your makeup last and products I love, but never about facials and the importance of having a good skin care regimen. After all, out of all the body parts to be pampered, I'm pretty sure our face is the most overlooked. 

As I've gotten older, I've starting caring more and more about my skin (sorry future wrinkles!). Personally, I've always wondered what an esthetician does to your face, how often we should get a facial, how we can take care of our skin, etc. While I'm pretty well versed in the beauty world, I'm not an esthetician or dermatologist. So I've turned to the skincare gurus, Andrea and Elaine at Dermaplus for their expert advice. Check it out below...

facial room
facial room

How important are facials in maintaining a healthy skin care regimen?

Facials are essential and very important piece in maintaining a healthy skin care routine. Facials help to stimulate sluggish skin cells and regenerate production of new fresh healthy cells. The products used within facials treat the deepest layers of your skin. Even the facial massage has an important role in aiding circulation, cell production, turnover and assisting in further penetration of important ingredients! Each step and process during a facial plays an integral role in treating specific skin concerns and revealing new, fresh, healthy skin. Make sure to speak with your esthetician afterwards on what he/she recommends to help maintain the results! 

What, exactly, takes place during a basic facial and what are some examples of "add-ons" that can be included in a facial?

Facials should be in-depth and completely customized to each individual's skin needs and goals because we all have different skin types. 

Our Signature Facial is a 70 minute treatment that includes:

  • deep and refreshing triple cleanse,
  • manual exfoliation, steam,
  • soothing enzyme exfoliation,
  • gentle yet thorough extractions,
  • mild glycolic treatment,
  • high frequency treatment,
  • relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage,
  • warm hand treatment,
  • finishing off with a customized 3 layer healing mask.

We suggest, talking with your esthetician if you're having a "problem area" or any other issues with your skin so they can recommend a corrective treatment utilizing a Glycolic Peel, Microdermabrasion and a Soothing Collagen Facial Blanket.


How often do you recommend someone get a facial? 

This really depends on the individuals skin care concern. Typically we recommend anywhere between 4-6 weeks to quarterly.

Are there any products you recommend to use in-between facials, for each skin type? 

Like I said, we're all about customization because no two skin types are alike, therefore no two skin regimes will be the same. Anything you can do that's natural and free of chemicals is always a good idea. We hand blend our own professional grade Dermaplus Skin Care line, in house, because it allows us the ability to truly cater every product to custom fit every individuals skin. The skin care line is an all-natural, plant based, botanical and vitamin infused line that you can now order online

Veronica: I've been using a few products from their skin care line and loving the: Chamomile Cleanser that foams up with water; the Salicylic Toner which is great for me because I'm prone to milia so the salicylic helps loosen up the skin; and their moisturizer which is super hydrating and doesn't leave my face feeling greasy. 


Can you share a little with us about finding the "right place" to get a facial?

Finding the right skin care professional is key! It is important to do your research and really be sure you can trust where you are receiving your treatment. It's always best to get a recommendation somewhere/someone but we also suggest reading the reviews on places like Yelp.

For the SF locals, what other products do you offer at Dermaplus? 

We have facials (obviously!), waxing services, personalized spray tans, and a medical side for laser treatments. No matter what the service is, we'll always provide you with a plan that is 100% tailored to you, because you are unique! 

I hope y'all found this helpful! If you have any other skincare topics you'd like us to cover or questions, let me know in the comments below.

For the SF locals, I highly recommend Dermaplus. I've been going there for a few years now. Their staff is incredible, they make you feel relaxed and welcomed, and will work wonders on your face (because they have on mine!!) They're located in the Marina on Union Street :)

Bodycon Dress

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F21 Bodycon Dress (only $14, similar: here,   | BP Ankle Booties | Leather Jacket (similar) | Kat Von D Lipstick in "Lolita" | Photography: Kai Sotto 

I went to the mall recently and realized everything I was holding was either in the oxblood or bordeaux color scheme. Clearly I have a thing for it right now and this bodycon dress sure doesn't fall far from the tree. I don't usually flock to bodycon dresses because of how tight they can get in the stomach area (if you know what I'm saying!?!) but decided to try this one on. I by no means have "curves" but this bodycon really emphasized the little curves I have. This is one of my favorite silhouettes because it's the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. I threw on a black leather jacket but a faux-fur vest would also be super cute! 

KS-1022 (2).jpg

F21 Bodycon Dress (only $14)  | BP Ankle Booties | Leather Jacket (similar) | Kat Von D Lipstick in "Lolita" | Photography: Kai Sotto 

I went to the mall recently and realized everything I was holding was either in oxblood or bordeaux. Clearly I have a thing for that color right now; and this bodycon dress sure doesn't fall far from the tree. I don't usually flock to bodycon dresses because of how tight they can be in the stomach area (if you know what I'm saying) but decided to give this one a try. I really love how it emphasized my curves (or lack there of). This is one of my favorite silhouettes because it's the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. I threw on my favorite black ankle booties and a black leather jacket but a faux-fur vest would look super cute as well. 


Weekend Recap

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This past weekend was our one year wedding anniversary. Originally we were going to go back to Trentadue Winery, where we got married but decided to stay in the city instead. We celebrated on Saturday because Sundays are usually our relax and chill day before the work week starts. 

On Saturday, I woke up to a sweet letter from Mike with an agenda on what our day looked like: brunch at La Garage in Sausalito, hike to Point Bonita Lighthouse (where we've both been wanting to go!), massages at our favorite little place in Chinatown, back home to watch the Alabama game (Roll Tide!), and then dinner at Cocotte where we sipped on the wine served at our wedding. How perfect! We put our phones away and got to enjoy each other. The day couldn't have been planned any better. We felt so loved by our family and friends that reached out to us on our wedding anniversary. 

If french toast is on the menu....its mine!! 

Hiking with the Golden Gate Bridge

Decided to scale the cliff...

The lighthouse was pretty awesome. You had to go over this bridge (that was shakey!!!). It's only open from 12:30pm-3pm. 

Point Bonita Lighthouse
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Wedding Week: Our Look

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It's our wedding week...well kind of! November 8th marks ONE YEAR of marriage (holy moly where has the time gone!!!). I've gotten a lot of interest in our wedding - everything from decor, where we got this or how we did that so I wanted to share some of the moments that made our day so special. I've decided to dedicate this week to our wedding, covering various parts of our wedding and links to our vendors, etc. Today starts with: our look. 

From the moment we got engaged we knew we wanted to get married in wine country, living in San Francisco we've been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the Napa area. It's so beautiful with the mountains, vineyards and overflowing amounts of wine. Although we knew we wanted a winery wedding, we had some guidelines. We wanted a venue that had a family-run small vineyard feel (nothing commercial with a lot of foot traffic), and separate spaces for the ceremony, cocktail and reception with vineyards surrounding everything. After a month of searching, we found Trentadue Winery, Trentadue had different lawns to break up the ceremony, cocktail and reception (check!), could hold our guest count (and then some), big redwood trees, and beautiful views of the mountains and vineyards. It was romantic and whimsical, with a bit of that rustic winery feel, which was exactly what I had pictured. 

I never tried on a wedding dress prior to being engaged because I wanted to share the special moment with my mom. My mom lives in Houston so we picked a weekend for her to fly out to San Francisco to go dress shopping. I went into the process with an open mind, but like every girl had been searching Pinterest and was leaning towards a mermaid dress with a sweetheart neckline. We went to a few different bridal places in the city, I narrowed it down to three dresses and slept on it - meanwhile my mom knew exactly the dress all along. Well, a mom's intuition is always right, because the following day I went back and said yes to the dress: an organza wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice and mermaid skirt. I loved how simple and beautiful the dress was - it hugged my body perfectly. I even got to work with Novella Bridal to customize a crystal belt to put the finishing touches on my dress (and added some extra volume inside the skirt). Novella was so charming and the staff was wonderful to work with for the dress and accessories (including the belt and my veil). I wore a pair of gold sequins Kate Spade heels. For my beauty look, I wanted romantic loose curls with natural makeup and a subtle pink lip. Katie at It's A Date At The Powder Room, executed the look; as well as my bridesmaids hair/makeup. My ten bridesmaids wore mix-and-match style Dessy dresses in the color cameo. Each bridesmaid had a different body type so I wanted them to pick a dress style that they would feel most comfortable in. We rented houses for the bridal party: guys in one and girls in the other. My mom made me a yummy breakfast for us girls, and my grandmothers, aunts and future-mother-in-law popped in throughout the day while we sipped champagne in our robes

Mike and the guys had a morning with prayer and drank beer. It's crazy to think of how different our mornings were. The guys all rented their black tuxedos from The Black Tux (think Rent The Runway for your modern day tuxedo). All they had to do was plug in their measurements and had a stylish tux was sent to them days before the wedding. We loaded up in the shuttle and headed to to Trentadue, I was nervous and excited, but I couldn't wait to see my groom as I walked down the aisle. 


Venue: Trentadue Winery

Hair/Makeup: It's A Date At The Powder Room

Photographer: Rolo Tandeo Jr.

Robes: Etsy 

Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia

Bridal Shoes: Kate Spade "Charm" Slingback Pump

Bridal Belt: Customized with Novella Bridal 

Veil: Novella Bridal 

Wedding Dress Hanger: Etsy 

Groom/Groomsmen Tuxedo: The Black Tux 

Next up for Wedding Week is The Ceremony...